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The manuscript of survival – part 274 Aisha North

For quite some time now, you have felt how the surge of energy has increased, and with it, things have started to manifest. For some of you, these manifestations seem to limit themselves to some physical outbursts of irritation, and mayhaps some rather intense emotional ones as well. But for others, things have started to seep out in the open, and even if some of these signals may seem feeble at best, they are in fact only forerunners for what is to come. And on the best of days, you will all feel this deep certainty within as you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition. Not on the thin film of illusion that still covers it, but deep within the core. And deep within the core is where the truth is, as the rest is only a projection, a film still running to make you all think that it is business as usual.

But what is business as usual? A continuous cycle of fear and greed that have fuelled each other for so long. Well, that cycle has been broken, and it can never be put back together again. For you are no longer willing fodder to this machinery of endless consumerism, for you do not buy into their vision of happiness anymore. For you have seen through all of this glitter and glam, and you have realized that true happiness comes from something else, something that is so profound, and it resembles nothing that can be bought for money. For that is what has been holding this charade together in the first place, this idea that true happiness comes from partaking of all of the worldly goods that are being displayed in the glass windows in any store. And the idea that you simply cannot be happy before you have it all is one that has been driving this wheel of fortune for generations. But there is not enough of anything, whether it be money or objects, that will quench this thirst for something to fill that giant void inside.

And so it has been going on and on, in this endless quest for fulfillment and redemption. But the only thing coming out of this, is more fear and then more greed, and the two have fuelled each other in such a way it has driven mankind, and with it Mother Earth, to the brink of self-destruction. But you have halted in your tracks, pulled off this yoke that has been pulling you ever forward towards this precipice, and you have started to push this momentum in a very different direction indeed. And now, the rest of this machinery has started to feel the effect from your new gravitation. For it is just like a magnet that is being pulled along by a seemingly invisible force, as your energy is starting to have a profound effect, not only on your existence, but on everything that exists. For you are not just single individuals making a new choice about your own way of life. You are also powerful generators of a field of energy that is starting to affect everything within a large radius around you. And even if you are small in numbers compared to the rest of the population on this planet, your field of influence is already powerful, but it is also growing by the day.

So now, you are pulling more and more into your field, and by your very presence, you are also affecting those around you, and by that, maximizing the effect these new energies have. For you are the anchors, and through you run the current that is amping up the volume on this whole globe. And you are all starting to hum just like an electric generator is emitting a low, but continuous sound as it generates that invisible power. So do not think that you are just a small drop in the sea of humanity. No, you are in fact as effective as superconductors, and you are putting out a steadily increasing amount of energy that is slowly but surely making its mark on everything around you. So yes, you are all busy changing the world, even if you at the moment feel you are barely scraping along yourself. For you are all powerhouses, and the combined effect from all of these amazing fields of energy is nothing short of miraculous. And now, you have already gotten the first glimpses of how this energy is literally starting to pull the old illusion apart. For this flimsy structure holds no power against the one you are wielding. For your power comes from the heart, and there is nothing that old fear based power structure can muster that will be able to staunch the flow from all of you.

So know that change is already here, and it will continue to grow in speed and intensity as the old structures will continue to crumble at a speed that many outsiders will look upon as an alarming rate. But you will know better, for you will know that this was a long time coming, but now it is finally here. And when the old dies down, the new and healthy shoots will emerge, and with them, a whole new structure will emerge. And this structure is not a flimsy illusion like the old one, for this structure has been build to last, and as such, you presence here on this planet is also guaranteed. For what will emerge is a way of life that is sustainable in every sense of the word, and then, you can create a brand new world where you and your planet will cohabit in peace and harmony forever.


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1) Be the change you wish to see in the world
2) What you think, you become
3) Where there is love, there is life
4) Learn as if you’ll live forever
5) Your health is your true wealth
6) Have a sense of humor
7) Your life is your message
8) Action expresses priorities
9) Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves
10) Find yourself in the service of others

Much thanks to cadesertvoice for sharing this! My Mom has always loved Ghandi so I grew up with these, and others so doubly cool to see both for the inspiration of the quotes and the good associations;-)

Ahimsa has become central to my life, and Ghandi is one of the great modern teachers who taught it and promoted it.


1) Be the change you wish to see in the world
2) What you think, you become
3) Where there is love, there is life
4) Learn as if you’ll live forever
5) Your health is your true wealth
6) Have a sense of humor
7) Your life is your message
8) Action expresses priorities
9) Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves
10) Find yourself in the service of others

From ZazenLife

The beauty of these profound truths lies in their innate simplicity. They are unambiguous as to their true meaning and speak directly to the soul, piercing the veil of seeming normalcy that permeates our lives. Truly every moment is divine and holds the potential for our self realization. These words of wisdom connect us to our true divine nature and higher selves, causing us to reflect on that which we may take for granted…

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“The root of the land conflicts lies in the dispute over the use and control of territorial space stemming from the imposition of one culture over another. On the one side is agribusiness, where land is a space to produce and do business. On the other side there is indigenous and peasant culture, where land is understood to be a place for life,” stated REDAF in its report. It is not a coincidence that most of the conflicts (89 percent) began after 2000: “This aligns with the push for the agro-export model, favored by the conditions of the international market to commercialize soybean, which resulted in the expansion of the agricultural frontier.(excerpt from article)

This is the same conflict we see happening all over the world-from Monsanto vs the farmers of India, to the poisoning of the Miccosukkee traditional diet with mercury from Big Sugar’s plantations in South Florida.

