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Thank you Laura for sharing this, and James for writing it. I am sitting here with tears running down my face after reading it, partly out of compassion for those who have just lost a child, but also because I have been experiencing a situation with a being who appears to be archontically influenced and no matter what I do, nothing has stopped the negative actions, violence etc. I have been feeling confused alternating with feeling like I am somehow not loving enough, not evolved enough etc since my acting with unconditional love seemed to simply hold open a big door for the violent individual to keep harming me and other innocent living beings.

Reading that these polarities are now increasing *feels* like the deeper truth, in my situation and also allows me to understand a lot of the other terrible things going on that seem so at odds with my inner feeling of the changes that are going on, of the heart level connections among people growing and so much good going on beneath the surface.

I was starting to get cognitive dissonance from my “knowing” one aspect and experiencing moment to moment the very opposite of what I know to be true.

Just before I logged in tonight I got a vision of the white wizard, with all the forest cut down and everything so horrible and the Ents marching to stop him and I felt like that was where I was, where we all are really in this process. It LOOKS horrible, it feels horrible at times and things seem so amazingly bad-it looks on the surface like Mordor is winning, but as Tolkien so gracefully showed us in that story, as long as we stubborn little hobbits keep trudging along eventually we are going to throw the darn ring in the volcano and then the trees WILL grow back on the burned and poisoned land.

We just can’t let the ugliness of Mordor frighten or sicken us into giving up, turning back or in any way not pressing on as hard as we possibly can. By going thru the ugliness we can end up healing it in the end, putting an end to it, finally.
Thank you with all my heart to all of you who are pressing on and doing whatever you can in spite of the terrible ugliness like the murder of an innocent child, the poisoning of the Gulf and so many other things like those. Thank you for holding the Light in your hearts and shining it out, brightening the darkness around us.

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I am so glad that this has been done, even tho as the article mentions it is not likely to result in anything directly. It is a repulsive level of corruption when the agencies created to protect the environment (or people, or animals, or anything) are the ones working together with the corporations to destroy it.

Corexit is WORSE than oil for the ocean, and the country of France WARNED us BEFORE it was applied that they had banned it after a spill in their waters and informed us in technical detail why they had done so-and yet the ENTIRE WORLD SUPPLY of Corexit was poured into our beautiful Gulf AFTER their warning.

I do not know how these many problems and seemingly endless corruption are to be resolved, but I know that it must happen soon. I feel in my heart that as we the people of Earth grow in our heart connections one to another, and to all, that the power to co-create the positive changes also grows exponentially within us.

Do not allow the negative facts, such as this, to inspire hate or resentment within you, because our Love is our power and with it we can and WILL help our Earth and one another to heal.
Thank you again Laura for keeping us all so well informed with such diverse and useful articles. and thank you-to all of you reading this, on my blog or Laura’s (Here and Now) for all each of you do to help one another and our world. Together we are making the changes, even if they are not yet fully visible and so much still seems mired in despair. I am sure the saying “it is always darkest before the dawn” would not have survived so long if it held not a kernel of deepest truth!

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The Oracle Report Saturday, March 9 – Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Watch as things start to coalesce and make better sense this weekend. Ironically, within the Piscean mists we find clarity. We are able to see things a different way and a fuller picture of emerges.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that Balsamic Moon phases are a time of preparation. We prepare the landscape of out minds for a new scene that enters with the New Moon. Balsamic phases are the time to clear and release (weed out) energies, beliefs, and feelings that no longer serve us. We prepare fresh ground.

The lunar month of the Pisces New Moon (which begins Monday, March 11) will not be the typical Pisces lunar month. This one will gently continue the theme of this Balsamic Moon phase of bringing clarity and understanding. The month is the final pivot point before a new turn in our personal evolution with the planet takes place at the Aries New Moon.

If you recall, last summer we had the “turning point.” It was a huge surge in our energetic fields – an upgrade. In November, we had the “activation point” where we set out on a quest for a vision (wisdom) that has lasted all winter. Here is an excerpt from a post in early November (you can see all of these posts in the Archives).

“The Activation Point is more specifically the activation of a vision quest -the quest to enact not only Sophia’s grand vision for humanity, but also our own personal vision. Remember that life on this planet is a co-operative endeavor with a divine being. Sophia’s vision for humanity was for it to manifest its personal uniqueness while participating and assisting her in her return home – in real time. So our mission is two-fold and this particular part will last through February. This mission is to undertake our own vision quest and, by doing so, pave the way for others to do the same. Our efforts will carry along the collective of humanity (like the hundredth monkey effect). This will raise the collective vibration of humanity (strengthen the signal wave). Our personal vision quests are conjoined with the vision quest of Sophia because the expression of ourselves is her vision. So we will undertake the vision quest fully conscious of the fact that our quests are maintained by and connected with the planet herself.”

So it is a good idea to think back to how this has unfolded for you. Think back to July. Major changes occurred and we worked with that all last summer. Throughout the fall, we undertook a quest of personal discovery and strengthened our communication with Sophia. A new spiral of evolution/ energetic upgrade will occur in April. More on that to come.

For now, we want to do the Balsamic thing and clear out and release. That means honoring all that has happened, regardless of what the outcome has been. We want to deeply ground inside of ourselves what we have learned this winter (summer for our friends in the South).

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