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Having only recently discovered Alex’s blog, I am happily astonished to find his post today echoing some of the principles by which I have always attempted to live my life.

I had always thought these things to be natural, instinctual even, and was dismayed to find most people where I live do not even consider them.

Of course, all rules must bend at times in the balance of living-you cannot let cockroaches overrun your family’s food supplies for instance as this can result in illness, or starvation. But overall keeping the balance and your own place and part in Nature is essential, imho.

Every living thing on Earth is part of the balance, part of the larger systems in which we live and are completely embedded and part of. Our choice to play a functional part of the system, or as humanity has been doing for some time, a non-functional part, is often crucial to the survival of the system overall, as we now see.

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Message from Matthew

I generally do not publish Matthew’s messages, but I just got this one in email and feel that it has quite a few ideas to think on, and a reasonable perspective on current events. As always with channeled(or any) messages use your discernment, and your common sense;-) while reading.

I think the point of not sending negative judgements and resentment toward others is important, as is the idea that we need to meet in the middle and learn to truly LISTEN to one another in order to solve the problems in our world.

I am not sure I believe his assertion about the use of drones, or the lack of remaining illuminati in high places-but your mileage may vary;-)

IMHO killing is almost never a solution to anything;it always creates more problems than it solves.

I do agree that we will, working together, bring about ALL the needed changes and turn our planetary situation around-what other choice do we have short of mass extinction?;-)

March 11, 2013

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. How we wish that you could view Earth from our vantage point so you could see that her tumultuous travels are over and she is in calm waters. Most likely calm is not how you would think about your world, but When are all the marvels of the Golden Age coming? well may be.

Many civilizations were authorized by God to help Earth reach safe harbor at this point in your linear time, but throughout her ascension process, her residents have been in charge of societal changes. No other civilization may do this on your behalf because Earth is your world and must be the kind of world that you, collectively, want.

Lightworkers, including the souls who dont think of themselves as such but indeed they are by living in godly ways, managed nobly during the extremely difficult ascension decades. All of you have the greatest admiration and respect of light beings throughout this universe.

And we know how eager you are for the promised glories of the Golden Age to be manifested, so you are distressed because theres little evidence that they are underway. Actually, a great deal is progressing in numerous areas behind the scenes, and even mainstream media are reporting instances that indicate an encouraging upward trend. Still, huge changes will not come as swiftly as you would like.

You know that everything is energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and because energy is neutral and has no reasoning capacity, it cant differentiate between what is wanted and what is not. Consequently, as peoples thoughts and feelings shoot out into space, the universe provides individuals with circumstances whose energy matches the energy of whatever they have been focusing onthe law of attraction thats in constant motion.

But most souls in your world do not know thats how energy and their innate powers of co-creation work. Theyre concentrating on situations that they dont want to continue, thereby making more of them. Because so many people are sending out the energy of sad, angry and despairing thoughts and feelings about world situations, your society as a whole is affected by the result: the slow pace of change.

Another reason that things may seem to be moving at a snail pace also is due to lack of knowledge. Because most people in your world still are confined within third densitys limited consciousness, they dont know to ask within, where all truths are known. Without that soul level knowingness, the consciousness processes information from the egos perspective; and since the ego supports personal ideas and perceptions, which often are rigidly set, rarely can the ego see a situation from other perspectives or discern between truth and falsehood.

We shall give you an example. We and many other messengers in the light have told you the truth about Barack Obama, a highly evolved soul from a civilization far advanced in spirituality, intelligence and ancient wisdom. The highest universal council asked him to leave his homeland and accept the mission of leading the United States and your world into an era of peace, prosperity and unity.

We have explained that his mission, which transcends politics worldwide, is a provision of the Golden Age master plan that is aligned with Gaias vision of Earths residents living in harmony with each other and with Nature. Then Gaias planetary body and all of its life forms will be in balance, wherein all is light. We have asked you to send light to President Obama because it will hasten the day when that balance is attained.

Also we have mentioned in previous messages that the tenacity of the dark ones caused about a ten-year delay in your progress as a society. The delay didnt deter Earths ascension one whither timing was predestinedbut it severely curtailed Obamas ability to carry out his mission because powerful individuals within the Illuminati still had the power to derail, distort or detour his efforts.

A large part of their effectiveness has come from people whose third density perceptions have been sending forth the energy of anti-Obama thoughts and feelings. That energy has been refueling the dark ones and enabling them to keep a strong chokehold on the presidents endeavors to move your world toward Gaias vision.

