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The Oracle Report Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

Let’s welcome Chinnamasta, the Mahavidya who is now on duty. If you look up Chinnamasta, the first thing you will notice in the depictions of her is that she has severed her own head. As I’ve cautioned many times, most of the information about the Mahavidyas has a patriarchal slant. Chinnamasta doesn’t cut off our heads; she blows our minds. She expands our awareness and understanding beyond what we have taken into consideration. This is rather perfect when you think about how we are preparing to emerge in the way a butterfly emerges from a cocoon with the energetic “upgrade” that comes with the New Moon on April 10.

One of Chinnamasta’s primary goals is to bestow blessings. She gives of herself. All of the Mahavidyas instruct us and give to us through their instruction, but Chinnamasta goes a bit farther. Her bliss is involved with giving to humanity.

As a Mahavidya, Chinnamasta is as fierce as she is generous, and she is often associated with the battlefield. This means she battles dark forces that stand opposed to humanity. She is in the company of other, more well-known goddess energies of Eris and Pallas Athena (both battle goddesses). I will talk about how the nexus of Chinnamasta, Pallas Athena, and Eris energies influence the upcoming New Moon when wise owl and Facebook group organizer Andrew and I record an audio message on Thursday. I am introducing Chinnamasta now because she has already taken over for Nairatmya and is hard at work.

Today’s energy works strongly on the intuitive body so follow along if your intuition is tugging at you. We are still working on completing tasks and releasing what needs to move on. To do this properly, we need to 1) end procrastination and 2) figure out why we are holding on to anything we need to release. Are we holding on based on tradition, familiarity, or loyalty or are we confused by fear?

If you feel like the energy is “taking you down” to a certain degree, this is a natural and normal feeling right now. Remember that the Black Moon has begun the transit with the Galactic Center – the cycle of taking us down to build us back up better than we were. The only thing we can do when we are in the “take down” part of the cycle is surrender. The best thing to do is rest when you get tired. This energy needs space and time to work properly, so we want to step out of the fray when we realize we are being drained. Power down.

There’s a LOT happening right now. It’s beautiful and exciting, but it is also pushing on our fears at a deep level and this is reflected in emotional reactions. For today, don’t underestimate yourself in any way. Chinnamasta’s first lesson is that we are much more than we know that we are. She breaks self-imposed limitations so that we can express who we really are. Truly we are blessed with this.


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Wakinyan Luta-a New Age Yin and Yang Cherokee Tale … decolonized

Much thanks to Wakinyan Luta for posting this where it would come to me in email;-)

For those who appreciate the deeper allegorical meaning in the original often-forwarded tale-so do many of us- But REAL ndns ( unlike the fake-cardboard-cutout type most often seen in newage depictions) tend to make jokes about everything, and call bullshit where they see it.

Just as Wakinyan could not resist posting it, neither could I resist sharing it as soon as I saw it. One of the most valuable spiritual things you can possibly do, no matter who you are, or who your ancestors are, is to decolonize your mind.

It’s a lot like cutting out GMO’s and other toxic stuff from your diet, just helps make everything work better.

Wakinyan Luta-

can’t resist…
about mixing the medicines
a New Age Yin and Yang Cherokee Tale … decolonized

An old Christian evangelist is teaching his grandson about life by way of misrepresenting and homogenizing American Indian spiritual lore. A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy.

It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is dark and therefore evil (because I believe and perpetuate long-debunked race theories as biological truth, and therefore equate dark skin with sin) he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. These things are bad in my simplistic Western view that categorizes all things into binary opposites, and these emotions are never, ever, ever natural or useful or necessary. They are just plain bad.

He continued, The other is white and good (because as a privileged white man, I am at the top of the Great Chain of Being and so whiteness is holy and right and true) he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person, too, because my Eurocentric value-laden paradigm is of course representative of everybody elses.

The boy asked, Why are they wolves?

The Christian evangelist replied, Well, they are wolves because even though we have driven wolves to near-extinction with our anthropocentric and ecocidal ways, for some hypocritical reason we still romantizise wolves as noble creatures. Despite not honoring their place in life in practise, their symbolism theoretically elevates an otherwise clichéd story into a good yarn. And so I talk of wolves although I have no knowledge of their true habits, but I enjoy anthropomorphizing them into childish constructs of good and evil, to veil my otherwise too-obvious-to-be-authentic American Indian parable. So I suppose the real reason is that they give more spiritual credence to this story than a dog or a cat or a horse ever could.

