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It would be wonderful if he won-it might even cancel out the absurdity of the Committee awarding it to Barack Obama for the signature accomplishment of NOT BEING GW. 😉 It would also send a very important message to those who think they can own humanity and control the entire planet thru violence, intimidation and manipulation.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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  1. I never understood how Obama managed to get the Noble Peace Prize but from that moment it became devalued and political.

    • I think it has always been to a certain degree political, but more in a good way as in encouraging peace and promoting those who risked their lives standing up to tyranny- a sort of wake up call to the tyrants that they are not admired.

      But giving it to Obama before he had really done anything significant other than talk a good case and win an election was rather absurd.

      I know those of us who voted for him did believe and certainly hope that he would usher in a new era of diplomacy and peace, instead of the endless war motif America has been descending deeper into for a century now. Unfortunately, we all misjudged wither the man, or the amount of leeway that man has to implement his own visions and ideals in an office which is held firmly in the iron grip of the military industrial complex;-(

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