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OccupyMARINES is looking for a few good VETS


I just received this notice in email. I strongly believe that Occupy Marines are partly responsible for my continued ability to breathe air and post these messages-I always thought they were awesome, and have always been inspired by their courage and dedication, but now I also have a great deal of gratitude along with that admiration.
So if you were in the Service and have since awakened to the many ways the powers-that-were took advantage of you and others who served, if you are sick of the banksters running the world and wrecking it, sick of hard working people losing everything while the 1% eat caviar and mock us-check them out and see if you might want to be involved.

“OccupyMARINES is looking for a few good VETS. They accept MEN and WOMEN from Army Airborne, Rangers, Seals, Delta Force, Blue Angels, Green Berets and most other VETERANS and CIVILIANS who are US Citizens and have the drive and bearing to see this through to the end.
Send Membership requests to: omcrecruiting@gmail.com.
It’s time!

We’d like to get this message widely distributed. Please SHARE!”

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Messages from Ann and the Angels – 04/06/2013

Oh my goodness the Angels could not possibly be more timely than they have been for me today!

I went outside to discover someone had vandalized my garden(again) and instead of the peaceful acceptance I have been cultivating, for some reason it just hit a nerve and I cursed like a sailor and stomped about angrily until I sat down and cried.

Not what I was aiming for-but my expectation that so much rotten stuff will be followed by a)not more rotten stuff or b) good stuff or c) neutral stuff etc was not met quite unexpectedly.

My expectation that I live in a nice neighborhood where neighbors care about one another, everyone is civil and decent, etc was also dashed.

As often as these things have happened, it really is a wonder I still have expectations-but I guess today was the time for them to appear to be released!

Much thanks to Ann and the Angels for putting this into a better perspective-I really needed that;-)

heartReleasing Expectations

When we release ourselves from expectations we open to the gifts in the moment. The rose has a divine intent to bloom, but it doesn’t worry about how or when.


©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved

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heartMessage from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

By all means set your intentions for life, but then release yourself from the bondage of expectations. Acknowledge your hearts desires, then in the same breath let go of how you expect they will come about. Let go of how you expect yourself to be. Let go of who you expect others to be. Embrace who you are in each moment and who others are in each moment. Embrace life in each moment.

As you learn to release your expectations you free your spirit. You stop wasting precious time and energy complaining, looking for a validation of how things should be, or comparing life to your expectations. Instead you learn to dance with life. You learn to embrace each moment as it is, and then in the very next breath decide if it is or isn’t consistent with your desired intentions. Because you are present you are able to simply say, “What do I do next? What do I say next. How can I love myself, the others, and life in this moment?”

For example, many of you expect to be treated kindly. You expect yourselves to be kind. You expect that if you are a good person you get rewarded and if you are bad you get punished. However, dear ones you live in a world with seven billion people, all of whom have free will, and all of whom are at varying degrees of their spiritual evolution. To hold others, or even yourselves to expectations of perfection is to set yourselves up for upset. Far better to say, “I intend to be kind but when I am not, I will at least be kind to myself until I get back on track.” Instead of saying, “I expect others to be kind to me,” say, “I intend to keep company only with those who are kind or with those whose unkindnesses I can avoid taking personally. I may not get to choose who crosses my path, but I can choose the company I will keep.” Instead of saying, “I have been good and I expect my reward,” say to yourself, “I am good because it is my nature to be good, and I intend to have good things come to me as well.”

There is a fine line between intending/creating, and expecting. Expectation hopes for an energy. Intention directs energy. Expectation wishes for calm waters and complains in the storm. Intention steers the ship around the storm, knowing it is already destined for calm.

See if you can live an entire day with no expectations of yourself or life. Say to yourself, “This is my intention for today. I will accept whatever comes across my path, and in the very next moment I will decide what to do to create a reality consistent with my intentions. I will not waste time complaining about life, others, or myself. I will simply say, “I am who I am. Others are who they are. Life is what it is. What’s next?” Your intentions will be the compass that steers your choices. See how your life unfolds more powerfully, with less wasted energy, and with more joy when you let go of the bondage of expectations. As your saying goes, “Life happens.” Will you accept it and move forward, or will you remain chained to the expectations you once held for it, with your mind moving in circles? Free yourselves dear ones! You hold the key.

God Bless You. We love you so very much.

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Think Your Bank Deposits Will Always Be 100 Percent Guaranteed by the FDIC? Think Again.

Think Your Bank Deposits Will Always Be 100 Percent Guaranteed by the FDIC? Think Again.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 09:34 By Gaius Publius, America Blog | Op-Ed

Legal Tender.(Photo: mccmicb / Flickr)I think this is a huge story, and it takes very little to tell it. These are the basics on deposit confiscation and how we got there:

■ You know that the EU-forced solution to the failure of banks in Cyprus is to require the Cypriot government to confiscate (tax) deposits. That news is everywhere you look; its not in dispute or doubt. The latest has depositor losses at 60% due to the bailout-related one-time tax.

■ Confiscating deposits is exactly the opposite of insuring deposits, which is what is required in the EU, and also offered by the FDIC (as the ads say, your deposits are insured up to $250,000″).

■ The next monster taxpayer-financed bank bailout could spark a revolution. Find me anyone who isnt a friend of Big Money who doesnt hate the Bush-Obama bailout. Dem, Republican, Libertarian, frog-on-a-rock no one liked the bailout.

■ This takes a taxpayer-financed bailout off the table as the next way to make bankers whole when they stumble.