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, Well, which wolf will win?

The old Christian evangelist simply replied, The one you feed.

The grandson called bullshit. Wolves are wild, you senile dickhead. Only domesticated creatures rely on humans for food.

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Lee Harris Energy April 2013 Energy Forecast – The Energy Mosaic of Our Inner Earth

If you follow the link below to Lee Harris site, there is a video as well-below is the transcript of the video only.

April 2013 Energy Forecast – The Energy Mosaic of Our Inner Earth

***April 1st Update (written 3 days after recording the main April Message)***

The emergence of light is stronger than ever, and in this months energy forecast I mention how the Earth herself is activating now, pulsing energy waves upwards which we are feeling strongly in our bodies, emotions and actions. These waves are activating our personal internal Earths – root/base chakra and hearts. These chakras are pulsing, cleansing out all that is unwanted or old, and drawing in higher energies for you all of the time.

So the release side of this experience will be broad, but will have a focus for many on;
anger, unresolved relationship energies, feeling unaligned with your life as a human being, a sense that change needs to happen internally and/or externally.

Then post-release, the activation and intake side will be heartfelt creation/action, feeling truly alive in your heart and senses, and an experience of softness, connection and peace that you had not known before.

So April is an opportunity to be patient with yourself (and the symptoms you may be experiencing) as it all moves through you, for April will power a lot of movement.

If you find yourself in mental resistance or fight (hearing thoughts such as “I don’t want/like this”), this is a mental contraction and unless worked with, it stops the release movement, and traps you in a circle of ‘dislike’. To work with thoughts like these in your head, simply counteract or talk back to those words with a sentence such as “I accept”. Two powerful words that allow the release to flow again, so that balance can sooner restore in you and your body. Saying them aloud will be beneficial to break the thought cycle.

Without exception, we are ALL moving down this evolutionary energy tunnel so rapidly that the analytical mind can’t keep up or assess what is occurring. This is often why it leans to negative, because it is confused as to how to move forward.

The JOY in this is to realize that if you don’t yet feel as free of your mind chatter as you want to be, these times are forcing you to surrender the reins of control back to your body and your senses. Meditative acts (meditation, yoga or your own personal way of calming mind and body), body balance through food and exercise and enhancing the positive energies in your life (people you choose to be with, places you visit, inspiration and heartfelt teachings and events) will all support this process.

If in mental doubt, remember;

“I accept”.
“I accept”.
“I accept”.

If in a good space and riding the waves, words such as:

“I live, I love, I create”

will keep your surf supported! 🙂


Main Message: (Transcribed from video message recorded on March 29th)

Hello and welcome to the April 2013 Energy Forecast.

It’s a funny ‘forecast’ day for me today. I woke up feeling like ‘the walking dead’ and was not dissimilar yesterday. And yet because Im having a week with my family tomorrow, (which is wonderful) I needed to record this today in order that it come out in time.

So Im sure this will sound familiar to many of you. Both feeling like ‘the walking dead’ on certain days and just having to keep trucking through regardless of what impetus or energy you feel you do or don’t have.

Dont get me wrong, Im not at all a fan of pushing yourself through suffering. I dont think we need to do that. But I wanted to record the forecast today, so I came to an environment that would be supportive to both my own feelings, and in understanding my role as a conduit for some people, I brought us here so that we could all have the water energy and sound and also the shelter of the trees. (In Video Version Lee is standing by a creek, and you can hear running water throughout the video)

The phrase that came to mind for me many times in March when I wondered about the experiences we were having was Energy Mosaic – the idea that as human beings and souls we have been in an energy mosaic.

When you look at a mosaic, it is made of many individual tiles and together they make one whole picture. But each individual tile has its own color and its own detail.

The mosaic reference came up for me when I noticed within my own self (and in lots of the people around me and who I was working with)that the common phrase was, Has anyone else noticed that the energy has been really weird lately? When I hear that, I do get that on one level its a true statement. But having lived through the last few years of that kind of truth being reality, its always a little harder for me to go with the lately part of that sentence.

But, there has been a difference in recent weeks. In that this energy mosaic has had an effect of meaning in one moment we are very deeply in one tile, one color, one shade from our past, present, future. And then in the next moment we just shunt, often in an abrupt way, into another tile of our lives.

