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I think we need to question not only our drone policy but our overall policy of going to other countries and KILLING people.

What can we really hope to gain by constantly having our military in somebody else’s country, blowing stuff up and killing people? The idea that this in ANY way makes us SAFER is ludicrous. If someone blows up your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, child, village, pet dog etc do YOU like them? Do you want them to be safe? Or do you develop an almost obsessive desire to cause them harm?

We are gambling on everyone in these countries being Buddha or Jesus, but the odds are they are not feeling the love for us when we murder the people they care about.
Just sayin….

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The Tide is Shifting Because of YOU!

I just got this in email and wanted to share-please feel free to reblog, repost, email or share however you can. When we work together we are powerful and we CAN stop the agenda of those who see all living things as objects to be used, or destroyed as long as it profits them.

Today in San Diego, the California Coastal Commission said NO to the Navy and their plan to deploy bombs and sonar sound off the Coastline that would likely injure, maim or kill millions of cetaceans over the next 5 years. They said that the Navys position is inadequate and unsupported by facts. They also said that the Navy did not keep its agreements in the past and that there was no point in making a compromise with them. In attendance were Lyndia, Lance and Kim of Whale and Dolphin Watch, several representatives from NRDC, Greenpeace, many other ocean organizations and dozens of individuals from near and far.

Although the decision only affects California waters, it is still significant as it sets a major precedent for the whole country. This will have far reaching implications for what can be done next, and ultimately the safety of our cetacean friends, the health of our oceans and our planet. In this case, your participation may have shifted the tide that has so long moved in the direction of disrespect and outright disregard for our oceans. We hear from a major environmental organization that your signatures have energized this movement in a big way!!!

We are not done with this issue yet. This week end is our last chance for signatures on our petition to go to NOAA/National Marine Fisheries on Monday. Will you help us out?

Heres what we want you to do next:

1. 1. Call and network with your friends and get them to sign this last petition

2. 2. Post on your Facebook page

3. 3. Go to our Facebook page and like us (link on our website)

4. 4. Sign up for ongoing information on our website to keep abreast of this issue

Here is the link: http://www.whaleanddolphinwatch.com

From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to say a big Thank You for your signature on our petitions and your ongoing support. You are awesome people and we are deeply humbled by your support of our oceans.

Lyndia, Lance, Kim and Wes

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I know some people are not experiencing any ascension symptoms, or any of the other intensified processing, weird “stuff” coming up to be dealt with etc., but for those who ARE, Denise always provides such a clear and practical perspective on what is going on.

I have personally had all sorts of strangeness going on from physical symptoms(that could be illness or ascension stuff, or maybe both, I dunno) weird external people stuff , all sorts of oddness. I try to stay open and accepting, like a child, without much judgement of what everything is or isn’t, means or doesn’t, so that I don’t miss something important by editing it out of my reality;-)

Lately that has left me in an almost perpetual state of confusion-especially the weird people stuff. Being AS people are my weakest skill-they are often confusing to me even when “normal” to everyone else, so when they get weird-all bets are off.

I sincerely hope that ascension and all the positive changes are real for me as whatever spiritual lessons one can learn from things like being asphyxiated, harassed, kept from sleeping etc I feel like I am just getting *too exhausted* to learn any more.

I hope everyone else is having a less drama filled first trimester, but if not-hang in there as the one thing we know is constant is CHANGE so whatever is going on now, is likely to change. I am following the Oracle Report’s recommendations for today and letting Gaia be in charge. I’ve set my intentions, done a lot of work, and a lot of praying and now I’m waiting in expectant gratitude and acceptance, reminding myself that Gaia and Creator always know more than I do, they have a plan and maybe it just isn’t necessary for me to figure everything out.


Eric Holder’s stunning admission

When I was a child, and before, the US government used to prosecute corporations that became monopolies because this is unfair to consumers and to other businesses. In short it is an obvious corruption of the basic tenets of capitalism, which we see with the socialization of risk in TARP and “too big to fail”.

They broke up AT&T when I was a child, and I read about the fights with Standard Oil and others that took over whole sections of the economy in the past. And then….suddenly it just became Ok for certain industries to be pretty much wholly owned and run by one or two huge corporations-Think Microsoft, or Cargill(agriculture from field to table), or the monstrous “Beatrice”(that owns Proctor and Gamble, most of the cigarrette companies and many many other huge companies).