■ But bankers are going to stumble soon, and big. The derivatives market is huge, and theyre aggressively reversing the tepid Dodd-Frank derivatives regulations as we speak. Of course, friends-of-big-banks in Congress are helping (thats you, Ann Kuster).

■ So the next big bailout (which is coming) will have to come from somewhere else.

Guess where that somewhere else is? Deposits.

Nations have already started to institute rules that enable deposit confiscation

Theres an international move by national governments to write regulations that permit deposit confiscation in the case of bank failure. This is exactly the Cyprus model, and if the news stories are correct, confiscating deposits was being considered or enabled prior to Cyprus bank-failures.

New Zealand (h/t a very alert reader last week; my emphasis and paragraphing):

National [Government] planning Cyprus-style solution for New Zealand

The National Government are pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts, the Green Party said today.

Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill Englishs favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. If a bank fails under OBR, all depositors will have their savings reduced overnight to fund the banks bail out.

Bill English is proposing a Cyprus-style solution for managing bank failure here in New Zealand a solution that will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts, said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman. The Reserve Bank is in the final stages of implementing a system of managing bank failure called Open Bank Resolution. The scheme will put all bank depositors on the hook for bailing out their bank.

Depositors will overnight have their savings shaved by the amount needed to keep the bank afloat.

Heres what the New Zealand government says about Open Bank Resolution (my emphasis):

What is an OBR?

The Open Bank Resolution policy is a tool for responding to a bank failure. It allows the bank to be open for full-scale or limited business on the next business day after being placed under statutory management (as a result of, for example, an insolvency event). This means that customers will be able to gain full or partial access to their accounts and other bank services, whilst an appropriate long-term solution to the banks failure is identified.

Why should depositors bail-out banks?

The OBR policy is designed to ensure that first losses are borne by the banks existing shareholders. In addition, a portion of depositors and other unsecured creditors funds will be frozen to bear any remaining losses. To the extent that these funds are not required to cover losses as more detailed assessment of the position of the bank is completed, these funds will be released to depositors. At a high level, this outcome replicates the outcome that would apply in the event that a failed bank was liquidated. The primary advantage of the OBR scheme, however, is that depositors would have access to a large proportion of their balances throughout the process. This contrasts with what would happen under a normal liquidation, where depositors might not have access to any of their funds for a significant period.

Why arent deposits guaranteed?

During the recent global financial crisis the government took the decision to put in place a temporary guarantee on retail deposits. On 11 March 2011 the Minister of Finance announced that further guarantees would not be provided following the expiry of the existing scheme. Furthermore, the Minister ruled out the possibility of introducing a compulsory deposit insurance scheme.

Read the rest if you like. Thats a government of New Zealand publication.

Deposit confiscation is being planned in the U.S. and the U.K.

Just as the New Zealand plan has been in process for a while, so is a similar plan in the U.S. and the U.K. This piece is making the rounds and making waves. It should (again, my emphasis; h/t a must-read DownWithTyranny piece):

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Ellen Brown

Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few Eurozone troika officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets. A joint paper by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England dated December 10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; that they originated with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland (discussed earlier here); and that the result will be to deliver clear title to the banks of depositor funds.

Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositors funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the banks, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs or promises to pay. (See here and here.) But until now the bank has been obligated to pay the money back on demand in the form of cash. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into bank equity. The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank. With any luck we may be able to sell the stock to someone else, but when and at what price? Most people keep a deposit account so they can have ready cash to pay the bills.

The 15-page FDIC-BOE document is called Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions. It begins by explaining that the 2008 banking crisis has made it clear that some other way besides taxpayer bailouts is needed to maintain financial stability. Evidently [the writers anticipate] that the next financial collapse will be on a grander scale than either the taxpayers or Congress is willing to underwrite

No exception is indicated for insured deposits in the U.S., meaning those under $250,000, the deposits we thought were protected by FDIC insurance. This can hardly be an oversight, since it is the FDIC that is issuing the directive.

December 10, 2012 was pre-Cyprus. Deposit-confiscation wasnt something cooked up on the fly. Its been in the works for a while, by all the international Bigs. Note that the source of the negotiations is the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland. This is indeed international.

Bottom line

This proves three things, I think:

  1. Major governments exist, in part, to make sure no banker takes a loss anywhere in the world, regardless of risky behavior on the part of the banks. The world and its governments serve the bankers.
  2. The next banking crisis is anticipated to dwarf the last one, and the Bigs have been making plans to bail it out with depositor funds, not taxpayer funds. Cyprus is just the first implementation.
  3. Loss of deposit insurance is coming to the U.S.

The Rich vs. the Rest. “All your money are belong to us” indeed. The outcome has bloodshed written all over it.

[Update: Title slightly modified to reflect that outside of Cyprus,
these are just plans, at least so far.]

Gaius Publius

Gaius Publius is a professional writer living on the West Coast of the United States. Click here for more. Follow him on Twitter @Gaius_Publius and Facebook.


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Arab Spring Breakers: 50,000 Gather in Tunisia to Plan People-Powered Economy by Signe Predmore – YES! Magazine

Arab Spring Breakers: 50,000 Gather in Tunisia to Plan People-Powered Economy

Tens of thousands of people from around the world gathered in Tunisia last week to talk about creating a fairer world. Here are some of the hottest topics from the panels in Tunis.

by Signe Predmore
posted Apr 01, 2013

Opening march for World Social Forum

Tunis welcomed the World Social Forum with an opening march through the city center on March 26. Photo by Mirko Cecchi.

