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Messages from Ann and the Angels – World Prayer

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According to The Intention Experiment, and other research, the more people who are praying the same thing, focusing on the same outcome etc, the more likely they all are to have a measurable effect.

Knowing this, as soon as I read this prayer on Ann Albers site, I had to share it;-) Every day more and more people all across planet Earth are waking up to the ways society and culture(or what passes for culture in colonized societies!!) have tricked, programmed and otherwise blinded us all to the beauty, peace, connection and wonder all around us and within us all the time.

People are waking up to their own power-the power we each have to make our own lives and indeed our entire planet better, more peaceful, safe, beautiful, clean, healthy and happy for all living beings.

Not only do we each have this power, we all together have an orders of magnitude greater power to do so if we can work together.

Sometimes that work involves rolling up our sleeves and like a barn-raising getting together physically to make some needed changes, help some people or other living beings, or push the political and economic systems back from the cliff of corruption to some more logical and functional structure.

Sometimes working together can mean meditating or praying together-even thousands of miles apart physically-for God, Goddess, the Universe or whatever your personal favourite term is-to help us make things better that may at times seem un-responsive to our efforts at change.

I used to think the world was such a mess because people just didn’t care, but over my lifetime I have seen, read and heard more and more that has convinced me the *majority* (by a huge margin!) of people DO care.

Most people DO want our environment to be clean and healthy, other species to have all they need to thrive, other people to have all they need to thrive-they just don’t always know what is needed for that to happen.

They don’t feel that they personally have the power to affect such huge issues, or don’t know where to start.

More and more tho, people are coming together to start wherever they are, with whatever they can do and it is WORKING!

So keep up the good work, wherever you are and whatever you have chosen to act on-and if you pray, join me in this prayer whenever it is convenient for you.


Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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