All of the people, of all nations, need to stand together against this life-destroying juggernaut of corporate planet-eating. There ARE better ways to Feed the World.

Until we starting choosing People over Profit, we will keep losing on every level-personal, financial, ecosystem, social, spiritual-it is not rocket science to see that Life is Sacred, and Profit is NOT.

Earth First! Newswire

Cross Posted from Upsidedownworld

Written by Darío Aranda, Translation by Clayton Conn

As genetically modified agriculture advances, so too does rural unrest and murder of campesinos and indigenous peoples. The indigenous demand an end to extractivism and respect for their human rights.

In Argentina, there have been eleven campesino and indigenous deaths in less than three years. The last to occur was of Asijak Juan Diaz, a Qom indigenous man from the Primavera community (in the northern province of Formosa), who died in a suspicious car accident. What lies behind the repression is an agricultural model, which seeks a 60 percent increase in grain production through expanding into the territory where indigenous andcampesino people live and work. The national government has not condemned any of the murders. The Plurinational Indigenous Council (CPI) has called for an end to extractivism, unmasking the government’s progressive discourse, by demanding that it respects the human…

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You are Cordially Invited to AWAKEN

I got this in email and thought some of you might also be interested in Inelia and Lucia’s latest-AWAKEN- Academy for Women Actualizing Knowledge of Everyday Nirvana. Just when many start to wonder “what’s next? What do we DO now that Dec21 is over?” there are Inelia and Lucia, sharing good ideas about what to do-as always!;-)

A few months ago, I was asked by my friend and collaborator in global ascension, Lucia Rene, whether I would be interested in joining her, and a group of highly skilled women, in staring the most revolutionary and advanced Academy for women and auditor men on the planet.

I was thinking about it, asking various questions, as one does when presented with life changing decisions, and then she volunteered the deciding factor. She told me the name she was thinking of, for the Academy and what it stood for:

A.W.A.K.E.N.— Academy for Women Actualizing Knowledge of Everyday Nirvana.

This is it. A boot-camp for women, with auditing and special classes for men. A real world action for actualizing what many know, that women are responsible for the awakening and ascension of the planet.

And, this is the moment when I would like to extend Lucia’s invitation to you:

“A.W.A.K.E.N. is a virtual spiritual university, a training academy in consciousness, a meeting place for like-minded women of all ages and all cultures around the globe.

 I’m happy to announce this collaborative venture with Inelia Benz, Victoria More, Louise Rooney and Elizabeth McCullough.

We’ve been working hard for the past 2 months to build a beyond-beautiful website. I hope you will take a moment to visit, learn more about the Academy, how women can apply, and how men can audit then attend my monthly male-auditor classes.

Our website is http://www.awakenacademy.org/. Oh, and be sure to open the Garden Gates and peruse the various Gardens! Each has been woven with mystical energy to vibrate in a different way!

Classes formally begin in April 2013 and we’ll be conducing several Application Q&A sessions and an Orientation during March. We hope you’ll choose to open the door to the Academy and join us…” Lucia Rene

awaken.jpgThis is by far, one of the most beautiful and empowering collaborations I have been involved with. The accessibility of the classes, information, light, wisdom and knowledge will amaze you. But you will see that yourself when you visit the site. And of course, you are the key component to actualize this intent for global ascension and awakening.


On March 2nd, Lucia and I will be delving and looking at the present planetary energies and changes. We will also be giving the inside story of how AwakenAcademy.org came into being. If you are familiar with my previous work with Lucia, you have seen nothing yet!

Click here for the Link & Replay for Teleconference 9:00 PST / Noon EST / 17:00 GMT

Consider yourself cordially invited, and feel free to bring your friends. Attire will be pj’s, formal, casual, or none at all.

Let’s get this planet properly AWAKEN-ed 🙂

Inelia Benz

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The Oracle Report-Monday, February 25, 2013

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo

This Full Moon sees Venus entering Pisces, joining Neptune, the Sun, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury, and adding an extra creative element to the energy. Beautiful things can be created and/or projected into the future because the power of visualization is strong. Even if you aren’t an artistic person, your imagination is boundless and can create amazing pictures in your mind.