The springtime weather was hot and breezy as 50,000 people converged in the Tunisian capital of Tunis last week to discuss topics like debt, the Arab Spring, and drones. These were among the seemingly infinite variety of issues debated at the thirteenth annual World Social Forum.

The forum began in Brazil in 2001, and is held in a non-Western country every other year. The forum has emerged as a counterpoint to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where elite business and political leaders meet each year to discuss global issues from a largely corporate perspective.

In contrast, the World Social Forum is an open space for social movement participants, civil society, and individuals who are critical of imperialism and corporate-led global capitalism to network and exchange ideas on an international level.

Attendees have traditionally questioned the structural adjustment policies advocated by institutions like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, in which countries are asked to balance their budgets by slashing spending, usually on items like the pay and pension of public employees. While the banks claim that these policies will lead to more prosperity, critics counter that they have more often led developing nations to accumulate crippling debts.

Flag-waving groups chanting Free! Free! Palestine! and tents filled with celebratory dancers dotted the campus of El Manar University, where the forum was held.

Getting in touch with the Arab Spring

Forum organizers chose Tunis as the host site this year in order to tap the energy of the grassroots mobilizations in the Middle East that overthrew dictatorial regimes in several counties and continue to struggle against them in others. Increasing the involvement of Arab activists has also been a goal of the forum for several years, according to a written statement released by organizers.

The Arab Spring was not just something we read on Facebook, Menon said.

Nearly everyone, from the local hosts to the foreign visitors, seemed to be thrilled with the selection of Tunisia as host. Arbia Oueslati, a young Tunisian woman representing ATADE, a local organization concerned with development and energy, saw the forum as a chance to counter negative perceptions of the country.

It makes me so sad when embassies warn their citizens that it is not safe to travel here, she said. This will be proof that our country is safe, and also that we are a land of dialogue. People are worried about radical Islam coming to power in Tunisia, but I say it will never happen because Tunisians dont accept extremists.

Meena Menon, of Focus on the Global Southa group that promotes social change in Asia, Latin America and Africaand a former member of the forums International Council, was excited that participants from other developing countries had the opportunity to interact with the Tunisian people. Tunisia is the best thing thats happened to the forum in my view, she told a panel audience. Bringing foreign activists to Tunisia helped to show that the Arab Spring was not just something we read on Facebook, she said, but something that was done by real living, breathing peopleand people who arent even trained in mobilization.

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to help us keep the inspiration coming.

The forum usually results in a huge manifestation of local civil society wherever it is held, and this year was no exception. The Organizing Committee estimated that around a quarter of the over 4,500 groups registered were Tunisian. Many of these groups are working to ensure that the goals of the Arab Spring revolution here remain in focus.

Many were upset that the current Tunisian and Egyptian governments continue to negotiate with neoliberal institutions such as the International Monetary Fund.

Of these goals, democracy and fair elections were probably the most urgent. Prominent secular politician Chokri Belaid was killed by unidentified assassins in early February, provoking public outcry. His memory was honored widely at the forum, in forms that ranged from T-shirts and posters bearing his image to a moment of silence at the closing General Assembly to honor both Belaid and the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

While failures of the Tunisian and Egyptian governments to accomplish the goals of the revolutions that brought them to power were a key concern, forum participants remained hopeful that the populations in these countries will continue to hold them accountable. In one workshop, Nadeem Mansour of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights spoke of the more than 4,000 protests over financial issues that took place last year in Egypt.

Large-scale social resistance, although it has not yet crystallized into a new economic plan, forces any government that might come to power to rethink current economic policy, he said.

Linking up personal and national debt

Many participants felt that a renewed focus on debt was a crucial piece of that process of rethinking. Sandra Nurse from New York City came to the forum as an individual, but was thinking about what she could bring back to her local chapter of Strike Debt, an Occupy-derived movement that works to build popular resistance to all forms of debt. She said she was particularly interested in how Strike Debt might be able to evolve from its current focus on individual debt and forge a connection with groups that work to address the social impact of national debt.

Nurse said that the group chose to focus on debt because its a personal experience and motivates people deeply. But now our challenge is to really expand the analysis and connect personal debt to sovereign debt.

National debt was also on the minds of several Middle Eastern participants. Many were upset that the current Tunisian and Egyptian governments continue to negotiate with neoliberal institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. One of the main challenges we face now is foreign debt, said one participant from Tunisia. I cannot understand how a revolution can compromise on this issue. The current regimes should immediately stop paying the foreign debt.

Concern over drones

The seeds of a new global anti-drone movement seemed to emerge in a workshop led by U.S. feminist anti-war group CODEPINK. Participants from multiple countries expressed concern about their governments interest in acquiring drones.

Drone Warfare CoverCan a Peoples Movement Ground U.S. Drones?
We know that drones kill civilians and inflame hatred against the United Statesbut can we stop them?

Even in cases where drones are only being considered for border-maintenance surveillance purposes, workshop attendees said this would ultimately lead to increased violence and repression of immigrants.

Afghanistan has really been the testing ground for NATO countries in terms of drone usage, said CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin. Now they have a taste for it, and everyone wants to have the latest technology. None of the militaries want to be left behind. So we see this as the beginning of a global arms race in drone warfare.

Many of the workshop attendees stayed after the session was over to discuss organizing an international citizens movement to advocate for global regulation on drones. E-mails were exchanged that very night in an effort to start planning a global gathering in a European city for the fall. One of the early tasks of the group will be to identify potentially sympathetic governments to work with.