I referred in the March Energy Forecast to the speed that we are now going through. Meaning that were going through so many things in one day now, compared to years ago, and that it wont make sense to our minds that have lived a certain way and speed for many, many years.

Our minds tend to reference the past, and they track the present based on how differently it feels to what went on before. Our minds dont tend to be able to dimensionally grasp the future until were in the future (a.k.a the present!).

So, this mosaic feeling that some of you will have had will have meant that there has been a sense of disconnection within your day. And yet actually, at other times, you feel like youre just breezing and flowing through a lot of it, whether its good, whether its bad. The disconnection is the newness of it all – new connections are being made within you.

Some of you will have had the experience that I personally have had. Which has been having many wonderful things occurring, inside me, outside me, very closely followed by a friend or a stranger at my shoulder in crisis or in need, and that the day just becomes a dance through all of those things.

So you go through the tiles. Tile 1 is perhaps a strange experience, Tile 2 may be a difficult experience, Tile 3 a good experience. But your own sense of center through all of it can be (and for most of you will be) stronger than ever before. You arent now being pushed or sucked into each of these things. You have a core of yourself that you are now maintaining, which is also why whats going on around you can amplify and speed up. Because before, if youd got very involved in what was going on around you emotionally, you would have left your center and gone into that and worked with that and processed that for those around you and of course, for yourself.

So for many of you it will now be a case of, Well, things feel a little crazy around me but I definitely feel more peaceful and more centered than before. This is your evolution.

Ive also spoken in recent months about the rise of love and heart-felt energy on our planet. Its getting stronger and stronger.

Some of the things that we see in the media would try and have us believe otherwise. Dont get me wrong here, for I do not believe we live in a perfect world nor a world that doesnt need help in certain areas right now.

But Im very conscious when I see images in the media, that sometimes it feels like Im seeing truth and sometimes it feels like Im being shown something to get me to think a certain way about a certain issue, or distract me from another issue.

And right now issues are everywhere. As the global issues rise for us, as we sign more petitions for things and as we focus on areas that need liberation in the world, so too does this have an effect on us as a personal individual.

So ask yourself, what petitions have you been signing in yourself this month? What are you re-writing about the areas of yourself that feel challenged or oppressed or suppressed by others around you?

The illusion of what we live in on Earth is here for a reason. You can fully buy into it, if you arent somebody who just lives in a completely Zen way. There are people on the planet that do that and who have no attachment to anything, ever. Theyve achieved that state and they are holding that energy for the rest of us who are going through a more human ascension dance. They are holding that balance on the planet for the rest of us.

The group that many of you are in and the group I would put myself in, is those of us who are awake and aware and wanting to bring more consciousness to the actions that we take as humans the actions on our planet.

When our root chakra, our base, is strong and healthy and working when you are not going through something or feeling pushed by circumstances then you have a much stronger propensity to act, to create, to do.

One of the things that has changed in the last month or so is that the energy rising from inside the Earth is getting stronger.

So for a long time weve looked at solar flares, weve looked at energies coming at us from off the planet and how they are shifting the dynamics of everything on the planet. But when I spoke to my guides this morning, they talked about the Earth now heating up from inside and waves of energy coming up through the planet. This affects us all, and it pulses our base.

So, if you are managing to keep yourself in a healthy alive space, it will likely be because you are attending to the things that I talk about each month – body, mind and spirit – body especially, keeping it light, keeping yourself well fed, keeping yourself moving.

The body is often the piece that(unless you are a natural athlete or a natural nutritionist) many in the mind-spirit community can forget. But without it, we can’t use our higher awareness, so higher awareness without body balance tends to leave many feeling disempowered.

If youre keeping your body clear, the mind and emotions will follow that lead and you will be finding yourself in better times than if you arent right now. So many energies are moving through and around the planet that it is a little like losing your balance or being encouraged to lose your balance faster than ever before.

If you have got the inner balance of your body working, then you will be finding that you will be getting a lot accomplished that you would like to get accomplished whether its relationship intimacy growth, whether its a doing of some kind. But as to those things that you feel compelled to do and walk towards, it’s the body’s vibrancy that allows it all.


