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5D Incoming and Relationships James Gilliland, April 12, 2013


I just want to add where he says Creator/God etc even tho he does not say Goddess it applies. Just as with the hardwired mammalian snake fear projection, each individual may experience the same energy differently, or be attuned to slightly different energies or aspects of energy than another individual.

<P>Never forget the 5 Blind men with the Elephant-it is the most important allegory of our era! We each have a firm hold of ONE piece of that big critter, and tho our understanding of that piece may be excellent, it in no way invalidates or takes away from the understanding of someone with a grip on a very different bit.</P>

<P>I add this because sometimes people share important information but when some aspect doesn’t fit into the receiver’s worldview the whole batch may be rejected. I don’t have to agree with every detail to benefit from something, it’s easy enough to just accept that this elephant is quite large;-) </P>

(I added this especially for a very old friend of mine who is Goddess oriented but it applies for us all-and to all info not just this;-)

5D Incoming and Relationships
James Gilliland, April 12, 2013

After the great deluge of emails and phone calls asking what is going on
with all the chaos, turmoil, relationship splits, and people basically
wigging out everywhere, I felt it is time to write this article. Some of the
information will be a godsend, to others they will find major resistance to
this information.

This is often determined by which side of the fence one is on and if they
are ready to heal, and take responsibility for their choices and actions.
Nonetheless, universal law, and karma will have its way despite our
delusions and denials. We can mentally justify many things our soul and
spirit do not. Soul and spirit always have the last word.
There is a 5D overlay and a vibrational lifting and healing well underway.

There are cycles and waves of energy that are coming with this process. It
is a natural cycle due to alignments with Galactic Plane, Alcyone, Sirius
and Pulses coming in from other cosmic sources. Cosmic, Gama, X-ray,
ultraviolet, infrared and other rays are bombarding the planet in ways never
before experienced or recorded on the Earth. This is throughout the entire
solar system.

These times have all been referred to in ancient texts, the second coming
where we rise into Christ or Buddha consciousness, the separation of the
“sheep from the goats”, the wheat from the chaff, moving into the golden
age, the end of the Mayan calendar, “The Beginning is Near”, “Nonjudgment
Day”, The Great War In The Heavens, etc. We have all heard this before yet
few understand the dynamics and what can happen in this process.
We are going to address relationships in this process due to so many people
asking us to make sense of what is happening. With this major influx of
energy and during the peaks of incoming energy you will see people
transform. Some for the better and some for the worst. In the end it is all
good because it is all part of a major healing, yet while you are in the
midst of it we are often challenged to our very core.

People are going to act out their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from
past experience. Some will become the observer and detach; others will be
projecting, blaming and doing unconscious, even cruel acts you never thought
they were capable of. In truth, some are really not capable of such acts on
their own yet they have openings, an unhealed past that allows other unseen
negative influences to take over.
When this happens, the only way out is to learn how to heal unseen negative
influences, set firm boundaries and cut any cords keeping you attached to
those affected. There are serpent energies or beings, greys, reptilians, and
some, what you would call demonic beings, which are using the light workers
for target practice. They are trying to create as much chaos, pain and
suffering possible because this insures their world will continue.
They also feed off the lower vibrational energies such as anger, sadness,
sorrow, fear, guilt unworthiness etc. Before, they could only hook you
through the first three chakras – survival, sex and power – yet now they use
those closest to you, friends, family and lovers to hit you in the heart.
There is a war for souls happening and your soul sits right next to the
heart. To shut it down, shut down the ability to love, knowing love is the
ultimate power in the universe, is one of the best weapons these unseen
negative influences have to try to stop the awakening and healing of
humanity and the Earth.
Many friends, family and lovers, those who are deeply wounded or do not have
the inner awareness, strength, moral character and self authority to fend
off these intrusions, are acting out their old wounds, traumas, and wrong
conclusions from past experiences. This includes the lower vibrational
desires of the unseen negative influences. This is why you are seeing so
many relationships ending, insane behavior, and wounded egos acting out in
ways unthinkable to most.

We cannot blame others for being weak, allowing themselves to be influenced,
or for many of the behaviors which are often totally out of character, yet
they have to take responsibility for their choices and actions which opened
the door to these influences.

This includes the lack of interest in addressing their own wounds, traumas,
wrong conclusions from past experiences, choosing an ego driven life,
focusing primarily on outer appearances and material acquisition.
The imbalance of external focus versus internal focus, and not choosing to
heal as a priority, is often the problem and can create the opening for
these unseen negative influences. Unhealed childhood trauma, abuse,
abandonment issues seem to be a common denominator as well as past life
choices to engage and work with the darker forces.

