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The Oracle Report Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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New Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

Get ready to be jacked up! The influx of this New Moon’s energy will upgrade our personal energetic frequencies/signatures, bringing us to a wider level of wisdom. Remember that this month will blow our minds in some way (dramatically change our perspective and enable us to see what we previously could not). With the New Moon at the Eris Point in tight conjunction with Eris, Mars, and Venus, interpersonal relationships make a shift and the world stage is host mostly to a battlefield. People tend to be reactionary and aggressive under the influence of Eris energy, so be aware of this potential. Pick your own battles.

We understand the duality of this energy. We know we can find as much beauty as we can strife. The task for wise owls today is to hold the space for the wonderful elements of this New Moon. “Maintain and contain” and don’t get pulled into emotional whirlwinds with people unless you are moved to take a stand. Keep your personal shield strong. Let’s guard this mother energy so that it can do its work to bring about emergence of higher consciousness within the human collective. Today marks the “Strike Point” and intentions that are set in place over this New Moon have a great deal of power for manifestation. We know that some will use this to manifest ill will, but we never forget there is another side. Remember that our bodies will have strange responses to this energetic upgrade, so stop and rest as often as possible. If we can release the need to control, this day will move better for us.

(Note: I need to correct a statement I made in the audio from April 4. I discussed the Eris Point energies in play in November and I mistakenly referenced Sandy Hook when I meant Newtown, Connecticut. In my mind, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Newtown are all connected in that they are different stages of the same occult ritual. They all link together and I think of them interchangeably.)


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