Benjamin said more information would be available soon at droneswatch.org

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The Oracle Report Saturday, April 6 – Sunday, April 7, 2013


Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

When the Moon returns to Pisces for the second time during the Pisces lunar month, it is often like a deluge. Watery emotions pour out. It is good to have some water to nourish ground as we prepare to plant a new seed (intention, wish) at the New Moon phase. So if you find yourself having a release of emotion, the Mahavidya Chinnamasta and the Piscean Balsamic Moon phase are doing their jobs.

This is a time of nurturance. There is no room for judgment in nurturance and self-blame will only stifle us. If we are struggling, we need to examine where we are resistant to change or moving on or leaving the cocoon and then leave that behind. We are naturally inclined to see where we have let ourselves down. We can see it, acknowledge it, and then let it pass. We don’t have to feed it. We can recognize it and let it pass through us. Don’t hold on to these feelings if they crop up. Honor the insight by thanking Chinnamasta and then let her handle it. The New Moon energy that is filtering through this Moon phase is powerful enough to take anything away. If you have listened to the latest audio recording, you know that the upcoming month is the “Strike Point.” One of the things this energy does is pulverize things into oblivion. We can work with this by visualizing all that we want to leave our lives compressed into a ball that is obliterated with the New Moon energy. You can even create a representation of this and then smash it. That would get Chinnamasta’s attention and show her exactly what you want to happen.

The New Moon energy is so strong that it is already entering into conscious effect. Don’t try to control anything right now. The deluge is taking us away and the best thing to do is surrender to it. Remember that we are emerging from a former state of being (a former energetic frequency or signature) and it has a way of blowing us away.


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BeWise on Ascension, a comment that touched my heart

I do not know if it is poor manners to copy and post this, if so I apologize! But this touched my heart and blew open my mind as nothing I have ever read online has done, so I feel compelled to share it in case it does the same for others. I do not know if BeWise has a blog, but if so I will link to it as soon as I discover it.

What he has written here, is much of what I was taught growing up as well. Reading this felt like having layers of muck cleared off the screen of my mind all at once.


Hello again Sue and ohnwentsya. For me the idea of ascension seems to be another duality. They way its presented as a choice, for those choosing the downward spiral while those choosing the upward spiral, those choosing constructive patterns while others choose destructive patterns, those staying in 3d, or moving to 4d, then to 5d, it is still a duality, a hierarchy. And with the indigenous upbringing, duality, hierarchy is just an illusion. We are all one, no matter what dimension you dwell in, and the value of an ant, or a tree, grass, plant, the air we breath all have the same value. Also, in my indigenous upbringing I was never taught to use the term divine, because this world itself implies hierarchy, duality, and separation. In order for something to be divine, something else has to be undivine basically separate. I was taught that ALL THAT IS, is ABSOLUTE. Why do we have to choose dark or light, when these both are illusions as well. The question is, and bear with me, is choice an illusion? I understand the we all accepted to incarnate into this grand experiment and that we decided we all wanted to evolve spiritually and consciously.

The way you present it Sue, saying you will receive your light body or crystalline body but I have been taught that we are all light bodies already. Also you say that by helping others it can diminish their experience but I have been taught that by helping others you are helping yourself. It does not matter what choice you made, what matters is the experience because we are all truly experiencing the same thing in our own unique ways. A great example is the life of Buddha, he ascended, but he also understood that the real work is done by helping others. He himself said that by ascending this 3d reality is really a selfish act. The life of Buddha also started with a selfish act when he left his wife and new born, saying they held him back.

When I had my first child, I knew that this would allow me to grow spiritually because I no longer lived for myself, but lived for someone else. My life was no longer my own and I accepted this because it made me understand that we all must learn to be selfless, compassionate, empathetic, patient, and to love unconditionally. The offspring of your own essence allows this, which is why source allowed us to separate and enter the grand experiment.

Now dont get me wrong, and I mean this with all due respect, with love and gratitude. I understand a lot of what you are saying, and except it as a truth but the ascension you speak of still seems to imply separation. For me the goal is community, the full circle, the unity, and we have yet to experience this in the 3d realm. This is why I feel that before anyone can ascend this realm, we must learn to experience unity in this 3d realm, because we all came from unity, source of ALL THAT IS, and the goal is to recreate it in the here an now, together in unity, not separately. This is why the entire cosmos is watching with anticipation seeing if we can recreate the unity where we all came from. And yes it does take much inner work, but it also takes outer work as well. The balance that must be achieved, and yes we change our inner self we also change the outer experience. But this must be done collectively and not individually. I guess the difference is, you see this with an individual perspective and I see it as a whole. Yes I am an individual but I am part of a greater community. What I do affects the entire community, the community being the entire human race and every living thing on mother earth, as well as all living things in ALL THAT IS.

This unity I guess is what is holding me back from accepting the idea of ascending into the 5d realm. In my mind and heart, the darks only task was to create separation, and it has done it well because this new age talk of 5d still implies separation, which is the goal of the dark. What I am trying to say is that if there is a choice to be made, then that choice is either separation or unity. Its not whether you choose to ascend into the 5d or choose to say in the 3d but whether you choose to separate from ALL THAT IS and ascend into the understanding that everything is ALL THAT IS and you unite with it. If we have free will then this is the choice we all have to make.

Believe me, I want to accept the idea of ascending into a 5d realm but my heart and inner self just will not allow me to accept it. It tells me its the easy way out and it tells me that it just does not exist because the true existence is in the here and now. It is just like the saying, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why they call it the present.

All infinite possible realities are converging at this point of the here and now. Also the idea of 5d was never taught to me by my elders, what they taught was that the coming age and era of the 5th sun. Now they never implied that we would ascend into a 5th dimension, but said we are currently living in the era of the 4th sun. The 5th sun is one where humanity will unite in love and compassion and create the new earth now, in the present.