The more you look after your body right now, the more your base energy can be supported. The more that base energy is supported the better it can alchemize the energies coming from under the ground and through you. Thus more flow and fluency will be present in both body and life and you will be better able to create with the energies of this world.

Things are getting faster in terms of physical manifestation and creation, which is wonderful.

But, we are ending todays Energy Forecast where we began which is that when you have those ‘walking dead’ days, its really important to slow it down for a while and to recognize that you need the ebb and flow of life, and on certain days planetary energies will be stronger than others.

Also though, to understand the relationship you have on those ‘walking dead’ days to what you have just walked through in your life and where youre going next.

The energy matrix on our planet is growing stronger and wider and more connected all of the time empathically, telepathically, emotionally. Though dont always believe that you are going to be able to successfully work out in your mind whats going on on one of those ‘walking dead’ days.

Of course, our mind likes to try and give us a way of understanding how were feeling.

Sometimes youll be recovering from what youve just done. Youll be bringing yourself into the new balance place that youve arrived at because of the changes you just walked through in the last one, two, three weeks. But a lot of the time now if you ask yourself on those days whats going on, youre going to be feeling whats coming up ahead.

You may not mentally know what is coming. But if you track this and you measure this scientifically over your coming few weeks, it will be very interesting for you to see how on the days where you feel a little contracted, a little ‘walking dead’, energy outputs of significant size are about to come through you and into your life.

If your first thought about what I just said is a rise in fear within you, recognize you are on ‘fear-alert’ – believing that fear is always the thing you have to look out for first. This comes from the idea that bad might be coming. Thats a belief and a way of feeling about life that you need to work on. Because you can work on it and you can move it.

It could be past trauma related, it could just be an old pattern – it could be to do with what youre putting in your body and the chemical imbalance that that is causing for you.

But for most of you when you have these ‘walking dead’ days, be in rest as much as you can and open up to bright futures ahead. Not necessarily in a mental way, e.g. planning an intention (unless you feel to). But just allow those quiet days to rest, look at the trees, look at the sky, know that youre alive in this moment and so is this Earth and this moment is all you need.

Breathe. Take it all into your body.

And if your mind needs something to do, ask it to get curious about whats coming next for you as a creator on this planet, and what you as a creator are going to do to help the shift that we as awake people are now beginning to facilitate.

Take care everybody; Ill see you all next month.

Much love

If you would like to experience daily energy/channeled quotes to inspire or uplift, we have a Facebook page. If you search for my name, Lee Harris, you will find the page there.


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The manuscript of survival – part 294 by Aisha North

Time is flying by, and the days keep getting longer and longer in the northern part of your hemisphere as the suns rays are prolonging their stay on the surface. And as such, much light will continue to pour onto this little sphere floating out in space. And with this light, comes so much you have hoped for, but mayhaps also some things that you would rather be left forgotten. For the light is throwing doors open within you all and whatever the light seeks out, cannot hide anymore. And as such, this spring cleaning can be more than a little taxing at times for some of you. But again, we say, all is well and indeed just as it is meant to be. For this shake up is a thourough one, and as we told you earlier, this is indeed the last in a very long line of such shake ups, but this time, we intend to finish the job if we may put it as bluntly as this. Or rather, we intend for you to finish this job, as all we can do, is to assist you in any way we can. And so we will contiune to do that, even at those intervals when you feel bereft of any support at all, and you feel like the loneliest person alive in the universe, nay, in All of creation, you must still know that we are here, by your side, every step of the way.

But this deep plunge into solitude is something that is very important indeed, for you all need in some way to be disconnected from any distractions, whether they be of a positive or negative nature, and as such, this feeling of being tossed into a void or vacuum is indeed an intrinsic part of this whole process. So again we say do not think you have fallen from grace in any way even if you feel like we are disregarding your cries for help. For we hear you, no matter how high or how faint your cries are. And we do not dismiss them in order to punish you or make you feel even worse than you already are. No, we do this as this is part of the agreement we set up beforehand, where you yourself mapped out the arrangements for your sojourn on this planet. For we abide by your rules, dear ones, as you are the ones who stipulated beforehand just how this process was to take place, and as such, we can only obey and serve you in the best way we can while still adhering to these strict rules. Again, this is done by you, not for you, and we will always play second fiddle, in this, the greatest liberation ever taking place on this beautiful little planet.

