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Holocaust Remembrance Memorial Day-70 years ago was the Warsaw ghetto uprising

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I was always so inspired by these brave people when I was a child. Most people do not realize that this process of genocide and holocaust was not limited to the Nazi pogroms against, Jews, Poles, Gypsys(Roma), CAtholics, Gays, Bohemians etc. but have been ongoing for thousands of years across the globe. Usually they are focused on indigenous peoples-and this is considered “normal”, it is thought to be “progress” to clear out “the savages” so that their land and “resources” can be “properly utilized”. When this standard practice of attempting to utterly destroy a people so you can take what they have was adapted by Hitler (he discusses the American treatment of Native Americans as his model for what became the Holocaust in Germany) it shocked and horrified the world.
I feel in my heart that the leaders of Israel are doing their people a great disservice to make the remembrance of this heroic uprising by their courageous ancestors into another occasion to create division and separation of the Jewish people from all people. Genocide and holocaust are wrong, mistreatment of living beings is wrong-it is not based on which group is being harmed, or targeted-it is a Universal Moral Reality.
When we look at what happened with clear eyes rather than as political propaganda for a fear based attitude of striking out at others, we can easily see that Jewish people were not alone even then-the Holocaust killed many peoples other than Jewish people. Jewish people are not alone now, they are, and the country of Israel is, a thriving part of humanity, of the collective of loving hearts connected on our beautiful blue planet. Perhaps a few ignorant souls still profess and feel some sort of hatred for Jewish people and the state of Israel, but for the most part, the opposition to the state of Israel comes, as does the opposition to the state of America, from the awful actions our governments engage in. PEOPLE for the most part love and accept one another-as we can see from the facebook pages Iran LOVES Israel, and Israel LOVES Iran. Love is our natural state, and without governments or corporations brainwashing and pushing people to insanity things like holocausts would not exist. It is out of Love that the courage of the Warsaw Uprising arose, and it is out of Love that the healing of these false divisions between peoples-Israeli and Palestinian, Iran, Syria, the US, China, Russia-will be healed. To me these ancestors were not standing up for war and separation and fighting. They were fighting back out of love-no one throws themselves into a battle they will surely die of out of selfishness! No, these heroes took their action based in love for those they cared for, for friends and relatives that they hoped would be saved by their actions, and for the yet unborn children who would live in a world where these ancestors courage lives on to give them hope in dark and desperate times. So it is to honor and respect that love and courage that I share this, not to support any more division, separation and fear. The leaders will have to follow the people into Love and away from such useless things. Let us pray that they do so very soon.

Dilemma X

Holocaust Remembrance Memorial Day


Warsaw Ghetto

Associated Press

JERUSALEM — Israel dedicated its annual memorial day for the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust to mark 70 years to the Warsaw ghetto uprising, a symbol of Jewish resistance against the Nazis in World War II that resonates deeply in Israel to this day.

At the opening ceremony at nightfall, President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu both linked the desperate Jewish revolt of 1943 to the warrior mentality that enabled the establishment of Israel five years later.

“There was a never a rebellion like it. They were so few and their bravery remained as a model for so many,” Peres said at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial, before hundreds of Holocaust survivors and their families, Israeli leaders, diplomats and others.

“A clear line exists between the resistance in the ghettos, in the camps and in the forests and…

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