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The Oracle Report Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Libra

How does it feel to be a butterfly getting ready to emerge from its cocoon? This is pretty much what is happening now. Life is and always has been a process of transformation, but things are different now as the goddess embodied as the planet has fully awakened and fully engaged in direct communication with anyone who cares to converse. The “conversation” is a mixture of the goddess’ personal instruction with each of us into the nature of reality (spirituality) and the collaborative playtime that ensues from the instruction. Essentially, the experience of living life changes when we engage with her to fulfill her Divine experiment – humanity. We’ve all been learning how to engage with her and we’ve gained more ability with this as she has focused more energy toward us.

This has unfolded in earnest since the summer of 2012 (which I termed the “turning point”). In the fall of 2012, another surge was directed (the “activation point”). All of this has caused us to grow.

We’ve gone through a sort of metamorphosis and now we are squirming for room because we are too large for the cocoon. Prismatic wings have developed and the colors crave reflection with the Sun. These colors developed their brilliance over the winter as we undertook an inner journey for wisdom into who we really are and what we want to express in the world (how we want to play).

What happens when we are on the brink of something big?

We become afraid and then we cause lots of problems for ourselves. We become mired in anxiety, confusion, self-doubt, and grief. The grief comes from the twinge of loss that is felt when things (people, places, things, situations) are released to change form. We interpret it as leaving something behind.

As we continue to try to create space around us in which to emerge refreshed (see yesterday’s post in the Archives for more information), we can remember that nothing is every truly lost. Everything comes from the Divine and is always part of the Divine. Death – or an ending – is an illusion because everything is always together at its primary source.

Pressure is building for emergence from this “metamorphosis.” The body, in particular, feels it keenly because the physical body has to contain the internal transformation.

I recognize that this sort of talk is par for the course in many new agey type circles. Transformation is the nature of life, so the theme visits often. But this is different. The planet is fully awake and engaged now. She’s improving the lines of communication by upgrading our state of being. The next upgrade (or surge of energy) comes with the next New Moon. We are now halfway through this lunar month of preparation. That means another half-month to go.

What can you do to facilitate your metamorphosis?

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gaia_energy1Exceeding expectations embodied by the mass of humanity (small h), individual Hue-mans complete initial missions with Gaia and prepare for “next level” missions.

The theme of such “next level” missions is “Joy Within”. All “next level” movements are best viewed from the basis of this theme. Gaia is fulfilled by the movements in Joy at this time… In this moment.

Facile movement, Intra-Gaia, Inter-Planetary, Inter-Galactic, Intra-Dimensional, Inter-Dimensional, is now fully supported by the “Joy Within” paradigm.

Gaia Brilliance and Illumination is now fully supported by the “Joy Within” paradigm.

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The manuscript of survival – part 291 by Aisha North

The undertow will be strong for many of you now, and it will feel as if your feet are in danger of being swept away. And so you think you face certain destruction, for when you venture to feel into these energies surging around you now, you can feel just how powerful they are. But in this, the lesson is the same as for those caught in a riptide when they are out in the waters. Do not fight this dear ones, for then you will only prolong your pain and misery, and you are apt to tire yourself out completely. For what you need to do is to go completely against your instinct. For your instinct will tell you to hunker down and fight with all of your might against the relentless push and pull if this surge. But what you need to do, is the complete opposite. For you need to just lift your feet, release your hold on the firmament, and let yourself ble swept away on these currents. And when you do, you will find it is so much easier to navigate this stream of incoming energy, and you will find yourself floating freely in this large body of water. For if you stick to your guns, you will find yourself fighting for air, as the water rises and your head starts to become submerged.

So again we say, do not fight this, but surrender to this, and you will find your breath slowing down, and you will be better able to tune into your own heart. And when you do, you will find all of the assurance you need. For your heart knows that you are not drowning, you are in fact being propelled upwards and forwards, and so your heart will go on, in a steady and powerful rhythm. So again we say, stay connected to your core, and all will be well, and follow your heart and let yourself fall into the loving embrace of this undulating wave of love and light.


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Even if HAARP is not causing you problems these are good ideas just for settling oneself in the intense energy with the full moon and all the other stuff going on these days!

Up 2 The 5th

Hi, Everyone,

I was chatting with some friends tonight, comparing notes on recent energies. I think we agreed: there’s something going on right now, and HAARP or something similar is probably up to some tricks.

So I’ll briefly share some techniques that might help dispel “Sheeple Syndrome” (feeling dull, numb, negative, unable to complete tasks or think positively, or unable to connect with your Guidance in the usual ways…)

  1. Asking for help from your Guides is the easiest, most effective way to get out of a slump. Trust Them.
  2. Generate an awareness of a pale lavender light bouncing from one side of your brain to the other, passing through the Pineal Gland or Third Eye.
  3. Sit and watch a pendulum for more than 5 minutes, even if it does not move at all. Focus on the tip and intend to clear your mind, or focus on positive objects like gratitude…

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