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The Oracle Report Saturday, March 2 – Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Saturday, March 2 – Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

We are moved to share our thoughts, ideas, and projects with others during Disseminating Moon phases. In doing so, we add on to or build on what we already have based on what we learn from others. So it is important to share yourself this weekend even though the energy inclines us toward wrapping ourselves up so no one can truly see us. Fears about judgement from others, rejection from others, and disapproval from others are strong Saturday with the various astrological aspects. The energy pushes an element of division and separation from others (emotionally, mentally, and physically). The common reaction is to self-protect, isolate, and put up a barrier so that we don’t get hurt. But this is the exact opposite of what we need to do. We need to share ourselves authentically and let the chips fall where they may.

Sunday’s energy is rather unique in that we find ourselves engaged in important practice for something that is upcoming. There is a high degree of foreshadowing of future events. It is a good idea to take notes or journal what is going on in your life, what you hear from others, and what sparks your interest. Sunday is a day to fill yourself up or replenish your resources for something that is in the near future. Jupiter moves to the degree known as “a quiver filled with arrows” and the Sun is located at the degree of “an officer drilling his men in simulated attack.” What do you make of that?

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