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Matthew Ward – April 11, 2013

You cannot “unknow” your knowledge of despicable conditions, and never would we suggest that you try to bury it—ultimately that would adversely affect body, mind and spirit. Rather, we urge you to visualize Earth immersed in golden white light, then see it start to slowly rotate with happy faces appearing, and send forth feelings of love. The energy of your image, loving sensations and intention will go out into the world.

Thank you Laura for sharing this! The excerpt above means so much to me, dealing as I am lately,day to day with some seriously negative almost iconic examples of the overall negative oppressive patterns on Earth in the form of a few service to self humans. It is impossible not to think about it-being injured by it and watching plants, trees and animals all around me literally sickening and dying. I have been trying my own version of giving love to all involved, in focusing on the beauty that is left, on the resilience and wonder of each living being-and I will now add Matthew’s golden white light meditation to my practice. Team Dark, the 1%, service to self humans etc are doing their best to as Denise Le Fey says “smash and grab” as many of us back down into their quagmire of negativity as they can manage before September. Together we can and will transcend their nastiness and sharing love, light, caring and support with one another bring ourselves and Gaia far beyond their reach.
Matthew also gives a great discussion on homosexuality here-for those who still believe that God hates anyone, or would punish anyone for the way they love, it is a must read. I never understood people using God to promote narrow views of reality. God is everything that is!

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Your Shadow Self: Pleiadian Message

Ursula K LeGuin wrote an excellent trilogy known as the Earthsea Triliogy. starting with the book The Wizard of Earthsea that deeply explores the shadow self, and how we run from it-and it gets bigger and bigger, scarier and scarier until we turn, embrace and accept it as an integral part of us.
Even knowing this and having long ago(i thought!) done so and accepted my own shadow self, I am now facing a situation with what Denise Le Fey calls “Team Dark” that seems to be telling me there is much more to be discovered.
The Universe is always in balance at all levels, there is no all light or all dark anywhere or anywhen. It is important to remember that when we seek our own path to growth and “ascension”. By seeking only light, running from darkness we perpetuate imbalance. This is not a call to perpetuate harm and negativity-only to realize that all that is dark is not evil, and that what we seek may not be as obvious as we think it is.

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The Oracle Report Friday, April 12, 2013


New Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

As if the New Moon phase wasn’t intense enough, today Pluto stations retrograde. Longtime readers of this site know that things get a little wonky on days a planet stations retrograde or direct. Things tend to go against the plan, we are accident prone (especially since Pluto and Uranus remain in square), heavy emotions surface, and rivalries flare.

Mythologically, Pluto is Eris’ husband, so we see male energy rising today amidst the dominant feminine energy. This will certainly be reflected in relationships, particularly in marriages or in former marriages.

The tendency today is to react from the need for attention. If issues arise, it is probably due to someone feeling overlooked. Be aware also that there is strong potential for double-sidedness, double-crossing, and two-faced behavior. The Eris element of two sides is strongly at play.

The theme of “two’s” continues also with seconds in the form of second chances. Something may come back around to be taken up once more (a relationship, a project, an idea, etc.). Take a second look at it.

I have discussed the Eris influence during this Moon phase, but I have not mentioned the Black Moon influence very much. The transit of the Black Moon in opposition to the Galactic Center is a major event, but I wanted to separate the influences out a bit so that we could “catch” the feel of Chinnamasta and Eris before we really started feeling the Black Moon transit. Today is the last day we are afforded that luxury because the Moon will enter Gemini Saturday morning and will move to exactly oppose the Galactic Center Sunday night. Check back tomorrow for the weekend report about this.


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The manuscript of survival – part 299 by Aisha North

The days are getting longer and longer in your part of the world, and your physical bodies are once again starting to settle somewhat less uncomfortably into their role as conductors of energy. For remember, not only are you receiving vast amounts of energy, you are also transmitting the same substance out again, into the world around you. For you are indeed anchors dear ones, in more ways than one, and now, you are constantly pulling down the building blocks of your new world through your physical bodies. We know that this is not news to any of you, but what may be of interest, is the amount of energy you are all transmuting and sending out now on a daily basis. Or rather, on a daily and nightly basis, as this is indeed a process that is going on 24/7. For what started out as a mere trickle, has now increased to a steady flow of energetic particles, constantly bombarding not only you, but through you, the whole structure that you see around you on all sides.

So yes, you are indeed pulling down heaven to Earth, particle by heavenly particle. And even if this job at times can seem to be more than a little bit taxing on your own system, know that this is just a temporary thing. For when your bodies enter download mode, many of you will feel as if you are totally depleted of energy, and you have no wish but to lie down and shut yourself off from the rest of the world. But what you are experiencing, is not a depletion, rather, it is an excess of energies that leaves your body somewhat flummoxed as to what and how to deal with all of this, hence this feeling of almost shutting down at times. Again, we hasten to add that this is not harmful to you in any way, it is just a strain on your physical body at times, and so it will make you take it slow in all sorts of ways until it can sort itself out and successfully send the energies where they are supposed to be. For some of it is for your consumption, if we can call it that, while the rest of it will be used externally. In other words, you are all receivers and transmitters of energy, and when you feel almost devoid of energy yourself, you are actually full to overflowing of it.

