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Court Hears Arguments on Whether EPA Must Protect Endangered Species From Pesticides

Center for Biological Diversity

Court Hears Arguments on Whether EPA Must Protect Endangered Species From Pesticides

Black-footed ferretA federal district court in San Francisco heard arguments Friday in the most comprehensive legal action ever brought under the Endangered Species Act to protect endangered species from the harmful chemicals in pesticides. The Center for Biological Diversity and Pesticide Action Network are challenging the EPA’s failure to assess the impacts of hundreds of pesticides on more than 200 endangered and threatened species, including Florida panthers, California condors, piping plovers and black-footed ferrets.

“We’re trying to make sure the EPA does its legal and moral duty to make sure harmful chemicals aren’t sprayed in the same places where these vulnerable wild animals are trying to survive,” said Jeff Miller, a conservation advocate with the Center.

A series of lawsuits by the Center and allies has forced the agency to consult on the impacts of scores of pesticides on endangered species, mostly in California; the current suit is the first with a nationwide scope. The presiding judge told attorneys he was initially inclined to grant the EPA’s motion to dismiss the suit, but after hearing arguments from both sides Friday, including from the Center’s Collette Adkins Giese, the judge said his ruling wouldn’t be issued anytime soon.

Read more in The Washington Post.

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Endangered Earth: Poll — Americans Want Congress to Stay Out of Keystone

Center for Biological Diversity

Keystone pipelineA new national poll commissioned by the Center for Biological Diversity finds that most Americans (53 percent) don’t want congressional intervention in deciding on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline — and even more (62 percent) don’t want “eminent domain” to be used to build the pipeline on private land. The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, comes as the U.S. Senate is poised to decide on Keystone during ongoing budget negotiations — a step that would bypass environmental review and require that the pipeline be built without more study.

Our polling found another powerful narrative, too: Sixty-eight percent of those who voted for President Obama in November opposed the Keystone pipeline, while 76 percent say they’re concerned about the project’s impact on climate change and the environment.

Any way you look at it, the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas (carrying dirty tar-sands oil) is bad news for wildlife, our climate and ultimately the future of the planet. We’re mobilizing citizens to speak out about this disastrous project; stay tuned for how to get involved.

Read more about our poll in Politico.

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The manuscript of survival – part 288 by Aisha North

I am here, do you have a message for me? We certainly do dear lady, and tears of joy are running down our face as we tell you this. Beloveds, you have entered the halls of tomorrow, and you have done so in the company of thousands upon thousands of jubilant souls. For last night, you tore yourselves free from the yoke that have been holding you all back for so long. For you are free now, free to explore these lands of no boundaries, free to savour all of the pleasuers inherent in a life filled with love. For the light has entered, and with it, all of the borders have been set free.

So rest now dear ones, because you have yet to fathom what all of this will entail. For you are still in this transitional phase, and as we said, you have been somnambulants for so long, waking up will feel very strange at first, and it will take some time before you fully understand what has taken place on your beautiful little planet. For yesterday you made a firm commitment to tear asunder the chains holding you down, and your collective power was more than enough to blow your cage to smithereens. So rejoice we say, for you have set yourselves free, and you did it, no on else. For what is a light send out from heavens above if there are no open hearts to receive it? You were all so open, and what you partook in will sustain and nourish you for the rest of your sojourn on this beautiful, blue planet.

So again we say, you are the ones who have set you free, and we bow down in respect, and rejoice alongside you. For you are us, and we are you, and now, that will be more apparent than ever before. We willl leave you now to start this day, and to let you feel into this ocean of love with all of your senses. You have arrived dear ones, and know that from now on, your journey will be filled with light in every sense of the word.