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Lords of Disorder: Billions for Wall Street, Sacrifice for Everyone Else

The Presidents sequester offer slashes non-defense spending by $830 billion over the next ten years. That happens to be the precise amount were implicitly giving Wall Streets biggest banks over the same time period.

Were collecting nothing from the big banks in return for our generosity. Instead were demanding sacrifice from the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the young, the middle class pretty much everybody, in fact, who isnt too big to fail.

Thats injustice on a medieval scale, served up with a medieval caste-privilege flavor. The only difference is that nowadays injustices are presented with spreadsheets and PowerPoints, rather than with scrolls and trumpets and kingly proclamations.

And remember: The White House represents the liberal side of these negotiations.

The Grandees

The $83 billion subsidy for Americas ten biggest banks first appeared in an editorial from Bloomberg News which, as the creation of New Yorks billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, is hardly a lefty outfit. That editorial drew upon sound economic analyses to estimate the value of the US governments implicit promise to bail these banks out.

Then it showed that, without that advantage, these banks would not be making a profit at all.

That means that all of those banks CEOs, men (theyre all men) who preen and strut before the cameras and lecture Washington on its profligacy, would not only have lost their jobs and fortunes in 2008 because of their incompetence they would probably lose their jobs again today.

Tell that to Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, or Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, both of whom have told us its imperative that we cut social programs for the elderly and disabled to save our economy. The elderly and disabled have paid for those programs just as they paid to rescue Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, and just as they implicitly continue to pay for that rescue today.

Dimon, Blankfein and their peers are like the grandees of imperial Spain and Portugal. Theyve been given great wealth and great power over others, not through native ability but by the largesse of the Throne.

Lords of Disorder

Just yesterday, in a rare burst of candor, Dimon said this to investors on a quarterly earnings call: This bank is anti-fragile, we actually benefit from downturns.

Its true, of course. Other corporations in fact, everybody else has to survive or fail in real-world conditions. But Dimon and his peers are wrapped in a protective force field which was created by the people, of the people, and for well, for Dimon and his peers.

The term antifragile was coined by maverick financier and analyst Nassim Taleb, whose book of the same name is subtitled Things That Gain From Disorder. Thats a good description of JPMorgan Chase and the nations other megabanks.

Arbitraging Failure

Dimons comment was another way of saying that his bank, and everything it represents, is The Shock Doctrine made manifest. The nations megabanks are arbitraging their own failures, and the economic crises that flow from those failures.

These institutions are designed to prey off economic misery. They suppress genuine market forces in order to thrive, and they couldnt do it without our ongoing help. The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve are making it happen.

We who have made these banks antifragile have crowned their leaders our Lords of Disorder.

Once Dimon told reporters that he explained to his seven-year-old daughter what a financial crisis is something that happens every five to seven years, which we need to do a better job managing.

Thanks to fat political contributions, Dimon manages them well. So do his peers. Misery is the business model. And by Dimons reckoning another shocks coming any day now.

Truthout does not allow reblogs of this story, so this intro is only an excerpt-you can read the full story at the link below-


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We’re on the Brink of the Worst Drought in 1,000 Years | Care2 Causes

Were on the Brink of the Worst Drought in 1,000 Years

2012 was the hottest year on record in the United States. Widespread drought, wildfires and extreme heat affected human health and caused food prices to skyrocket. According to new research out of Columbia University, however, last years heat wave may be nothing compared to whats just around the corner.

Researchers at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory predict that a megadrought, the likes of which havent been experienced since the 12th century, could hit planet Earth within the next eight years, and it might never leave [PDF]. The cause? According to scientists, this drought will be brought on by anthropogenic radiative forcing, also known as stronger-than-normal greenhouse warming caused by climate pollution.

Because the human race, especially wealthy, super-polluters like the United States, have refused to heed the warnings about continued fossil fuel use, its likely that impending water shortages will make the 12th century droughts look like an unusually warm summer day.