It is natural to question why that would include killing, and many feel that Obamas approval of using drones shows that he is not of the light. That perspective omits this essential element: The drones purpose is to kill as few persons as possible while ending warfare as quickly as possible.

Always military forces in Earths civilizations have operated within the third density mentality that says eliminating the enemy is a patriotic responsibility and you keep at it until youve won. So for millennia both sides in wars annihilated each other, using the most current weaponry. Now that includes drones, which target individuals who are considered the masterminds of terrorism and cause fewer casualties than drawn-out ground battles would.

Indeed it is lamentable that those weapons claim the lives of women, men and children who are not harming anyone. A brutal fact of war is, many civilians are injured and killed along with combat troopswe wont go into the immeasurable psychic damage experienced by all souls in war zones.

Be uplifted by knowing that as hearts and minds continue to open, no soul will want to kill another by any means for any purpose.

We also cite Cesar Chavez, recently deceased president of Venezuela, whom mainstream media in the United States have portrayed as a bad guy who worked against that countrys best interests. What Chavez worked against was the Illuminatis dark influence in that country, his own and other Latin American nations, and he was quite successful in driving them out of Venezuela.

Chavez was not wrong in thinking that his cancer did not occur naturally. The media under Illuminati control labeled him a conspiracy theorist because they have conditioned you to believe that anything with that designation is pure nonsense. Chavez determination to rid his country of their tentacles and to improve the lives of those who are down-trodden did not fit with the dark ones agenda. They felt that a public assassination could start a firestorm instead of making it easy for them to regain control of Venezuelas abundant natural resources, and since they had the means to initiate cancer, thats what they did. His body just didnt give out nearly as fast as they expected.

We know the truth about these two men whom third density minds perceive at best as controversial figures with political and ideological pro supporters and con opponents. But by no means are sides limited to national leadersit is the very same in all divisive issues that are besieging your world! The right and left of any situation keep generating fuel for each otherheated feelings are intensified and the imbalance of stalemates is prolonged.

Consider: Governments with a stockpile of nuclear weapons tell other governments, Its OK for us to have these but you cant because we dont trust you. The governments that are told You cant are expected to trust the motives of the governments that do havethese weapons?

If the most vociferous spokespersons in have-weapon countries would meet with equally intransigent national leaders that want to develop them, they could begin to rationally discuss their unassailable perspectives. Only by doing so can the sides move forward from their respective positions and reach the common sense conclusion that total nuclear disarmament is the only way to assure that never will those weapons be used.

Especially in the United States, gun violence is a hot controversy. The side that wants to ban sales of specific guns and ammunition is as stubbornly rooted in their view as are those who parrot their second amendment right to have all the guns and bullets they want. The two sides need to discuss their differing opinions so they can proceed from the shared desire to lessen shooting deaths.

Neither of those two issues will be resolved overnight, but there will be a starting point in both that ultimately will result in banning weapons of all kinds. Remember, the world youre still co-creating in linear time already exists in the continuum exactly the way you want it and, as you shall see, your choice is that weapons have no place in Earths Golden Age.

Abortion is another issue with widely different views and so are capital punishment and dealing with national economies, unemployment and safe sources of energy. Because all of those and many other vital world situations are causing serious unrest does not mean that the dark ones still are in charge! Some who defected from the ranks of the Illuminati became lightworkers. Some have died, and those who absorbed enough light during the December solstice to keep their bodies viable either will continue to embrace the light or they will die. However, those who formerly were able to cause widespread havoc have been removed from those positions or their influence is nil.

Civil wars still are raging because both sides wholeheartedly believe their cause is just. In some cases, the necessity of avenging assaults on their ancestors was inculcated in the fighters when they were little children. Equally strong feelings undergird the people who are fighting for freedom from tyrannical rulers, who view the fighters as traitors for destabilizing the country. Other individuals are fighting to keep their concept of religion, however twisted, from being overturned by nonbelievers. Gradually the strident sides in these various situations will be motivated to negotiate and cooperate for mutual benefit.

There are greatly differing opinions of how to govern countries that recently gained independence after a long dynastic reign, but again, there is no darkness in the hearts of the citizens. Simply, self-rule, or democracy, is new and the people are striving to find governing methods that can serve everyones best interests.

The most adamant persons on both sides of other issues weve mentioned have no dark intentions either. It is not with malice toward those who disagree with them that the people involved are sticking to their guns, so to speak. Like all other minds operating at third density consciousness, they are ego-bound by their beliefs and want their side to win at all costs.

