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What is Going on With North Korea is Not What it Seems | Veterans Today. Benjamin Fulford

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I have no way of knowing how accurate Ben Fulford’s sources are, but he certainly provides an interesting counterpoint to the corporate drone media’s take on things. It is interesting that he is now writing for Veteran’s Today. Disclosure may not be the rapid fire many were expecting and oping for, but it does seem that many many formerly hidden things are coming to light, and much corruption and backrooms dealing is being brought to an end, and it’s perpetrators brought to justice.
I hope that the wider awareness among average people of the machinations behind the scenes will help us avoid these manufactured conflicts like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the ramping up we are seeing with the US and North Korea right now.
Much thanks to Laura, as always, for keeping us up to date on things even when she is as busy as she is now-I am always in awe of her ability to find and share things despite things like exams and long commutes. If you have not yet checked out her blogs, I highly recommend them!

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