This is the very heart of the corruption we need to eliminate in order to take our country and our planet back from these criminal cabals. Please sign and share widely-every action we take to prosecute the top criminals chips away at the power they have over all of us!

Eric Holder’s stunning admission

The most amazing thing just happened.

The Obama Administration finally admitted the truth of what we’ve been saying all along: giant Wall Street banks have become too big to prosecute. In testimony on Wed, March 6, US Attorney General Eric Holderthe nation’s top copsaid,

“I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them … I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large.”1


Tell President Obama to end the Administration’s policy of treating Wall Street banks as too big to fail and too big to jail by taking immediate steps to break up the big banks and prosecute the criminals who used them to destroy our economy.

Now we understand why the Obama Administration has failed to bring criminal charges against a single major Wall Street bank or executive for systemic fraud that brought down our economy. When the Attorney General openly admits that the most powerful members of society won’t be prosecuted for even the most egregious of crimes, we are in deep trouble as a nation.

Remember that we gave Wall Street bankers $700 billion in TARP bailouts and $2.5 trillion in investments, loans, and guarantees to shore up their business (and outrageous bonuses)2 on the theory that letting them collapse would create a generation-long Depression. In return it seems fair to demand accountability for the actions that brought us to that point. Now it turns out the Administration never had any intention of seeking accountability.

Stand up and add your voice in demanding the Administration end the policy of “too big to fail/jail”.

That’s why we’re demanding an immediate end to this unconscionable policy that puts the wishes of Wall Street 1%ers above the well-being of working families, most especially those hardest hit by the criminal actions of these very same people.

The Campaign for a Fair Settlement has pushing hard during the first hundred days of President Obama’s second term for real accountability for the Wall Street criminals who stole our homes, savings, and pensions and destroyed our economy. We think this is the only way he’ll secure his legacy as a champion of justice for the millions of homeowners, taxpayers and retirees harmed by Wall Street criminals. This revelation makes this all the more urgent.

Stand up and demand President Obama take immediate steps to break up the big banks and prosecute the criminals who used them to destroy our economy.

It’s break up time. Now or never.

In solidarity,

Brian Kettenring
Executive DirectorAction for the Common Good, and
Campaign DirectorCampaign for a Fair Settlement

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The Shocking Truth about Daylight Saving Time | Rodale News

You’ll be surprised to see who really profits from “springing forward.”

By Leah Zerbe

Losing an hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time lines the oil industry's pockets.

Losing an hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time lines the oil industry’s pockets.


Pop quiz time! True or false?

1. Daylight Saving Time helps us conserve energy.

2. Daylight Saving Time was developed to help farmers.

3. Daylight Saving Time unequivocally reduces traffic deaths.

The answer to all of these? False.

Although most Americans will routinely turn their clocks ahead an hour at 2 a.m. on March 10, 2013, polls show that the majority don’t fully understand why they’re even doing it. “Daylight Saving Time is so confusing that everything we know about it is wrong,” explains Michael Downing, author of Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the original concept that came to be known as Daylight Saving Time, when we “spring ahead,” or turn the clocks ahead an hour around springtime. It was initially intended for people to get the most out of the natural daylight so they could burn fewer candles and later, use less electricity.

Through its implementation during World War I and II, during the 1970s oil embargo crisis, and even today, it’s been touted as an energy-saving tool, which is why the practice was extended most recently through the 2005 Energy Act. The problem is the early studies suggesting Daylight Saving Time could save energy only looked at home electricity use. More recent reports also factor in gasoline energy use, since people drive more when natural light remains later in the day. “When you give Americans more daylight at the end of the day, they get into their cars,” Downing says. That’s why the petroleum industry has been a longtime supporter of the time change, he adds, noting the extended after-work sunlight hasn’t definitively been proven to reduce traffic accidents, either, as sometimes claimed.

Beyond that, a 2008 University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara study looking at Indianaa state the resisted Daylight Saving Time until 2006found that Daylight Saving Time actually increased residential energy use to the tune of $8.6 million, with the biggest increase in household energy occurring during the autumn months. (This study didn’t even factor in gasoline use.)

OK, so the time change is a flop in terms of saving energy. At least it helps the farmers, right? Not so much. “Farmers were vociferously opposed to Daylight Saving Time. They hated it from the start,” explains Downing. “Farmers really used morning sunlight. Turning the clocks ahead had the effect of giving them one less hour of daylight.”