Our beloved Earth family, we are not saying that all souls in your world need to have the very same opinion about everything before turmoil ends. What we are saying is that a willingness to listen and comprehend each others convictions must precede resolutions to conflicts. And this will come!

Earth keeps rising into the successively higher vibrations that are conducive to lighteningenlightening!what you call human nature. Attitudes on both sides of all issues will change gradually from vehemently contentious to reasonable, setting the stage for the harmonious discourse that will lead to parts of the problem becoming parts of the solution for the good of all.

This is why you lightworkers are needed every bit as much now as before! The light you generate simply by BEing radiates out into the world and touches all other lives. By steadfastly focusing only on what will enhance life in your world, you expand light in the collective consciousness and hasten the manifestation of Golden Age glories.

Earths peoples must let go of the egos self-centeredness and often mean-spirited perspective and start living from the heart. LOVE, the most powerful force in the cosmos, is the key to ending the divisiveness, hatred, poverty, ignorance and violence that have kept your world out of balance. Love is the key to peace, abundance, unity of spirit and soul evolvement.

It is logical to wonder: Earth has reached fourth density, so how can it be that most of her residents still are in third? There are two types of density, scientifically speaking. One pertains to mass and the location of a mass Earth is in the low edge of fourth density and will continue ascending until she reaches her destination in fifth.

The other density refers to the evolutionary status of a soulthat is, the level of spiritual and conscious awareness attained, and those two aspects can vary considerably. Some civilizations that are far advanced in consciousness, or intelligence level, havent an iota of spiritual awareness.

Earths population today ranges from third density through seventh in soul evolvement. Dedicated lightworkers are at fourth spirituallythey are steadily on the spiritual pathwaybut some are lagging consciously; they still are working on becoming nonjudgmental, forgiving self and others for perceived wrongs, and getting past guilt, remorse, possessiveness and other feelings that emit low vibrations. The comparatively few souls in fifth and higher densities are those you call Crystal or Indigo or are members of other civilizations living with you.

Now then, we have spoken about the primary factors that are affecting the pace of change in your world, but there are others, too. For instance, all legal matters must run the normal course of your legal and justice systems, and you dont need us to tell you that those wheels do not turn swiftly.

Some legal situations are economically-based, and switching from the old systems to the new is intentionally coming about slowly to prevent fear and chaos. This far-reaching process includes not only retrieving the Illuminatis vast stolen fortunes and allocating those monies to the impoverished billions, but also moving to a global economy based on precious metals; instituting banking regulations worldwide; and establishing fairness in trade, tariffs, taxation, wages and salaries.

In this economic vein, NESARA, the acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act, is well known in some circles but not necessarily well understood, and no wonder. The US governments Web site, where NESARA is given the name National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, is total DISinformation, and channeled messages from dark entities that claim to be respected messengers of the light also contain falsehoods.

Misunderstandings include the notion that the Act is the entirety of NESARA. How wrong that is! NESARA is no less than world transformation and spiritual renewalit is the master plan for Earths Golden Age.

Also, there are various interpretations of some terminology in messages from light sources, such as prosperity packages or similar references to the economic aspects of NESARA. Misinterpretations include a large amount of money given directly to every person on the planet, huge sums given to some individuals for funding specific projects, and everyones debts wiped out in one fell swoop.

Part of NESARA does pertain to eradicating usurious interest rates, reducing some loans and eliminating othersin particular, IMF loansand removing large bank accounts from the Illuminatis hold order. But the economic thrust of the Act is ending the unconscionable disparity between the haves and have-nots in your world. That imbalance will be rectified as the Illuminatis illegally amassed fortunes are used to relieve the plight of impoverished peoples as rapidly as possible and put them on firm footing henceforth.

The provision of NESARA that calls for the resignation of the entire US government no longer applies. The act was written more than a dozen years ago when the president was a top-ranking Illuminatihe is among the defectors who became active lightworkersand almost everyone in Congress was either a member or under the control of Illuminati outside the government. Rejoice with us that this is not the case today!

Mother, for readers who want to know more about NESARA, perhaps why this transformative worldwide plan began as a United States law, please add the date of the message with comprehensive information. [August
13, 2006, Special NESARA Edition
] Thank you.