The new model simulations indicate that southwestern North America will become progressively more arid as the century advances with important changes appearing in the immediate future, write the studys authors. Despite the fact that precipitation might increase in some regions and seasons (e.g. winter in northern California) while decrease in others, rising temperatures mean that a large majority of the model simulations project that spring and annual mean runoff will decrease. Soil moisture is also projected to decrease throughout the year, especially in Texas. The mean of the multiple climate models analyzed projects that annual mean runoff in the Colorado River headwaters in 2021-2040 will be 10 percent less than in the decades at the end of the 20th Century.

Theres a lot of scientific terminology packed in there, but heres a simple summary: Focusing on the near future, 20212040, the new simulations project declines in surface-water availability across the southwest that translates into reduced soil moisture and runoff in California and Nevada, the Colorado River headwaters and Texas. This is very bad news for anyone who eats or drinks water in Americawhich is everyone.

As Kim Martineau writes for Columbias Earth Institute blog, the study predicts a 10 percent drop in the Colorado Rivers flow in the next few decades [about 5
times the amount Las Vegas uses in one year]enough to disrupt longtime water-sharing agreements between farms and cities across the American Southwest. In case you were wondering, 40 million people depend on the Colorado River Basin for water and the river is already over-allocated.

Feeling alarmed? I dont blame you. The idea that one of our biggest sources of fresh water will start to run dry in the next decade is more than a little troubling, yet Ill bet this is the first youve heard of it. The prepublication press release for this paper came out on December 23 and while it did get picked up by a few sources, the only major outlet was Agence France Press, writes Bruce Melton for Truthout. All of the coverage referenced the 10 percent reduction in streamflow that this works modeling projects for the near future. This seemingly small number appears to have limited journalists interest in the results of the research as a whole.

Translation: mainstream medias interest, which really means corporate interest. And then it becomes clear why no ones making any noise about this impending disasterit might upset the fossil fuel companies who fund everything from your daily newspaper to your local politician. While the head-in-the-sand approach may be best for corporate profits, its detrimental for human survival.

Our addition to oil, gas and coal (despite a plethora of alternatives) is killing this planet, and soon, it will be killing us as well. Anyone who tells you different is either ignorant of the evidence, or financially invested in convincing you to ignore it.

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The manuscript of survival – part 276 by Aisha North

Let us begin this message by saying that we are all more than grateful for the way you have started to give from yourselves to this process. For, as we have touched upon earlier, it has now changed from being a process focused primarily on self-education to call it that, and instead turning into a process of manifestation. For you are already building the new, step by step, day by day, and even if it is at times hard for you to see any progress, we see it clearly, and it is indeed wonderful to behold. For what you manifest is mayhaps not as tangible yet, but none the less it is more than impressive. For what you are building, are energetic structures and connections, and these are growing rapidly now.

Some of these connections can be seen by the trail of messages you all leave behind in this space, but others, more subtle, but even more powerful ones, you are forging every day. For each time you take a step outside yourself and connect to the rest of the world, you also make a strong connection to anything that comes in your vicinity. And you do this, whether you are aware of it or not, as you cannot help but do this. For this is your task now, dear ones, as you have been turned into forcefields of such a magnitude it literally affects anything that comes within striking distance of you. And even as we speak, your reach is getting ever wider and ever stronger, for such is the nature of this field. It cannot but grow, as it is fed by the continuous stream of energy being beamed upon you all from the heavens above. So you are anchors, and you are transmittors of this benevolent energy that is starting to touch even the remotest of corners of your little globe. And you, by your very presence, are making it happen.

So never think that you are not important, or just a very small fish in a very large pond. For you are not unimportant in any way, as you have become beacons of light that are shining as strong as the strongest of lighthouses on this planet. And your light just cannot be dimmed in any way, not by you, nor by others, for this light has a will of its own, and what it wants more than anything else, is to spread out. So you are like fountains of pure energy, spouting an endless stream of this life-enhancing elixir onto anything and anyone that comes into your presence. And you all do magnificent at this, even if you yourself feel like you are a mere trickle, fading into the sand. For you are all gathering strength for that final push, and as such, you yourselves may feel a little bit depleted at times. But know that this is not the truth, for you cannot run out of steam in any way. For you are hooked up to the true source of light, and that source will never run dry, and neither will you.

