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I love this post! Thank you Alex for writing it. Not only did its innate wisdom and rightness uplift my heart, but I finally understand something I’ve often wondered about. I could not understand why I react so badly to conversations on my spiritual group that say we have to kill our ego and become Nothing, and emptiness. I adored that movie as a child, and to me I think the Nothing will always be that entropic bad guy and not something to erase myself into for enlightenment. I don’t feel that enlightenment is becoming nothing really, it is becoming fully oneself, at one with All That Is. Which is quite a lot more than nothing really-and a lot more fun;-) The peace of awareness resting in the void is good for relieving stress, but I don’t think it is the goal.
I love Maude in Harold and Maude when she gives Harold the lecture about taking action, grabbing life and living it all the way. Not only are we each significant, but each moment, each breath, each experience is significant.

We could be in the void, resting, blank and peaceful and nothing-but we aren’t, we are ALIVE! breathing, sighing, dancing, loving, reading, sharing, healing helping, building-how wonderful is that?!!?!

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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  1. Thanks for reblogging. Entropy and nothingness are one and the same as you guessed. The ego is part of who we are, to be embraced rather than rejected. The problems of ego is one of lack of balance.

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