The elders would say, this is the reason we are all here at this very moment, and is the reason why billions of souls incarnated in the here and now. This is why I do not understand the concept of ascending into the 5d realm. Why would ALL THAT IS allow billions of souls to incarnate for only a few thousand maybe million to ascend into the 5d realm. This just does not seem like the work of ALL THAT IS.

Ascension for me, is the unification of humanity and all living things on mother earth and the cosmos of ALL THAT IS. This is what ascension is to me, according to my perspective. Just look at the current state of the world, there is no unity, meaning there is no love. Love is unity and this is why I would rather say In Love and Unity than Love and Light. How can I ascend into the 5d realm when there is much more work to do in order to create and united humanity. Like I said, ascending into the 5d realm, according to my heart and inner self, is the easy path, because it teaches you to focus just on yourself and not the collective whole of humanity.

What is your choice Sue, separation or unity? You decide.

With Love and Unity to all,


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The Ways Of The Archons – from James Gilliland |


While I agree about the larger issue he is discussing to a great degree, I find the human tendency to psychologically project their “issues”, negativity, guilt, “darkness” etc onto beings that are programmed into the human nervous system as “dangerous” such as snakes and other reptiles, very disturbing.

As cultures change and shift over time, especially in the period in which the archons were solidifying power and control on Earth, older cultures, their gods, beliefs and ideas were demonized and turned into caricatures of evil.

From the Nagas, that many hold to be representative of an ancient Goddess culture, to the northern European ‘Bringer of Light’ Lucifer who was similar to the Oak King in Druid lore, celebrated at midwinter as the Return of the Light, now being considered the father of Darkness and Evil, we see this pattern across the world.

Even the metaphor of Light vs Darkness is taken as REAL rather than a metaphor-as if the sun setting is a horrible thing (anyone who lives in the subtropics as I do could tell you it is often a sacred blessing!;-)

The real war here is not between sunrise and sunset, or mammals and reptiles-those are only stories to help you understand.

The real war is between the urge toward selfishness, uncaring, disconnection from other living beings, and the inherent imbalance these things generate in the Universe, and Balance which is based in Love, connection, respect for all living beings-being a functioning part of the many systems of which each being is inherently a part.

As the decolonized wolf story showed, hypersimplifying things cripples us in reality.

Yes, there are beings who have made the personal choice to create imbalance and suffering,and even those who feed on others suffering and who defend that choice vehemently. And yes there are beings who have chosen to seek a return to balance, to create healing, spread love, compassion and gratitude instead of greed, cruelty and suffering. Those beings are not defined by species usually(except archons who are literally not from this universe, but they are not really a species as they are non-physical beings).

We are not good because we are light and live in the light-and earthworms and snakes are not bad because they usually live in dark places (snakes love to bask in the sun so it seems they like the Light as well as anyone;-)

People with light skin are not superior to people with dark skin-metaphors are just teaching tools, they are not reality.

What we need to decide is not which “side” we are on; that as BeWise has pointed out so eloquently, is just more duality. Are we going to choose to take the easy path of what looks pleasant and feels good to us (as Anton Zander LaVey the founder of the American Satanic church would advise) or are we going to choose to act from the heart for a world in balance, a circle unbroken?

Will we take the harder road to creating unity and love, within ourselves and then throughout our world with all living beings? Will we listen to the still small voice in our hearts that always tells us the same things Jesus and Buddha would tell us, to reach beyond what we perceive as our limits into more Love, healing, and caring for all living beings?

No one can choose for any other, no matter how close we may be or how much we love them, and no one can live your choice for you if it feels too hard. Often the choices that look easiest up front end up being the hardest in the long run as a quick glance at the balance of karma will show.

It is a tricky balance to act in such a war where some appear to have free reign to create harm, and we must walk a narrow line between defending ourselves which we must do at times, and acting at all times from the heart. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for another being is to NOT allow them to create more awful karma by harming you! Yet by giving in to anger, hate and “othering”, we fall right into a trap.

Balance, Respect, Compassion, Love and recognizing that all things are parts of larger systems, are keys I have found helpful to this puzzle-box door.

Let go of the need to follow, to find a teacher who is “right” or to prove to others that you are “right” and simply be. Listen to your own inner knowing, to your heart in the stillness.

Archons cannot feed on those who are in balance. When the circle is whole and healed they will be shut out and forced to return to their own home, their own circle and learn to heal themselves and their own world, in their own way.

Most snakes are harmless, and those few that are dangerous, like other dangerous reptiles such as alligators, deserve your respect not your fear and hatred. You are not their natural prey, so simply staying out of their way is generally all that is required. Respect and Love go futher when dealing with just about any creature, than hate and fear.

(Love burns archons like fairy dust burns demons so it REALLY goes further, lol;-)

The Ways Of The Archons from James Gilliland

james_gilliland1We have spoken earlier about the archons, the regenerate ETs, astral beings, at the lowest level some real dark serpent beings. As I write this article they are really pissed off hitting me with some real sickening painful energies. They were working last night in my dream state creating extreme negative scenarios with old lovers, family and friends. As I speak I am laughing at them. Before I continue with this article I have to clear them to insure the information is correct. There, now that that is done we can continue. I hate to burst the bubble of many new agers, yet there is a war going on. It is an interdimensional war, which is acted out as above so below. The below is the gross uneven dispersal of wealth, the planned obsolescence, the enslavement through dependency, the pollution and destruction of the environment, as well as the manipulation and mind control through various mediums. The above is the archons who feed off of the negative emotions, the pain, suffering, sadness, sorrow, etc. They have manipulated humanity through the network, which is filled with false dreams, the American Dream, desires, wants and needs including the need for acceptance and approval by social consciousness through external means. These manufactured desires are all external designed to keep everything external, trapping souls in the physical 3d reality. They focus on the first three chakras survival, sex and power, now even using those close to you to hit you in the 4th chakra to take you out of love and into confusion, pain, and suffering.