So trust that all is well, and even if you feel less than vigorous at the moment, know that this is not for lack of energy, rather the opposite. For you are embodying such large amounts of it at the moment, it will almost make your phsyical body come to a standstill. Therefore, many of the natural processes will be slowed down within you so you can be better able to accomodate it all. So take a rest if your body tells you to do so, or do some vigorous workouts if your body tells you to do just that. For your body knows best when it comes to handling this extra burden of light, so better listen carefully when it gives you any advice.

For never forget, this is in many ways a burden you carry, not just for your physical body, but also for you, for this added light will also affect your life in so many ways, and the challenges this brings with it are not always easy to overcome. But you have already proven that you are here for the remainder, and you can take it all, even if some of the challenges will take a little bit more out of you than you mayhaps envisaged at the outset. But know that you will be given much leeway in this, as it is indeed up to each and every one of you to determine the speed of this process. After all, it was your choice to come here in the first place and take up this challenge of resurrecting the planet of your choice, so we will let you determine the pace in this too. But what you cannot decide over, is the speed as to when and how these new frequencies will come in. They have been set in a determined pattern very early on, but what you can decide on, is how to tackle them in the best way. And the best way is, as always, to listen to your own core. Then you will know what the best course of action will be for you. For you are wise, dear ones, and you will choose well in this, as you already have. So once more we would like to extend our gratitude towards you, as you have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that we could not have hoped for anything better than what you have all given us already.


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You’re Fired!

The whole sequestration mess is unnecessary and a total sideshow and distraction just to impose austerity on us, while giving more benefits to the billionaires. I applaud idealisticrebel for this wonderful post and hope that we can put a lot more pressure on Congress, the Supreme Court, and even my much beloved President Obama long before 2014 to get some REAL change started.

The change where We The People Matter More than Corporations, Billionaires and the money from them that keep our elected “servants” acting like their slaves. America may indeed be a LOT bigger than Egypt and Spain but I think if enough of us fill our public squares, and drown the internet and other media with our outcry against austerity and the whole mindset that drives it’s implementation, then we can push change sooner than waiting for the ballot box solution.
People are drinking poisoned *flammable* water from fracking, our whole downtown is so full of homeless people, regular people are AFRAID to walk around down there-but Congress can’t be bothered with old fashioned diplomacy and hard work?

Pass this on-read it, share it, discuss it-and then let’s DO something to show that Americans are not as well programmed and asleep as the Powers That Were like to think we are.


Well, right here in the United States of America, land of the people, for the people, and by the people, we have experienced a slap across our collective faces. Our Congress is made up of men and women who have been duly elected to the House and Senate to protect and ensure our best interests as we see them.

The elected officials we put into office have walked out. They just got up and all went back to their homes. Congress is now closed. “Gone Fishing”.I don’t know about any of you but I am highly annoyed.

When was the last time you have ever heard of anyone just walking away from their jobs and not performing their job descriptions? Have you ever done that and kept your job? Well this is what the man and women we elected to the House and Senate have done.

Someone in the press…

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My State of the Union By Starhawk

I imagine this as the State of the Union address President Barack Obama WOULD give if he were completely free to act without threats against him, machinations and power plays by the greedy, corrupt etc.

While not as theatrical “exciting” as the speech posted on 2012What’s the Real Truth? a while back where Obama initiated E.T. Disclosure, I find this eminently hopeful since every single thing in it is *directly* in our actual power to accomplish together here on Earth without ANY intervention from any external powers.