Even today, many farmers lament this time of year because it disrupts their schedules and connection to the natural world. “That dramatic change from having the daylight in the morning to suddenly going back to darkness, it’s kind of jolting,” says sustainable farmer Zach Lester, cofounder of Tree and Leaf Farm in Unionville, VA. His customers are affected by the change, too. When Lester goes to market the Sunday morning following the time change, shoppers generally start rolling in about an hour later.

So what is the point of Daylight Saving Time?

Money, money, money, money!

The Chamber of Commerce was an early supporter of extending post-workday natural light because it knew factory workers were more likely to go shopping following shift work if the sun was still shining. Later on, people were more likely to fill up the tank and head to sporting events or the mall, which to this day greatly benefits the oil industry.

Because so much extra gas is sold during Daylight Saving Time, the lobby representing convenience storesplaces that sell tons of gasare among the biggest backers of keeping the time change intact.

Downing says the golf course industry also loves Daylight Saving Time because it’s the one sport for which it still isn’t economical to use artificial lighting to extend hours. “The golf industry makes about $200 to $400 million in extra greens fees during Daylight Saving Time,” he notes.

While most of the country runs on Daylight Saving Time today, with the exception of Hawaii, a state with nearly equal day length year-round, and Arizona, which refuses to adopt it, things weren’t always this uniform.

Initially adopted as a wartime-only policy, New York decided to bring Daylight Saving Time back after World War I and adopted a metropolitan Daylight Saving Time law for the city only in 1920. Cities ran on it, suburbs did not. “Because it was such a powerful influence on the economy, almost every city from Chicago eastward immediately adopts it,” Downing says. By 1921, though, Massachusetts boasted the only statewide policy, leaving a patchwork of times across the country for the next 10 years. “Trains are unable to keep schedule; all transportation is thrown off by this,” Downing explains. “By 1965, 100 million Americans are changing their clocks and 80 million are not.”

Time changes are more consistent now, but that doesn’t mean Daylight Saving Time wreaks any less havoc on our bodies. People already dealing with sleep problems, night-shift workers, and those living with Seasonal Affected Disorder, or SAD, are most likely to have a harder time bouncing back from the time change. Generally, pushing the clocks ahead an hour creates the same effect as crossing time zones, which is why Downing says Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time to plan a vacation, since your body’s internal clock will be thrown off anyway.

Although temporarily punishing on our bodies, it’s hard to deny the benefit of what feels like longer days, no matter which industry is benefiting financially. “Americans like the after-work available light hours. That’s the key to Daylight Saving. People feel like it extends their summers,” Downing says.

“Because we’re so far north of the equator, people fall in love with Daylight Saving when they’re given it. They get attached to it,” he adds. Because of that, there have been very few successful efforts to get rid of it and, love it or hate it, Daylight Saving Time could be here to stay.

5 Ways You Can Spend the Extra Hour without Using Extra Oil or Electricity
Start seeds for a springtime organic garden.
Try a few yoga poses.
Exercise with your pet.
Go for a leisurely bike ride.
Get a jump on spring cleaning using our green cleaning recipes.

( Read the original article on Rodale at the link below-

http://www.rodale.com/daylight-saving-time-myths?cm_mmc=TheDailyFixNL-_-1225158-_-03082013-_-The_Shocking_Truth_about_Daylight_Saving_Time_text )

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The Oracle Report Friday, March 8, 2013

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

We come to the Balsamic Moon phase today, the phase that is preparation for the next lunar month. Balsamic phases are “ruled” primarily by Pisces, so the combination of this, the six planets in Pisces, and the fact that we are preparing for the Pisces New Moon makes this a mega-Balsamic phase!

Let’s review: Balsamic Moon Phase is the time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. It’s a dreamy, creative, and highly spiritual time of the month. Direct discourse with Gaia-Sophia and her emissaries (this past month being under the charge of the dakini Nairatmya) is facilitated by the energy of the Balsamic Moon phase. I think we should thank her for her efforts to bring down patriarchal systems of control and domination (which I believe, as many others do, is indicated by the first step of Joseph Ratzinger’s resignation). It’s a joyful thing to be alive and witness the awakening of the planetary goddess and the co-communication with humanity to correct what has gone awry. One of the most important requests that we can make is to request the elimination of the Archontic influence in our lives. This is something only she can do. So we need to maintain the signal that this is our desire.

Balsamic phases are the time when we mentally step out of the matrix and go into communion with spirit. It’s an inner time when outer activity is banal unless the activity is undertaken with the highest integrity and spiritual intention. It’s a time to chill, which is great since we are approaching a weekend.