There is a story of Buddhas awakening where the dark lord uses fear, tsunamis, hordes or demons fires, his sexy daughters, his own wrath all to pull Buddha from his center. To trap him back into the 3d reality he was transcending. This is happening on a grander scale, because the archons are loosing their battle with the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensional beings, the very Source itself. They are pulling out all stops, using everything at their disposal to keep the awakening Gods, YOU trapped in be lie ving your 3d reality is all there is to you and in this lies your security. Many are falling, going back to what they believe is security, trying to recreate the past, completely sabotaging their awakening, agreements with their higher selves, their spiritual families, and the very source itself. In some cases those observing on high are just shaking their heads almost in disbelief at the self-sabotaging choices and actions carried out by wounded egos. These higher beings know soul evolution will not be stopped, the reactions to actions against universal law cannot be avoided and try as it might, the wounded egos will experience the lessons no matter how hard they may be to get back on track with soul evolution and spirit.

These higher beings also know it is not the destiny of Earth to neither fall into the hands of the archons nor be under the control of their network. The saviors need to trust, allow those who have chosen the path of the ego, the false security of the external to have their lessons no matter how hard they may be. It is time to practice loving detachment, set some firm boundaries and be an example by refusing to participate in the dramas of those who have chosen to act in ways that are self serving, impacting those around them, humanity and the Earth in a negative manner.

It is time to know who the dark forces are, their ways and buck up for battle. The ultimate power is love, many will fall even those closest to you yet now is the time to rise up to the new 5th dimensional energies rather than join those who have chosen the downward spiral. Know that this too shall pass, it is a process and hopefully when it all gets sorted out after some real hard lessons you just might see those who fell on the other side of this shift. It is up to those who are not seeking help, choosing not to participate in the awakening and healing process and continue with the ego driving their destiny to save themselves. We no longer have the luxury of dragging them along nor should we. It is time to step out of the archon network, know it for what it is, realize it is on the way out yet it will do everything in its power to create as much chaos, pain and suffering possible to maintain its sick little world. Hang out with and support the real wayshowers, the ones who are empowering you to make your own personal God/Spirit/Creator connection, break the bonds of enslavement due to external means, the need for acceptance and approval outside of self, attachments to people places and things.

The old external 3d ways are coming to a close. The balance between internal and external, Christ consciousness where God knows itself to be man/woman and man/woman know themselves to be Gods is coming. It is time to flow with it, become it. In the days to come trying to hang on to the past, the old ways, the old world will become the greatest insecurity and hold the hardest lessons. It is a time for right living, right choices, right actions. Be well.

James Gilliland

The Ways Of The Archons from James Gilliland | 2012: Whats the real truth?

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Link to story and video: http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/neil-keenan-update-global-financial-alert-race-against-time-to-prevent-banksters-plan-to-trigger-meltdown-fear-of-keenan-driving-cabal-panic/

Posted on April 6, 2013

by Jean

· Central bankers secretly stockpiling gold through third parties in anticipation of euro collapse

· Greek assets – even whole islands – being secretly sold off to pay troika

· Check for $300 million signed by CEO of major bank is used to defraud global gold reserves

· United Bank of Switzerland selling US dollars at 20% discount in preparation for collapse, while UBS bonds are discounted more than 30% in global trade, as banksters try to dump fast for cash now

· Cyprus theft of savings accounts was test run, coming soon to a bank near you

· How Neil Keenan and the Alliance intend to prevent oligarchy’s plan for financial chaos

by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA, April 5, 2013: Word has reached Neil Keenan here that the banking cabal’s fear and desperation are now moving into what may be a final phase. They tried triggering World War III and that didn’t work. They thought they could depopulate the planet through designer diseases, and that didn’t work. They thought they could escape to vast underground cities, and (thanks to off-planet allies) that can no longer work. Facing exposure, humiliation, and prison (if they are lucky) they are now down to their last desperate throw: to create financial chaos by collapsing world currencies and pulling off a vast Cyprus-style theft of middle-class savings in the U.S. As global forces line up behind Neil Keenan, the Alliance, the Qing Dynasty, and the imminent “Changing of the Guard”to reclaim control over the Global Collateral Accounts, the oligarchs are desperately stockpiling gold in the hope that they can once more dominate an impoverished humanity by surviving the chaos that they themselves plan to trigger.

Not going to happen – they made the mistake of stealing from Neil Keenan.

Clearly, there’s more to it than that, and this fight for freedom has been secretly waged by thousands of men and women for decades. But it may well be that historians will look back at the moment when the hapless Daniele Del Bosco absconded with $144.4 billion in bonds entrusted to Keenan by the Dragon Family as the turning point that set the final wheels in motion to bring down Financial Tyranny. As Del Bosco attempted to launder the bonds through the Italian government, the U.N., the World Economic Forum, and the so-called Office of International Treasury Control, Keenan relentlessly pursued the unfolding evidence that led to the Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit and the creation of the Monaco Accords, which are now supported by more than 160 nations. Information continues to flow into Keenan on a daily basis from multiple sources, as witnessed first-hand by this writer.