There is a wide undercurrent in play with Mercury coming back for the conjunction with Mars today, and it centers around competition, ambition, and displays for attention. This could border on histeria. We want to make sure we are using our energy wisely and toward efforts that have lasting-value, not fleeting reward. Keep in mind that Mercury-Mars conjunctions give us a quick tongue and we say things before thinking. Try to temper your communication. Emotions will be close to the surface (especially sadness and anger). Slow down while traveling and take caution. It’s a road-rage kind of day.

Full Moons bring the power of full illumination. What will you do with all of this power?

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NEWS: Chief Spence takes fight against C-45 to the United Nations

NEWS: Chief Spence takes fight against C-45 to the United Nations

By Brent Patterson, Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Chief Theresa Spence. Photo by Teresa Smith/ Ottawa Citizen

Chief Theresa Spence. Photo by Teresa Smith/ Ottawa Citizen

The Attawapiskat First Nation and the International Indian Treaty Council have sought the support of the United Nations to stop C-38 and C-45. They state that the Harper government failed in their Duty to Consult as guaranteed by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian Constitution Act.

In their request for consideration under the Early Warning/ Urgent Action Procedures of UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), they argue in part that C-45 removed fish habitat protections and changed the Navigable Waters Protection Act to a new format called the Navigation Protection Act, removing protection for 99.9 per cent of lakes and rivers in Canada. They also note that, The Frog Lake First Nation and Mikisew Cree First Nation, through their respective Chiefs, launched judicial review cases in the Federal Court. They are challenging the passage of the Bills C-38 and C-45. However, this form of justice is slow and expensive and inaccessible for many other First Nations or Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

And they request that the UN make six recommendations to the Government of Canada including, That Canada, as an urgent matter, conduct a comprehensive review and meaningful consultation in regards to Bill C-38 and C-45 to ensure it is consistent with Section 35 of the Constitution Act (1982), and to repeal such aspects of Bills C-38 and 45 which violate the rights of Indigenous Peoples held pursuant to Treaty, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (in particular the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights and the recommendations of the CERD.

The United Nations CERD, which is based in Geneva, will consider their request on February 26.

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow has stated, The Harper government has dramatically undermined the safety, sovereignty and security of First Nations through the omnibus bills C-38 and C-45. The gutting of environmental protections is of particular concern to First Nations as many of the current and proposed new energy and mining projects now released from environmental oversight by the Harper government take place on Indigenous lands. These changes were made without consultation with First Nations, despite their court-recognized treaty rights. This also violates the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which guarantees free, prior and informed consent in any matter that touches on resource development on Aboriginal lands.

For more, please see:
Chief Theresa Spence and Attawapiskat First Nation file urgent action with UN committee
UPDATE: Chief Spence ends her hunger-strike, wins commitment to 13-point declaration
NEWS: Mikisew Cree First Nation and Frog Lake First Nation to challenge C-38 and C-45 in Federal Court
NEWS: Water protections lost under Harpers C-38 and C-45

Read the original story at the link below-


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People have been making this comparison for a number of years, but I think the combination of the things listed and things like Climate Change, Peak Oil, and the rise of other economic and military powers like China, the BRICS alliance etc, is pushing things along a lot more quickly.

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Thank you for sharing this story! I have lost too many friends to war related ptsd. For the most part the VA has treated them in the past like they were defective idiots. A friend who died a few years ago, who had served in Vietnam, was “self medicating” with alcohol and pills, and the VA told his wife when she begged them repeatedly to get him some help “He doesn’t want help”. A few months after that ridiculous comment from the VA, he was dead.

Imho war is always the wrong answer, but if we are going to send people into such chaos and horror, the least we can do is make sure we give them a real shot at recovery afterwards.

If you don’t do anything else after seeing this-at least take a moment to pray for all those affected by war, whether soldiers or civilians, no matter what “side” they may be on. Those who profit from war are the wealthy EVERYONE else is a victim/survivor.

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If it ever becomes possible to make Canada and the US actually obey international law, then not only the First Nations people within their borders, but poor people all over the planet will experience a huge difference in safety, environmental conditions, human rights and overall happiness.

If we truly respect the rule of law, then that day MUST eventually come.

Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

Another speaker at the forum, Quebec lawyer Paul Joffe, stated that the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples — which Canada signed in 2010 — has legal consequences in this country.

He cited a recent decision regarding a human-rights complaint about child-welfare services on First Nations reserves. “The Federal Court said the following: ‘The Supreme Court of Canada has recognized the relevance of international human-rights law in interpreting domestic legislation,’ ” Joffe said. “So right away, you can see there are legal effects.”

The UN declaration has 46 articles calling on countries to protect indigenous peoples’ economic, social, cultural, political, environmental, and spiritual rights. The Conservative government has claimed that the UN declaration is “not legally binding”, describing it as “an important aspirational document”.

Joffe, however, adamantly rejected that argument. He noted that the Federal Court decision stated that Parliament “will be presumed to respect the values…

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