For your road has been mapped out very carefully beforehand, and so no matter what you encounter on your way, know it has not been set up as a stumbling block to hinder your advancement. It has only been set up as a task that you wish to overcome in order for your process to run out as you have planned it. So again we say that all is well, as your journey could not be done in any other way than how you are approaching it today. For you follow in the footsteps you chartered out a long, long time ago, when you first ventured to take on this assignment of being part of the Earths ascension. And so here you are, in the midst of it all, doing exactly what you came here to do. For some of you, you feel the journey has already had its fair share of trials and tribulations, while for others, they are still waiting to see just what will happen next. For all you do, is according to plan, and even if it at times can be very difficult to see any pattern in this rather bewildering array of ups and downs, know that they have all been designed to get you all up, up and away and into your new existence as truly enlightened beings, inhabiting this beautiful planet, all set to make her once again shine in all of her old splendor.

So fret not, even if the road at times seems to set off in all sorts of bewildering directions, for know that it will take you to the designated target, if we may call it that, in just the manner you chose as the most befitting for you. And if it seems more than a little arduous at times, know also that the reason for that, is that you deemed it as the most perfect way for you to truly re-enter your former state of greatness. For you are all stronger, far stronger than what both your physical vehicle and maybe even your resolve at times seem to think, so in that way, you have nothing to fear. For you are here to make it all the way, and now, you have but a few small steps to go before you can say I am truly here, and I am here to stay for good now.


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Benjamin Fulford – Plasma Ball Spotted Over MT Fuji, HAARP Attack Suspected – 1 April 2013

I normally don’t post Ben’s column, but this one cracked me up;-)

I tend to take *all* “insider info” stuff with, as R.A.W. used to say “a small Siberian salt mine”, but at least half the time Ben’s stuff is worth reading just for the amusement and entertainment value. In the long run, no matter what the “insiders” and “elites” do the bottom line is if we want a better world, WE have to build it brick by brick from the bottom UP.

(and it’s a lot easier to do that while we are laughing instead of crying!)

benjamin_fulford_3A powerful plasma ball was spotted over Mt. Fuji and photographed by this writer. The photographs clearly show the plasma burning over the massive volcano.


The photograph above and the one below were taken from Shinjuku, near the Tokyo government office buildings.


The photographs have raised suspicions of a HAARP attack by the cabal aimed at setting off an eruption of Mt. Fuji.

To prevent this attack on Mt. Fuji from escalating, retaliation has begun with the stimulation of volcanic and earthquake activity around the Atlantic Canary Islands using highly classified technical means.
Scientists have noted that if the La Palma rock formation in the Canary Islands falls into the ocean, it would trigger at 100 meter tsunami that would hit the East Coast of the United States, large parts of Southern Europe, West Africa and South America.

To avoid escalation, the White Dragon Society strongly urges the cabal to cease all wars and peacefully surrender its criminal control of the Western financial system.

The precise nature of the plasma ball spotted above Mt. Fuji has been determined by Japanese experts to bethe sun. More specifically, the pictures above are of the sun setting over Mt. Fuji and were taken by this writer last fall and saved for the April 1st edition of this newsletter.

However, all jokes aside, the cabal really did threaten multiple times to trigger an eruption of Mt. Fuji using nuclear bombs that have been buried in four locations around the base of the mountain. The threats were withdrawn after counter threats were made to hit the La Palma rock formation with nuclear missiles. This is the kind of criminally insane activity the current leaders of the West engage in. The actual ongoing volcanic activity at the Canary Islands, however, appears to be entirely natural in origin i.e. an act of God.

There is also a lot of seismic activity taking place in the financial world. The shutting down of the banks in Cyprus has apparently dealt a nasty blow to many groups of gangsters including, Sicilian, Calabrese, Camorra, Turkish and Russian mafia groups, according to an Italian P2 freemason lodge source. The more well connected gangsters were able to move their money out to Malta, Morocco and Tunisia, the source continued.

Higher level players were able to take their funds out of Cyprus and into Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg, according to an MI5 source. Honest businessmen in Cyprus, for their part, got thoroughly shafted.

The Cyprus money grab has triggered, as mentioned last week, an escalating shift of funds out of Italy, Spain and other EU countries. Political chaos and unrest is also continuing in many European countries, notably Italy, which remains without a proper government.