Forces are now in motion to prevent this final dark plan from succeeding. The cabal’s desperation is palpable. It’s every man for himself, as the once monolithic Illuminati becomes merely a pack of vicious thieves – which is all they ever were in fact – fleeing from the justice they thought they would never face. Meanwhile, the pressure on them increases daily as the avenues of escape are closed off one by one. And military, militia, and intelligence cooperation is poised to make the long-awaited final sweep of the cabal power structure.

The cabal’s strategy down through the ages has always been the same: “out of chaos, order.” They create the chaos, and then impose an ever more oppressive “order,” in order to degrade free human beings into debt slaves. They lived by their twisted version of The Golden Rule: ”he who has the gold makes the rules.” They amassed the gold reserves now known as The Global Collateral Accounts on the pretext of removing the cause of war (while slaughtering millions in a series of gold-theft wars). In a century-long struggle, they succeeded in subverting their greatest enemy – a free American republic – into the bankster-controlled U.S.A., Inc., via their secret ownership of the Federal Reserve System. They triggered the Great Depression so they could buy America for a song while outlawing private ownership of gold. The final phase of their grand strategy called for their rulership over a post-Armageddon remnant of mankind. These plans have now fallen apart, and their grand goal of ultimate dominion has been reduced to a desperate struggle for survival.

Agency sources confirmed to Keenan in a face-to-face meeting in Jakarta this week that the bankster sect is planning a counter-attack in the coming weeks, hoping to get their last moves in before Keenan and the Alliance take control of the Global Accounts. The disarray in their ranks is evident from the following reports that high-level financial contacts have provided to Keenan in conversations witnessed by this writer in recent days:

· Josef Ackerman of Deutschebank, and other European central bankers, have reportedly supervised secret stockpiling of gold through vast purchases through third and fourth party front men. These purchases of precious metals are paid for with euros that will soon be worthless. Ackerman’s gold buyers are authorized to purchase as much as 10,000 metric tons per month – a staggering amount.

· So-called “bail-outs” will be offered to struggling European nations – bail-outs comprised of the same baseless euros – charging usurious rates of eighteen to twenty percent. The struggling nations will ultimately be unable to pay, and the bankers will come calling to claim national assets and sovereignty for a pittance. This is already happening, of course, in Greece, where parts of Greece itself are being sold off to foreign buyers, such as a large section of the idyllic Greek island of Corfu. Our source stated that if the Greek people knew what was really going on, “there would be a revolution tomorrow.” The Emir of Qatar has been making regular buying trips to Greece for the last three months. It remains to be seen if there will be anything left of Greece for the Greeks.

· The euro itself is doomed: as noted here before, the gold reserves backing the euro have been leased with counterfeit notes issued by Mario Draghi’s European Central Bank. Neil Keenan has massive documentation of this fraud, and will be coming after the ECB and Draghi in short order.

· Sources report that United Bank of Switzerland is now selling US dollars at 20% discount in preparation for collapse, while UBS bonds are discounted more than 30% in global trade, as banksters try to dump fast for quick cash.

· Attempts to defraud the Global Accounts are becoming ever more brazen, as a $300 million dollar bank draft bearing the signature of the CEO of one of the world’s largest banks was reportedly used in an attempt to persuade banks to bypass the usual four to six week waiting period for verification of such funds, so that funds supposedly based in Global Account gold assets could be withdrawn within five days of deposit. By the time the fraud would be revealed (our source stated), the funds – and the fraudsters – would be gone. This is but one instance, we are told, of multiple such attempts to raid the global candy store before the new sheriff shuts down the racket.

· Multiple high-level sources have told Neil Keenan: “everyone knows you’re coming – you’ve got them running scared.”

As recently reported by Drake Bailey, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is implementing Cyprus-style plans to seize bank accounts, and contents of safety deposit boxes, if any such are judged to be “of a contraband nature,” in the opinion of the agent. This danger to ordinary Americans’ savings was confirmed to Neil Keenan in person this week by an intelligence community contact, who stated that DHS is planning to use mercenary forces comprised of foreign nationals to back this brazen destruction of the American middle class. Pentagon and agency forces are lined up to defeat any such move, and it is expected that the vast American militia movement would immediately swing into action as well. DHS is apparently one of the last lairs of cabal operatives, and should be a target of Alliance efforts in the coming days. We hope and intend that violence will be avoided, but it may well be that the end game will be tough going.

The reason the control of the Global Accounts is so crucial at this critical turning point is simple: it is the cabal’s last available source of actual (as opposed to fiat) money. Mercenaries don’t work for free. Once the final agreements are signed, and Mr. Keenan and the Alliance take over management of the Accounts, the final framework for global financial reform will be in place. This event is imminent. Hard on the heels of the agreements, Keenan’s trillion-dollar lawsuit will be re-filed with final damning evidence in place, and the liens on the central banks will be re-imposed. With this legal basis firmly established, other long-planned moves against the cabal will swiftly follow.

As the dust from this momentous Changing of the Guard settles, plans call for rapid implementation of emergency funds, eradication of phony debt, and careful development of humanitarian programs for the nations of the world. These funds will not be distributed to governments or banks, but to foundations that serve the people, that stimulate national economies, rebuild infrastructure, implement free energy technologies (yes, they exist!), restore the environment, or provide health care and education.

