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I know some people are not experiencing any ascension symptoms, or any of the other intensified processing, weird “stuff” coming up to be dealt with etc., but for those who ARE, Denise always provides such a clear and practical perspective on what is going on.

I have personally had all sorts of strangeness going on from physical symptoms(that could be illness or ascension stuff, or maybe both, I dunno) weird external people stuff , all sorts of oddness. I try to stay open and accepting, like a child, without much judgement of what everything is or isn’t, means or doesn’t, so that I don’t miss something important by editing it out of my reality;-)

Lately that has left me in an almost perpetual state of confusion-especially the weird people stuff. Being AS people are my weakest skill-they are often confusing to me even when “normal” to everyone else, so when they get weird-all bets are off.

I sincerely hope that ascension and all the positive changes are real for me as whatever spiritual lessons one can learn from things like being asphyxiated, harassed, kept from sleeping etc I feel like I am just getting *too exhausted* to learn any more.

I hope everyone else is having a less drama filled first trimester, but if not-hang in there as the one thing we know is constant is CHANGE so whatever is going on now, is likely to change. I am following the Oracle Report’s recommendations for today and letting Gaia be in charge. I’ve set my intentions, done a lot of work, and a lot of praying and now I’m waiting in expectant gratitude and acceptance, reminding myself that Gaia and Creator always know more than I do, they have a plan and maybe it just isn’t necessary for me to figure everything out.

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