Do not think that this is a case of bad planning, and that you being left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted are the results of a poorly executed plan. Rather, it is the inevitable result of all of this downloading, and it is of immense help to your physical body. For it is indeed the physical part of you that determines the speed of these injections, if we may call them that. And so, you are never being given too much, for when the limit is reached, your body simply turns off the connection, and then it starts to download the information you yourself need, while it also starts to send out what is being deemed as the external part of these supercharged packets of information.

So again we say, remember to heed the signals you are getting from your body, for it knows when the time is right for taking a break, and when the time is right for keeping in motion. And when your body is in shutdown mode, it is doing so because it is very busy handling all of the incoming information. So you are not wasting any second, even when you are flat on your back, not even able to lift a finger, for that is probably when you are working the hardest.

So make sure to thank your constant companion, that faithful servant and hard worker, your colleague and teammate, in other words that physical vehicle you are inhabiting that is the main reason you can even do the work you have come here to do in the first place. We know it can be a little cranky now and then, and it is never shy in voicing its protests, but as we have said earlier, these creaks and groans, whimpers and shouts of distress are nothing to worry about. For you physical body knows perfectly well that it is doing more than well, but it cannot help itself but to protest loudly now and then. But never doubt it will keep on doing the work it has been set up to do, for it is both immensely loyal, but also immensely powerful. So again we say, make sure that you appreciate this physical vehicle for all it does to keep you going, even at the times when it seems to be the biggest obstacle to your continued process. For it will not hold you back on purpose, even if it at times makes you slow down on any extracurricular activities. For it has but one purpose in mind, and that is to make all of this a resounding success, and it knows fully well that without the aid and assistance of your physical body, you would be bereft of the one thing that makes your sojourn here possible. And remember, it will never ever use that against you, for you are indeed a match made in heaven, and that is what you will see for yourself as soon as these energetic upheavals start to quieten down a bit. Mind you, they will never cease completely, but your physical body is getting more and more adept at handling them without going into full reboot mode every time, and as such, the limits for your capacity have been stretched, and they will continue to do so. And then, you can continue to do the work that you do, for you will never cease to be the anchors that are serving to hold this whole new world tethered to the surface of this planet.

(From Aisha: Always listen to your body, and if you have any doubts if what you are feeling are just energetic symptoms or something else, it is always a good idea to have it checked out by a professional.)


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Finally…forward movement! – Lauren Gorgo (unpd. version)



So we finally, Finally, FINALLY made it out of reverse, and can start moving forward again…altho forward seems slightly subjective in this new territory because, for all intents and purposes, we are without a compass and with no linear marker points to hint at what direction is. But this whole new reality is pretty slick if you ask me because without linearity, without progressing sequentially, we literally have no choice but to think with our hearts. Pretty sneaky. Literally wipes the logic right out of us.
Having said all that, it doesn’t exactly feel like a running start. :( More like a crawling start….or whatever the word is for slightly faster than sitting. Either way, I’m in. I’ll take anything over going backwards and rummaging thru my insidey parts. Again. And again. And again. And…
(Begin rant) Hands down tho, that was THE l o n g e s t and most torturous Mercury retrograde in the history of retrogrades…and yes, it’s likely I say that every retrograde, but…s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. I am running out of adjectives to describe the inanity of it all. (End rant)
So even tho we were being held underwater for what felt like 3 or 4 eternities, in the bigger picture, we were undergoing an intensive “sacrament of initiation into the priest(ess)hood”…what the unseens refer to as a right of passage to reclaiming the power and authority of God. I don’t really know what any of that means yet, but I do know that we are changed humans because of it.
Sardonic sillies aside, it does feel a lot like this first week out of the (black) hole will be a bit of balancing act as we try to find our bearings, assess our lives and settle into unity. I am hoping the new moon will initiate the jump start we so desperately need, but the real magic seems to be coming from the new balance point we are teetering over. If you are still enuf…as if that were an option…you may be able to discern this pulsing central axis point within. Its a quiet, disciplined emptiness that is also supremely intelligent and certain of itself. It brings balance to the heart and mind, but also gives the heart a much bigger voice…makes ascertaining truth easier and more discernable with so much peace mitigating our once-polarized thoughts.
Make no mistake, this balance point IS our new beginning. No bells, no whistles, just peace. It is the fertile space of non-attachment, of pure potentiality, thru which all is born anew. The unification of spirit and matter, feminine and masculine, right brain and left, body and soul, etc…this is the merger between heaven and earth, and it begins with us.
The unseens say that this space is where we come from and return to, and it is the essence of which will radically transform our lives and bodies. This is the energy we have been waiting for and it is the energy we will be creating from. Whatever you are desiring is contained within this energy…whatever you have the courage to imagine, is in this energy. If you are not yet in touch with it, you will be. Tune into the center of your brain and notice the expansive silence in there. It’s subtle, but it’s there. If you still don’t feel it, wait until the intensity of the moon subsides…I give it the 3 day rule.
This energy is alive and its non-moving at the same time. It’s not a thought and it’s not a feeling, it’s outside of both those things….deeper and more profound. It’s not blissful, but it could be. In fact, it can be anything. It feels, for lack of a better word, like the space where possibility meets capability. The divine clay I suppose.
This is the stuff our new worlds are made of. It is simultaneously our new home and our new playground…and this is just the tipping point, the infancy, the beginning of the upward spiral of a whole new world to explore within.