My State of the Union

By Starhawk | Published: February 13, 2013

During Obamas State of the Union message, I was scheduled to give a talk at Northern Arizona University on Women Taking Action: Using the Insights of the Feminist Movement. As part of it, I decided to write the State of the Union as if Obama were suddenly possessed by the spirit of the nurturing, caring, life-sustaining values that women have often carried. Here it isyou can compare his speech and see how well he measures up! I am indebted to astrologer Caroline Casey, the brilliant host of the Pacifica radio show Visionary Activist, with whom I spent much of the weekend at the Conscious Life Expo in L.A., for the phrase until now! She uses it as a mantra when people get all caught up in how bad it is and how wrong we all are and how doomed we areshe just adds until now! Try it when you get caught in a downward vortex!

My sisters, brothers, frères and countryfolk,

The State of the Union is not well. We have defined aggression as strength and poured our resources into killing, starving everything that serves and supports life. We have served the greedy at the expense of the needy, allowed children to go hungry, the poor to lack shelter, the sick to lack care, the wounded from our wars to go unhealed, the aged to be abandoned. And we have utterly failed to address the greatest challenge of our age, the destruction of the earths climate and the meltdown of our global life support systems.

Until now!

For now we will work together to heal this mess!

We will siphon away money and resources from war and death to life, to health care and education that inspires and empowers, to arts and imagination and invention and research, to the protection and regeneration of our wildlands and farmlands, to things that enrich our lives and help us to thrive. No longer will we meet the dangers of the world with brute force and firepowerbut instead we will look at the causes of violence and change the conditions that breed hate.

Now we will feed the hungry and house the homeless, care for the sick and the wounded, assure the comfort and the security of the elders, because thats what decent people do. And if our society cant do this, its not worth protecting.

We will cease rewarding greed. Those who benefit from the system will now pay their fair share to support it. We will change the laws that in the past have allowed them to control it, and return power to the people. Andhere Im speaking to the 1%you know what? Your lives will actually be better. You might have somewhat less stuff but richer relationships, less control but more time, more sense of wonder, more peace of mind. And if you really need it, well name some bridges after you and let you cut some ribbons and open some health care clinics and child care centers, just like the Queen of England.

Most importantly, were going to address the destruction of the living systems of the planet. No longer will we allow practices that imperil our climate or our aquifers, or threaten to release radioactive poison over the land. We know that we must make big changes: in our energy systems, our technology, our economy, our food growing systems, our ways of living. But we also know that together, we can do this! We can work together and make the shift to a new world in balance with nature.

We already have the technologies we needsolar, wind, renewables. We can make the transition wisely and swiftly. And we will invest in the research that will bring a thousand new ideas into production, using the resources we still have to create what we need for the new world.

We will protect our forests and wild lands, our arctic wastes and our desert refuges. This year we will plant millions of trees, to suck up carbon and to provide shade and habitat, fruit and nuts, wood and mulch, quiet and beauty.

We will nurture our soil, for building healthy organic soil is the best and fastest way to broadly and safely sequester carbon. That soil will grow healthy food close to where we live, creating true abundance. We will support our farmers to make the transition to humane, organic agriculture, and support our young people to connect to land, to start urban farms and schoolyard gardens, to plant groves of fruit trees and food forests, to grow true abundance for us all.

We will root our industries and enterprises back into local communities. No longer will we subsidize, with cheap fossil fuels and tax breaks, their flight to faroff places with the cheapest labor and the most lax environmental and safety standards. Instead we will demand that they provide for real needs in ways that assure lives of dignity and security to those who do the work. Were redesigning our cities so that people can live and work, learn and enjoy their pleasures in true community.

We can do thisand more! Imagine how it will be, next year and in years to come, when I can stand before you and say:

This is the State of our Unionwe have fed the hungry, cared for the sick, comforted the aged, restored the homeless to their homes, sent our young people forth into life well-educated and debt-free, built thousands of acres of healthy soil, planted a billion trees. We are still challenged by the results of generations of degradation, but we have turned the corner. Were well on track to an energy-rich world of 100 percent renewables. Were happier, healthier, more creative, more inventive, safer and more secure. And most of all, we have that wonderful feeling of unity and enthusiasm that comes when we work together.

GodGoddess, Creator, Great Spiritwhatever you want to call it, including our collective human powerbless this great country, and blessed be you all!