The dominant Pisces energy has a watery effect where the energies of the days have been flowing together in time. The reports over the last week can actually be applied to any of the days. This is why some feel like they experience the energy ahead of time. Have you noticed how “time” seems to be changing? There’s a great bleed-through where fluidity is more important than exactitude. It makes writing these reports different from the way I use to write them, when times and astrology were more precise. But it is wonderful to break through that Archontic tool and the restrictions that come from it. Could you get any more Archontic than switching between “standard time” and “daylight savings time?” It’s a perfect way to screw with the human animal. Can’t you see your beloved animals looking at you like you’ve lost your mind when we suddenly “spring forward” and switch time?

But this is all changing and isn’t it surreal to see it finally happening?

To tap in to the Balsamic energy, slow down, relax, step out of “time domination,” and attach to simplicity. You’ll be there in no time at all.

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The manuscript of survival – part 279 by Aisha North

The tides have turned, and once again the churning of the incoming waters are pushing up so much to the surface. This will be apparent to many of you, as you seem to be almost inundated with old garbage that suddenly appears as out of nowhere. This can be very disconcerting, to say the least, for we know that you had hoped to be out in clear waters by now, far from the old flotsam and jetsam that was cluttering up your life in an earlier existence. Well, these old issues are nothing if not tenacious, so it takes an awful lot of hard work at times to get rid of it once and for all. We hear your tired sighs dear ones, and we know that for so many, this will feel almost like that final straw that broke the camels back. But you are not broken dear ones, far from it, and even if this mountain of garbage seems like it is about to drown you all in some ways, know that it cannot do so, and it never will. It may look as if it is threatening to completely obliterate you, but that is not the case here. For the only reason it has appeared in your vision, is because you are more than well equipped to handle it at this stage. For you have become very efficient at this, and you have worked through so much already, it has given you all a well developed talent to literally hack your way through this too, just like you have hacked your way through the rest of this dark jungle you have traversed to get to where you are today. And not only your muscles but also your resolve have become so strong by now, they cannot be stopped by anything, no matter how daunting it may look on the outside.

For you are beyond stopping now dear ones, and this final mountain of old junk that is lying in your way is not insurmountable, and you will all manage to bypass it in some way. Either by simply squashing it under your feet as you climb over it, or by plowing straight through it. And that will be a major achievement for you all, but it is not one you will have to manage all on your own. For you have friends now, in all sorts of places, and they are ready and willing to give you all a hand in this task of breaking through that last barrier. You will find them wherever you look, so do not forget to do so. For you cannot get assistance unless you ask for it. So please, do not think that this is a mission you have to take the full responsibility for yourself. For you deserve all the help you can get, whether it be of a celestial kind or whether it is from a friendly neighbour or co-worker, or someone you have connected with in this space.

So again we say, you are all so very strong, but do not let that lure you into thinking that you have to stand all alone and master anything that comes in your way. For that is not the way to do it in the new world. For in the new world, we all stand together, whether they are currently on our side of the veil, or you are already gathered together on your side. We are one, and you are not alone. So please remember to ask for help, for this cleaning up of the last vestiges of the old world is not a solo job. It is a communal effort, and therefore together you will do this, as long as you do not close yourself up and hide away in shame because you think you have caused too much fuss and trouble in the first place. This is not fuss and trouble, this is important work that is to be done on behalf of us all, and therefore it is to be done in the company of some trusted fellow workers.

For you are no longer meant to travel alone, you are meant to gather into groups, and then, these groups will also start to connect and grow even bigger and stronger, much like what has happend to all of you already starting to gather around this warming fire. For you need to seek out the warmth and company of others, otherwise this whole project would be coming apart. For this is all about coming together again, after an eternity of wandering alone in the desert, looking for some sort of sanctuary. Well, the sanctuary is already here, it is in the company of other brave souls.

So do not stand off in the shadows anymore, take a step into this ring and link your hands to all the others already standing there, for it will make you all feel how the strength is surging through you. And only by doing this, will you be able to finally connect all that has been disconnected for eons. For you are closing the gap now, day by day, spirits mending together as one. So do not shy away from this reunion, for you have been expected for such a long time now, and nothing will gladden us more than if you too will let youself be drawn into this circle of friends already gathered. For you are one of us, and without you, we will not be complete. So make yourself at home dear ones, you have come to stay, and it gladdens us all to no end.