We repeat our many assurances that whatever adversely affects life in your world will cease incrementally. This includes slave labor and oppression of women; unjust laws, policies, regulations and cruel cultural customs; all forms of pollution, from industrial sources, chemtrails and chemicals in food to pornography and mind control, including monstrous portrayal of aliens in entertainment venues; corporate monopolies; homelessness; false imprisonment. Whatever is harmful to you in mind, body or spirit will meet its end as your society continues to rid your world of everything that is incompatible with life in the Golden Age.

All light beings in this universe hold you in highest honor for your unwavering courage, ingenuity, patience and dedicated lightworking. Never have you been alone in your endeavorsall along you have been assisted by universal family members living among you and those in your skies. Until the crews can join you, theyre using their ships technologies to assist in the myriad ways we have recounted in previous messages.

Now we say farewell in unconditional love, which always has been and is forevermore.

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Anonymous – Symbiotic Subsistence #OpELE


Published on Mar 10, 2013

Operation ELE: http://amerisec.org/current-ops/op-ele/
Symbiotic Sybsistence: http://veridoctores.wix.com/cunctus-l…

7,000,000,000 People
7,000,000,000 Human Lives
More than you could ever know in a lifetime
Our species has dominated the Earth with our cities
Our communication networks span the globe
We have pierced the heavens and made the sky our domain
Our massive empire brings light to darkness
Derived from common ancestors
Sisters and Brothers
Too many names to remember we have become


We are the manifestation of the human spirit and we are world wide
As diverse as life itself no label can explain us all
But at the core of our being stands a prevailing idea which holds us together
It is the law of every great society
It is the will of every great deity
It is a binding force
The Ultimate Prescription


The Media profits from our pain
They sell us violence and hate
Money and Power
Lust and Ego
But these things do not endure
They are meaningless and fade away with time
Our true message is eternal and can not be forgotten
It is a message of Peace Love and Unity
Solidarity with every Nation
Love for all People

Operation ELE


JOINT STATEMENT OF MALAYSIAN-PHILIPPINE CSOs Humanitarian Ceasefire in Lahad Datu, Sabah

I just received this on a list I read, and since this is the only place I have to share things, I am sharing it here. I hope you will all pass it on to your own circles thru blogs, email, and other social media as available.

Whenever we have a chance to help forward the process of Peace on Earth, to help calm tensions and prevent harm to living beings, I feel it is always a good thing to do. It sometimes feels overwhelming with so much violence, environmental destruction, oppression etc still going on but what is impossible for one may in the end be simple for the collective of caring, heart connected humanity.

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for signing the joint Phil-Malaysian CSOs statement appealing for dialogue and Humanitarian Ceasefire in Lahad Datu, Sabah as well as other affected areas in the standoff.

We are again circulating the joint statement as we continue to collect more signatures — now already reaching to 100 from CSOs in Malaysia, Philippines, and all over the world! ( Please find joint statement and initial signatories below and attached).

Our call remains urgent and relevant despite a barrage of pronouncements coming from the principals of late. Sultan Jamalul Kiram III proposed a unilateral ceasefire in response to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon call to end the violence. The gesture has been rejected by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak of Malaysia on the same day. At the same time, President Benigno S. Aquino III of the Philippines turned down Malaysian’s proposal for Philippine government to find ways to extradite Kiram III and his followers.
The joint statement will be submitted to the principals today.

This statement also serves as an expression for Malaysian-Philippines civil society to come forward, with the support of the civil society across the globe, and plead on what matters most in this crisis situation : CIVILIAN PROTECTION for Sabahans and Filipinos living within the conflict hot spots.

Kindly pass on to your networks and friends for support. Let’s help save lives in Sabah!

In solidarity,

Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID), SUARAM -Malaysia
Mindanao PeaceWeavers (MPW)

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March 10-17, 2013

Beloved Ones,

Many of you are finding that you are in a period of quiet contemplation and restful moments. The assimilation of the latest energy downloads are being processed as you go about your daily lives. Much is being worked on even though it may not be immediately apparent to you. The transformation of your being is occurring on many levels and the changes are going deep. This is bringing out many patterns of thought and behavior that can be rather surprising and puzzling as it seems out of character to you. As more is refined in your cells, this process will abate.

The pace of life will begin to quicken once again and you will find yourselves feeling able to complete old projects and begin new ones. There will be increased flows of creativity and many wonderful works that come into physical manifestation. These will bring great joy and feelings of successful accomplishment. Enjoy these as they come forth from the deeper parts of your selves and know that there is more to come. The well is full and can be drawn upon at will.

