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The manuscript of survival – part 293 by Aisha North

As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no means over yet, but we do hope that you have all been able to get a mouthful of fresh air at least once during these proceedings. We venture to guess that for many of you, the effects of all of these constant surges of wavelike energy will feel somewhat different from what you have been exposed to before, and rightly so. For you have indeed been raised not just another notch this time, rather, you have all been raised to a whole new level of existence to call it that, and therefore, the effects from what is constantly being beamed onto your planet and into your whole system have changed drastically.

To your physical body, much will feel the same, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities from before. But as they in some cases are rather subtle, you may find it hard to hear the different resonance this is making throughout your whole system. For the tune has indeed changed, and so have you, and as such, the melody being played out by each and every one of you has also changed. And together, the choir you make up has changed its tune in such a way, the whole of Creation is able to perceive it. And yes, this will indeed affect us all, and as such, the reactions to it will also change. In subtle ways, but also in some more noticeable ones. For remember, there are still those around trying with all of their might to quell these sounds of revelation, and as such, they will also feel forced to up the ante in any way they can. Hence the somewhat surprisingly vehement attacks some of you have encountered lately. For remember, your voices and your mere presence signals the arrival of a light that is becoming more and more brilliant, and for those eyes still more accustomed to shading themselves by constantly being focused on the dimmer regions of your planet, this brightening light will feel like it is almost piercing into their brain, even into their very core. So they lash out in protection, and anyone standing in their way may feel the brunt of these attacks.

So it can be hard at times standing in this new light, for it exposes so much not only within yourself, but also within those around you, and that can indeed be painful in so many ways. For what you see it not always easy to digest. But again we say, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and no matter what arises in these next few days, whether it is within your own sphere or it is on a more macro level, know that all is well and everything is happening for a reason. Remember, this is not judgement day in any connotation of the word. For this is neither doom nor a final reckoning of anyone s feasibility. For this is just the final clearance of anything that may still stand in the way of these arrows of light, and as such, give thanks to whatever you might find popping up in your life at the moment. For it is not coming up in order to make you feel bad in any way, far from it. It is only popping up to show you that you are jettisoning the last remants of any baggage you might still have concealed somewhere on your person, and this baggage must go in order to help you take that final step forwards.

So again we say, this is a process that can seem to be bewildering, as you will feel yourself being tossed between a complete state of bliss one moment, for then to be thrown into confusion by something that suddenly materializes in front of you. But even if it might seem like it to many of you, this is not a case of one step forward, two steps back. For no matter what you experience now, whether it can be looked upon as smooth sailing or fighting for breath, they can all be considered as steps forwards.

So rest your weary heads and your confused bodies, and know that you are constantly being propelled forwards, in the best of ways. For we are helping you to keep putting one foot ahead of the next, as we see to it that you are gently guided to look in the direction that will give you the best of opportunities to find the most effective way to advance. And remember, you are not alone in this, and even if it all comes down to each and every one of you how you want to tackle this journey, you will have access to all the help and assistance you need in order to be able to fulfill this quest for glory. And glory is what you will find, no matter how deep you seem to be mired in the old muck at times. For you are not stuck there, not in any way, and the moment you realize this, you will not waste any more time fighting against it all. For surrender is once again the key word here, as to surrender is not to give up, it is merely to accept this process for what it is. And when you do this, you will indeed find yourself being carried on a swift current towards that final resting place, where you can simply step into your completeness and leave all of this toil and worry behind.


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David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations — Full Video! – YouTube

I cannot see videos, but this book is AMAZING. If you don’t like to read or your library’s copies are all reserved for the next month, this video is the quick and easy way to get the info;-)

Tho, if you can afford to buy the book it is very worth it-and I can say that as a person who has to choose what to eat less of for a whole month to buy a book like this. (If you like science, this will be your new favourite book)

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Messages from Ann and the Angels – World Prayer

According to The Intention Experiment, and other research, the more people who are praying the same thing, focusing on the same outcome etc, the more likely they all are to have a measurable effect.

Knowing this, as soon as I read this prayer on Ann Albers site, I had to share it;-) Every day more and more people all across planet Earth are waking up to the ways society and culture(or what passes for culture in colonized societies!!) have tricked, programmed and otherwise blinded us all to the beauty, peace, connection and wonder all around us and within us all the time.

People are waking up to their own power-the power we each have to make our own lives and indeed our entire planet better, more peaceful, safe, beautiful, clean, healthy and happy for all living beings.

Not only do we each have this power, we all together have an orders of magnitude greater power to do so if we can work together.

Sometimes that work involves rolling up our sleeves and like a barn-raising getting together physically to make some needed changes, help some people or other living beings, or push the political and economic systems back from the cliff of corruption to some more logical and functional structure.

Sometimes working together can mean meditating or praying together-even thousands of miles apart physically-for God, Goddess, the Universe or whatever your personal favourite term is-to help us make things better that may at times seem un-responsive to our efforts at change.

I used to think the world was such a mess because people just didn’t care, but over my lifetime I have seen, read and heard more and more that has convinced me the *majority* (by a huge margin!) of people DO care.

Most people DO want our environment to be clean and healthy, other species to have all they need to thrive, other people to have all they need to thrive-they just don’t always know what is needed for that to happen.

They don’t feel that they personally have the power to affect such huge issues, or don’t know where to start.

More and more tho, people are coming together to start wherever they are, with whatever they can do and it is WORKING!

So keep up the good work, wherever you are and whatever you have chosen to act on-and if you pray, join me in this prayer whenever it is convenient for you.


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Messages from Ann and the Angels – 03/30/2013

heartNew Life!

Daffodils are the harbingers of new life in the spring! We too are wanting new life!


©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved

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heartMessage from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

While many of you celebrate the season of spring, the season of Passover, and the season of Easter, we celebrate each and every resurrection of love within you! We celebrate each and every bit of light that blossoms in your heart. We celebrate the magnificent acts of love that you think are so tiny and so insignificant each and every day. There is no such thing as a “small” act of love, dear ones. In our eyes each act of love is a glorious ray of sunshine penetrating even the darkest recesses of the human heart! In our eyes, every act of kindness is cause for celebration in the heavens! In our eyes, every time you choose to acknowledge the good within yourselves, we see and celebrate the unfolding expansion of your hearts.

Now is the perfect time to look at your life and say to yourselves,”What must die within me to give birth to the life I want to live?” Do you need to give up thoughts of lack in order to resurrect abundance? Do you want to give up statements of self-deprecation in order to resurrect love? Do you need to release the clutter in your house to bring new order and life to your life? Celebrate!

It is the season of letting go in order to grow!

The snows must recede to give birth to the flowers. The dead branches in your yards must be trimmed to resurrect your plants. Decorations from the holidays have been tidied up and put away to make room for new celebrations. Why not take advantage of the energies that always come to you at this time of year and ride the waves of release, relief, and renewal?

What habits, which thoughts, what stuff, what situations, patterns, policies, etc. must you release in order to bring new life to your life. Ask yourself this, “If I were already living the life I want, what would no longer be a part of that life.” Be honest with yourselves. And then prepare to die unto your “small” selves in even the smallest of ways in order to birth new life, new love, new opportunities, and new joys!

Happy Springtime Dear ones! Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

God Bless You. We love you so very much.