The REAL Human BEing
For the first group of souls who successfully completed the long, dedicated journey thru causality (duality consciousness) the train to unity (triality consciousness) has arrived at the station. The doors are open and we are rushing the exits… frantically searching for the platform where the new high speed rail (upcoming eclipses) will arrive to take us to our new world.
When we switch trains, we will have officially switched templates from the slow moving 3d dimensional human DOing (effort) who is bound by gravity (karmic creation), to the warp speed creation of the 5th dimensional human BEing (effortlessness) who is unbound and free from dross. This shift is everything, if not all of the rest of our learning/PLAY/experience as new-humans…long as we choose to remain in a body, here on this planet.
The Pleiadians called the last 8 weeks of our lives “the most transformational portal of all our earthly existence”…and they assure us that the portal ahead is nothing compared to what’s behind us now. If we survived this passage…and truthfully, some people didn’t…what’s ahead of us will be like riding the wind.

You are turning the corner from living as what we would call a human DOing to a true human BEing, as you were originally designed and intended to BE. This switch in dynamic is the basis for your new reality system and one that requires the feminine principal of receiving to BE in first place…that you consciously BE first.
We know that this requirement, this learning, has been the bulk of the journey to arrive here…meaning, it is less complicated to be a human BEing when you are stripped of the energy, the desire, the will to DO…but it is a different thing to consciously put those principals in motion when the energy, the desire and the will returns. Now things will change in that you will need to put this concept into practice.
This moment in time IS that turning point…what we would call “the redirecting of the energy of DO”. -Pleiadian High Council

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Just Up Ahead
Personally, I can’t even see a foot in front of my face yet…we are still assimilating so much BIGness…but the PHC have been giving me glimpses of whats just up ahead, more specifically they have been talking about the upcoming eclipses (beginning 4/25), that which they call a period of “physical creation made manifest”.
We all know, but sometimes dread, those lengthy eclipse cycles that are ultimately “here to serve us”…of course they are, all of life was created to serve us….but not always in delightful ways. 8O
Though there is historically great fear around eclipses, the fear I am told, came from the great mysticism that was generated thru the power of eclipses, not the eclipse itself. Excitingly, the council says that this power is here to not only serve us, but for us to take hold of now, to alchemically transform our lives with.
I am being shown the image of The Magician in the Tarot deck with the understanding that these eclipses are granting those coming-of-age-new-human-leaders the ability to wield divine will…to tap into the physical arm of the cosmic forces of creation that will enable us to go beyond the physical laws, to transcend them. The Magician isthe 1st major arcana card, which carries the numeric vibration of ONE, the number of beginnings, and represents the alignment of unity on all levels of existence… the bridge between spirit and matter. (Interestingly, April is also vibrationally a ONE month)
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Unbuckle your seat belts, we’re about to remember how to fly!
ThinkWithYourHEART.com ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.
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The latest 5D Report is up! It’s called: Duality to Triality: divine will made manifest

In the FULL version of the article I discuss:

  • getting out of reverse
  • the tipping point
  • leaving duality behind
  • entering ONEness
  • reclaiming the authority of God
  • reincarnation/progression period
  • difference between 3 & 5D creation
  • the divine clay
  • the REAL human BEing
  • release of karmic template
  • causal to conscious creation
  • more magic-in-action
  • requirements for divine manifestation
  • bypassing/bending the physical laws
  • right relationship
  • lessons from a trapeze artist
  • the great expansion
  • the coming creative energies
  • what’s just up ahead
  • equinox to solstice period
  • purpose of the upcoming eclipses
  • the rising kundalini/symptoms & guidance
  • lots more good stuff…

Hope to see you there!


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The 11 Portal Message of 1

Just as I started to wonder why the focus seemed to be thrown back to the self rather than the collective(just as I thought i was ‘getting” how to relate with the whole collective thing;-) as usual Denise explains it. Many of you may start to notice as you are reading many of these wonderfully clear posts from teachers and forerunners like Denise, and Lisa Renee, Aisha North etc that you are seeing things you *already know* just explained more clearly than they seemed in your own head. That has been happening to me a lot, and to several other people I know. It goes along with what Denise is saying here-we seem to be well along in this process of emergence of our true selves. Uncomfortable and often confused, it may not SEEM that way experientially but it is starting to look that way in the long view, at least to me.