Both MI5 and P2 sources believe the situation in Cyprus was a proxy war between the Germans and the Russians but it is not clear at this point who got the better of the battle.

However, the announcement by the 180 nation BRICS alliance last week that they were going to start a new development bank to replace the IMF and the World bank is expected to signal an intensifying financial boycott of the Sabbatean mafia controlled NATO terrorist states. The Russian move out of Cyprus before the banks were shut down is definitely connected to these moves.

These same 180 nations have also publicly called for a fundamental reform of cabal controlled global institutions like the UN and the BIS.

There is also a lot of high level intrigue continuing in the UK. The announcement that Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, was resigning and being replaced by Andrew Parker, was highly irregular, according to an MI5 source. Usually such a change is announced months in advance and a successor is announced weeks in advance, the source says. The sudden announcement may be connected to the fact that Evans was clueless about the planned nuclear terrorist attack on the London Olympics, the source speculated.

The other big development in the UK last week was that Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and head of the Freemasons, had a stroke. This is unlikely to be a coincidence given the highly intense struggles that are taking place throughout intelligence circles these days.

Speaking about intrigues, a very obvious and concerted campaign to feed alternative news media, including this writer, with misinformation is continuing. Once trusted sources have informed me of things like Henry Kissinger had a stroke, Hillary Clinton had been arrested etc. We could not verify this information and sure enough, shortly after the information was sent our way Kissinger and Clinton both appeared at public events.

The report we made last week about senior Japanese pseudo-right wing politician Shintaro Ishihara being brutally murdered came from a trusted source at Japanese military intelligence. Ishihara, however, appeared on Japanese TV today after a mysterious two-week hospitalization. The intelligence source insists the person seen on TV was a body double but we have been unable to verify this at the time of writing.

However, we can confirm from sources extremely close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he has come down with cancer and suspects he was hit with a cancer causing virus during his recent visit to the US. Abe is now taking hemp extract and has been advised by this writer to take 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day and 1 gram of vitamin C every six hours to counter-act the cancer causing virus.

There are also signs of a financial crisis brewing in South Korea, North Korea and Japan. This crisis has several interlocking dimensions. First of all, the Japanese government is considering passing a bill to tax all assets worth over 50 million yen (about $500,000) owned by South and North Korean nationals living in Japan. Since Korean gangsters seized large amounts of prime real estate near train stations during the chaos after WW2, huge funds are involved.

That may explain why a several Korean groups are now offering to trade yen for won at a huge discount to the official exchange rate, according to a South Korean CIA source.

That also explains a lot of the North Korean saber rattling in recent days since the North Koreans secretly control huge swathes of the Japanese economy and are understandably reluctant to have those assets seized by Japanese taxmen.

In addition, there is a huge credit card debt crisis brewing in South Korea, according to a veteran Japanese securities company executive. South Korean women are being sold into prostitution around the world to pay for their credit card debt, he says, but this option is not available for other Koreans. He expects a major credit card debt crisis to hit Goldman Sachs in particular, very hard.

The other crisis in South Korea has to do with bank loans, he says. Bank officers in South Korea with the authority to approve loans have been taking personal commissions of 10% or more on the loans they approve. This corruption is also leading to a bad loan scandal, he says.

The executive further made an interesting comment saying that the people above me were Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger but they have lost power and we are not sure who is in charge now.

On a final April 1st news note, Pope Francis has ordered a comprehensive review of the source material of Roman Catholic doctrine and has already made a startling discovery. It turns out that in the year 401 a monk made a mistake in copying documents from the original council of Nicaea. He left out the r in the world celibrate.


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What Is Permaculture? – Definition, Explanation, Examples

I have planned to create a page on permaculture for over a year-and happened to stumble onto this wonderful site just now. Will add the link to the blogroll(as soon as my computer and wordpress allow that sort of thing;-)

I am looking forward to exploring this site at length-when I first discovered permaculture in 1999 most of the info was from Australia-which is like my climate-but it was contained in books FAR too expensive and hard to find for me to read. (except for one wonderful web page that I printed the lot of and carried around showing people for years;-)

Then the British discovered it and put out a wonder of great books, web sites and that lovely magazine-but alas the climate was about opposite mine.