As you go about your daily lives, remember that your energetic field reaches farther than is apparent so try to maintain peace and equilibrium within you, as your energy has influence upon the very atmosphere around you. Your loving presence can uplift the hearts of an entire building filled with others and with conscious intention a deeper impact can be made that will transform those lives in very positive ways. Bless all people everywhere you go whether you interact with them personally or simply be in their presence.

In these times it is good to follow the signposts of your inner guidance and the physical promptings from your body elemental. Whatever is occurring within you needs attention in whatever way is indicated, such as greater amounts of sleep and rest, the eating of different foods and drinking greater amounts of pure clean water. Sometimes it is important that you do not venture out where you will be amongst a great crowd so that you do not absorb the energies prevalent at that time. Listen to your guidance and all will be well. If you feel a great reluctance to do something or be somewhere, it is best to follow that feeling.

Connect with the deep feelings of joy that come spontaneously from within you. Write poetry, paint beautiful pictures, sing, read inspiring and uplifting books, plant flowers, work in your garden, do whatever it is that fills you with joy and do these often. Reward yourselves with these positive and life enhancing activities as often as you can for these help keep you in the harmonious flow of the cosmic energies that are inundating the atmosphere. Let the Light in your heart grow in its radiance and picture this happening often. A golden heart glowing brightly in your heart space can absorb more Light that can then be shared with those around you. Be in joy, Dear Ones, and be at peace.

Until next week

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

HILARION 2013 – The Rainbow Scribe.

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Last night I had a vision. I was trying to understand why certain people seem to constantly do negative, cruel, hurtful things to others, cause suffering, harm and death to innocent living beings and yet always seem to be having a fine time. They evade the law tho breaking it, they appear to be able to save all their karma for later…I was wondering is the Universe just set up to let the bad guys have free reign while we have to feel bad for not loving them enough and not being compassionate enough?

It’s not that I don’t cultivate unconditional love and compassion, or pray for those who are being harmful-it’s just that after years and years of it, it IS really hard to just keep on at that while experiencing violence and harm to oneself and those one cares about. It becomes a challenge not only to one’s faith, but sometimes to continued physical survival, health and life.

The Universe answered me so beautifully I cried with relief and joy-but then of course second guessed myself as I have not yet learned to stop doing completely. Until I read Denise’s wonderful post today. I am always grateful for her clarity, wisdom and insight as she often seems to be experiencing, thinking and feeling many of the same things I am but is ever so much more graceful and capable in explaining them and more significantly ever so much firmer and clearer in her own awareness of her truth.

Today I am awash in gratitude and awe for both Denise and the Universe and their perfect dance in lightening my heart;-)

In my vision I saw the white wizard in the tower from Lord of the Rings, his tower surrounded by the burned and destroyed no-longer-forest, the pits and fires, furnaces tended by mutant orcs, industrial machinery and smoke-it perfectly mirrored the feeling of what I have been seeing and experiencing with the negative path (or directed) humans who seem to wish to turn Earth into Mordor.

Then instantly the scene flashed, as it does in the film, to the Ents marching to war to take that whole horrible scene apart, drown it and return the land to the way it was meant to be-knowing the water would wash away the horror and the forest would eventually regrow and heal.

And in my heart I felt strongly that Tolkien had very consciously and purposefully prepared for us a map in poetic form of the territory we would have to cross to get to the new world. He both reminded us of our ancient history that has been denied and hidden, and taught us very clearly what would be required of us.

We have incarnated into some of the most fragile physical forms in this Universe (that is why they are called “frails”;-) but like those seemingly too small to matter hobbits we have set our determination, our steadfast faith, hope and love against the rigors of harsh traveling weather, vicious attackers, unseen forces of evil and the desolate despair inducing plains of Mordor.

And like those brave little hobbits on the side of that burning volcano, we are ALMOST THERE!!

So these continuing Gollum-like attacks will come, and we will keep going-crawling if need be, but that damn ring is getting melted, and our beautiful Earth and all her incredible amazing magical living beings WILL be healed and renewed in the rising Light.

If you think about volcanoes, once they stop erupting actively they are the most fertile and beautiful lush, rich jungles of growth-so those desolate plains of Mordor will eventually become beautiful and filled with life. After all Change is the Mother’s signature move;-)

So I post this with great thanks to Denise, and great encouragement to all who see this to click the link and read the whole thing AND the comments which, as mentioned in the earlier post today, are a whole nother blessing on top of Denise’s wisdom;-)