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I published a PressTV report on this yesterday, but this one is more thorough. The very legitimacy of our form of government is based on things like due process and the right of the accused to a trial with a jury of his/her peers as he/she is “presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty”. These are not fluffy, lighthearted asides to our legal system-they are its very foundation.

While I personally believe that the man Barack Obama IS a good person with morals and compunction, it is fairly obvious that if my belief is factual then he is categorically NOT the person in charge of the direction our government is headed.

That the direction has not appreciably changed since John F Kennedy was murdered by a coalition of the corrupt, the 1% and their minions, and has only increased in speed and obviousness over the last 3 presidents, leads me to believe the coup in the early 1960’s was complete and no head of state since then has been much more than an icon or a diversion.

If this theory is correct, and the many channelings telling us that the Galactics and Earth Allies have everything under control and change is coming “soon” are not correct then it very much stands to reason that the cabal would use the first African American to hold that office, a democrat and champion of the poor to solidify and culminate their plans as it would *delay appropriate response* by the people.

We need now to get past political divisions, and all other divisions and come together across all boundaries to stand as One People against this march toward tyranny.

From Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin to JFK, MLK, RFK, Hugo Chavez and other political leaders, they have shown there is NO ONE they are unwilling to murder in pursuit of their plans, no matter how “powerful” or high, or in the case of musicians-no matter how seemingly peripheral to politics.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, this you do unto me”- Jesus of Nazareth. This may not seem related but it is. We are all One-whatever is done to Chavez, to Afghan and Pakistani children, to Iraqi, Egyptian, Palestinian, or Shoshone-it is done to ALL of us.

And as Gandalf once said to a particularly nasty Balrog, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” ; we now have to say no more.
Like Gandalf we are likely to be subject to a trial by fire and ice, to extremes we may feel unlikely to survive, but in the end we, and our planet, will be transformed by the power of our collective refusal to allow any more violence and horror.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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  1. I live in UK but it chills me in which direction the US government is moving in relation to their citizens, and few seem to be complaining.

    • What bothers me most is how long it has been moving in this direction and the most outcry we seem to be getting is more related to the race of the President in many cases than to the real underlying problems. (ie people who were totally fine with things done by Bush are now outraged because it is Obama-or just as bad, those who don’t mind it *because* it is Obama;-/ )

      It is very disturbing how unconcerned most people are about things that are really important. It is almost ironic that this year is th 25th anniversary of “Manufacturing Consent”!

      Do you see more concern in the UK from average people about things like the environmental crises, or the seemingly endless wars?

      • I have seen growing hubris in the UK government, there is an undercurrent of anger over environment, social issues and the constant need by UK to become militarily involved in foreign nations.

  2. It has always appeared from this side of the pond that the people in the UK are overall more aware and educated than most in the US, but some friends of mine in Cardiff informed me that it certainly did not appear that way to them;-)

    Here we have FOX news convincing about 50% of the people to be really upset about all sorts of things that are really insignificant, or even completely untrue.

    There is great outrage over things like having a ethnic studies programs in colleges, and huge discussion over whether or not our baseball team deserves a new stadium, but the environment is mostly ignored by the mainstream;-/

    When I went to compare presidential candidates based on their environmental platforms a few years ago-none of them had one! they all included the environment, if at all, as an afterthought under “Energy issues”.

    It has been an uphill struggle to get people to admit that when a person opposes war they do not “hate our troops” since many of us oppose war because “our troops” are OUR relatives getting crippled, PTSD or simply dead:-/

    So it is a surprise that the drone issue is getting as much attention as it is-apparently this is due to the overwhelming resentment that half my countrymen seem to carry about due to our President now NOT being white. This hurts my head to think about. 😦

    I used to think this could not possibly be real, but last night I overheard some neighbors complaining about how unfair it is that they can’t walk down the street screaming about how much they hate all black people(tho they used a rather more colorful term:-( and how they consider all white people superior to all black people.

    They were concerned that they could be arrested for this. (they cannot as far as I know-tho if they do so in our neighborhood they might get a stern talking to, or worse depending on who hears them;-)

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