In recent times more easily accessible info has appeared on the web, in books etc for all different climates and regions growing conditions, which is a very fine thing for us all. If you live in the Great White North (or South like Chile or Argentina) then don’t despair that this tropical page doesn’t apply as a quick search will reveal much by your climate compatriots;-)

Now all we need is Dr Keshe’s fabulous transport devices so we can share our bounty more easily;-) (I love the world peace, free energy etc aspects of Keshe’s work but as a gardener I REALLY look forward to the day I can easily trade my surplus carambolas for peaches and cherries and tart gala apples;-)

What Is Permaculture?

How Does Permaculture Work? Definitions, Explanations, Examples

What is permaculture? How does permaculture work? If I had a dollar for every time I answered that question I’d be a very happy permaculturist indeed…

To be honest, to me permaculture is mainly a way to have an organic food garden that’s stunningly beautiful, productive, and comes without any tedious garden work…

“Permaculture has, in many people’s minds, come to represent a sustainable, organic, home vegetable garden.” (Rosemary Morrow)

…but that is only one aspect of permaculture. Of course there is a lot more to it.

There are some official explanations and definitions that answer the question “What Is Permaculture?”, but in my experience they still leave people confused. I’ll try to explain it a bit more.

I’ll start with the history and the official explanations, then I’ll translate it into something that makes sense to the average home gardener and suburbanite.

After that intro you best follow the links at the bottom, which will take you to some specific examples. That should make some light bulbs come on and everything should fall into place.

“You can fix all the world’s problems, in a garden. You can solve them all in a garden. You can solve all your pollution problems, and all your supply line needs in a garden. And most people today actually don’t know that, and that makes most people very insecure.” (Geoff Lawton)

What Is Permaculture? – Definitions

The term permaculture combines the words permanent and culture, or permanent and agriculture, and that is the first hint to what it’s all about.

The philosophy behind permaculture was developed about thirty years ago in Australia by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

During his many years as a wildlife biologist Bill Mollison had witnessed first hand the destruction that humans are causing in natural systems, but he also had a chance to observe how these natural ecosystems work and what keeps them in balance.

Permaculture design is a result of these observations.

Bill Mollison and his then student David Holmgren first published their ideas in 1978, in a book called Permaculture One, introducing a “design system for creating sustainable human environments”, based on close observation of natural systems.

In a later book, Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison writes:

“The aim is to create systems that are ecologically-sound and economically viable, which provide for their own needs, do not exploit or pollute, and are therefore sustainable in the long term.”

“Permaculture uses the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of landscapes and structures to produce a life-supporting system for city and country, using the smallest practical area.”

Now that’s a mouthful. What the heck does it mean?

What is Permaculture? – Let me try to explain…

What Bill Mollison describes in his books is a totally integrated design system that’s modelled on nature. If you design your garden or farm like a natural system you can save yourself a lot of work, save energy, and eliminate waste.

Think about it, nobody digs and sows, plants and weeds, or sprays bugs in a forest. Still, all those chores are taken care of somehow. The forest grows and feeds its inhabitants, doesn’t it?

If any task in your garden is an unpleasant chore then there is definitely a better way to do it or to eliminate it. Learn from nature. Nature has already developed a solution to every problem that you could possibly encounter in your garden.

Nature is also the ultimate recycler. Everything goes round and round. There is no such thing as “waste”. Everything is a resource.

And most importantly, it’s sustainable. It’s something that works in the long run, not something that is based on inputs that will eventually run out, not something that creates waste and problems that will eventually upset the system.

Design is the keyword. It’s all about how you place the design elements together. Look at how things work together in nature, and then try and mimic that design in your garden.

You can find plenty of specific examples for this under Permaculture Design Principles, and once you grasped how it works it’s easy to apply on a small scale.

The beauty of it is that permaculture principles work everywhere, in every climate and on every scale. They can be applied to whole villages or housing estates (though it takes a deeper understanding and more planning to do that), or to a tiny backyard or balcony (which can be done very easily).

If you think ahead and design your permaculture garden right, it won’t take much effort, it will mostly look after itself, and it will also be incredibly productive and beautiful and attractive to wildlife.

Permaculture is about “…saving the planet and living to be a hundred, while throwing very impressive dinner parties and organising other creatures to do most of the work.” (Linda Woodrow)

For the big picture view of the permaculture philosophy read Permaculture Principles.

To skip the big words and visions and get straight to the meat of it, to the design of your garden, read about the Permaculture Design Guidelines.