It may well be asked by reasonable persons how it could possibly be that one man, Neil Keenan, could be so formidable and dangerous to the survival of a ruthless and murderous cabal, and avoid being killed by them. Keenan has avoided mention of this topic in past posts, but I think it important that all those praying for his success should know that he has survived four such attempts in the last three years. The protection around him has increased with each successive attempt, and Mr. Keenan himself inflicted heavy punishment on one assailant in Europe (the would-be assassin ended up in the hospital, while Keenan escaped with a scratch). Attribute it to the luck of the Irish (though the Irish say that if it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all), or to the prayers of millions, or to the guardianship of intelligence community allies, or to the protective devas invoked for him in Indonesian ceremony, but the fact is that Neil Keenan now laughs at the thought of danger, and is confident of success.

Of course, Keenan pretty much laughs at danger in any case…or even relishes it. This reporter witnessed Keenan’s blithe response to an apparent attack by a black-clad female assassin in a Jakarta shopping mall only days ago: (see link at top of email for the brief video).

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The manuscript of survival – part 296 by Aisha North

As you have already ascertained, these last few days have been nothing if not intense, and even if they in many ways may have left you feeling weaker in the flesh, you will also sense that your spirit has lifted in more ways than one. For you are made of sturdy stuff indeed, but as yet, your physical body has a hard time coming to the same conclusion. And rightly so, for within is where the changes occur, and as such, your flesh and bones may still feel as if they are at times being torn apart. But they are not, and neither are you, as what is occuring, is such a monumental rewiring and rearranging it will leave you all feel more than a little bit worn and torn and the end of it. But contrary to assumption, you are not being torn down, you are only being fortified in every way, and as such, once again the symptoms will mask the true purpose behind all of these goings on.

For you have come here to conquer, dear ones, but first of all you must conquer your own doubts as to what abilities you may have for stepping out and declaring yourselves to be the new rulers of the world. For that is indeed exactly what you are, but as the word ruler still connotes something sinister for so many, let us just add a few thoughts as to what we must mean by that. For in your eyes, a ruler will in many ways equal a despot, and your world has had its fair share of those. And still to this day, there are many individuals who can be given that same title, not just in their own realm, but also further afield. But we speak not of such lesser men who put themselves above others by the force of instigating fear and uncertainty in others. No, we speak of individulas who are held aloft by the very light that they carry within. And it is this light that is now finding a home in your somewhat worn and weary physical body, and it is indeed this light that will make you the new rulers.

For this light will find a way out of you, and when it does, nothing can stop it, not even you. And as such, your actions will all be guided by this light, and in so doing, it will ensure that you behave in a manner that will guide all others around you. And that is the way to rule, by action, not by edict. So yes, in all respects you will be the rulers of this world, for it is indeed by the very fact that the light will speak to all others around you by your way of living, and then, it will be given unto others to follow in your foosteps. And so you will rule the land once again, not those usurpers who look upon it as their given right to command everyone else to obey by their every whim. For these rulers of the old, no matter if their kingdom is a fiefdom encircled by high walls of security or is in some lair hidden away in a high rise building somewhere, will all start to topple from what they see as their oh so lofty perch. For just as you will guide others by way of the light that you carry, people will be unable not to see the hollowness and crepuscular absence of light that will seep out from all of these self-entitled tyrants. And then, the choice will be made, whether to follow in your footsteps, or whether to stay on in the shadows of these former rulers.

For that is truly what they are, they are becoming obsolete even as we speak. But you, dear friends, you are becoming lighter and brighter by the day. And even if your physical body is still having a hard time coming to terms with this fact, it too will soon start to understand that it is indeed lightness itself. For this new burden it is carrying is not heavy, it is light, in each and every meaning of the word. And as soon as the dust settles so to speak, it too will start to let go of the thought that this inner revolution is almost too much to bear. And then you will all feel your step becoming lighter and your days seeming brighter, and you and your body will finally start to blend into each other as a perfect match truly made in heaven.


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Stand Behind Lakota Grandmothers!


March 15th: Start of the international movement to end Lakota genocide and support the return of Lakota matriarchal leadership. Will You Stand Behind the Lakota Grandmothers?

March: Sneak peeks of feature-length Lakota Documentary “Red Cry”.

April 1st: Official premier of Lakota Documentary “Red Cry” in Rapid City, SD, Lakota Territory.

April 1st -17th: Lakota Elders Truth Tour begins a 12 city journey of education and awareness on the way to the United Nations in New York and the White House in Washington DC.

April 9th: International Day of Solidarity Action. Official Complaint of Genocide is released to the United Nations and International Community.

April 16th: International Vigil in support of Lakota visiting Washington DC to meet with the U.S. Government.


For more information or to get involved call LSP at (828) 338-9781.

On Pine Ridge, contact Cante Tenza headman Canupa Gluha Mani at 605-517-1547.

Email: LakotaSolidarity [at] gmail.com

Webpages: LakotaGrandmothers.org & CanteTenza.wordpress.com

Facebook “Strong Heart Lakota Solidarity”.(excerpt from post)
If you have not yet seen or subscribed to the Earth First Newswire, be sure to click the link to read the full post. This blog consistently publishes real news you don’t see anywhere in the lamestream press.

Earth First! Newswire

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The Lakota Solidarity Project with the Lakota Cante Tenza Okolakiciye (Strong Heart Warriors) are issuing an International Call To Action for both Native and non-native Warriors, Activists, Artists, Culture-Jammers, Organizers, Community Builders, Freedom Fighters, Idle-No-More Supporters, Occupy Groups, Indignados, Organizations, Coalitions, Networks, Spiritual Communities, Elders and Youth to join us at this critical moment to help end the genocide of the traditional and grassroots Lakota Oyate (people) and support the renewal of traditional matriarchal – Grandmother led-leadership.

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