These all are often the openings used by unseen negative influences to
destroy relationships. As if not addressing and healing our own patterns is
not enough, adding these unseen negative influences in the mix makes one big
disaster waiting to happen. This includes the implants by regenerate greys
and reptilians used to broadcast their psychopathic behavior into the mix.
It is all about consciousness and there is a war in consciousness. Holding
to the universal principles and understandings necessary for a healthy
society and relationship is essential in the days to come. Holding to the
basics of treating others how you would like to be treated, being honest,
kind, loving, caring, serving others, opens the doors to higher unseen
positive influences as does prayer and meditation done properly.
Whenever we become trapped in the desires of the ego and the outer world,
become self absorbed, selfish, not caring about how our choices and actions
affect others, we open the door to the unseen negative influences. These
influences will often support and act out these patterns of behavior through
those unconscious of their unhealed patterns and the influences of these
unseen negative influences.

It is hard to believe that there are forces that care nothing for life,
humanity, or the Earth, and actually live off the chaos, pain and
suffering – yet one only has to look at the condition of society, the
environment, the wars, diseases, unbridled greed, to realize this is now
epidemic, this has become up to the highest levels of leadership.
Now it seems to be coming home to roost, the polarities are increasing
between those who have chosen to live according to universal law, a
spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature, and those who wish to
continue to live a material life, in disharmony with each other and nature.

A life focused on internal awareness, making one’s own personal
God/Spirit/Creator connection first and foremost as a priority versus being
focused primarily on external outer appearances, material acquisition driven
by the ego with all its programming in direct conflict with their soul and
spirit. One is the upward path to ascension and alignment with the new 5D
energies, the other is the unsustainable downward path ending in the total
collapse of the old matrix.

People are choosing, taking different paths, aligning with the new energies
or fighting them and those who represent them. That in general is what is
happening. I hope this sheds some light on the chaos, challenges, behavior
of some who are deeply wounded or influenced. When we know what is
happening, we can depersonalize it, guard against it, and heal it, yet we
must honor the divine right to free will and self-determination of eternal
souls. They might not have chosen to ascend or get it right this time
It is important that the lightworkers band together and support each other,
assist those who choose to heal and release those who choose not. We cannot
save others even if we know their future, their lessons are theirs hard as
they may be, universal law will have its way, karma will unfold in its
divine time, yet time is quickening.

Here is the technique we use to heal unseen negative influences. You can use
them on others because these negative influences are already trespassing and
you are only affirming one’s divinity, not influencing them for personal
gain. You can call on the House of Mary, Jesus, Baba ji, Buddha, your own
main teacher and guide if you know it, yet it is best to use fifth
dimensional beings on up beyond the astral level. They are ascended and off
the wheel of life.

In dealing with the darkest of the unseen negative influences, call on the
7th dimensional Lion beings. They seem to be the only ones to really take
care of business with this group. Maahes, Narasimha, Bacal, Caja, Sekhmet
are a few of them known in history. The ancient Egyptians were fully aware
of the archons as depicted in their wall paintings and how to deal with
Healing Technique:

Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of
consciousness. You must have self – authority and maintain control. If you
are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms,
limiting mental concepts, psychic bonds or discarnate entities (lost souls)
in need of healing. They are bound to the earth vibration due to lower
vibrational attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to
manipulate or control. Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another
place, another person. IN all healings, remember that god is love. It is the
power of love that heals and lifts. We will give you the following steps to
clear the energy.

1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you.
2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus,
Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the beautiful
Many Christed Ones.

3. Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened.
(repeat if you feel it is needed)
4. Tell them that they are filled and surrounded with the Christ light and
the Christ love (or the highest consciousness and energy available).
5. Ask that your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place
and highest expression.

6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be
dissolved and lifted into the light of truth.
7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close their auras to all but
spirit of the highest vibration.
Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing
to do. Remember that your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their
level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before
opening. It creates a clear and safe environment and it also lifts the one
who is doing the healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the law!
Hope this helps, please share with your family and friends.
If you are interested further, I encourage you to order James books through

our website.www.eceti.org
Pass this far and wide
Be well and Godspeed,
James Gilliland

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The Divine Masculine – Call to Action


Here is a copy of my latest article, which you can find online to share at: http://www.ascension101.com/en/home/ascension-blog/75-april-2013/339-the-divine-masculine.html

The Divine Masculine

the human collective by inelia benz.jpg

As we create the new paradigm, we hear and use the words “Divine Feminine”, “Goddess Within”, “Mother Earth”, “Pachamama”, “Solar Feminine”, a lot.

They represent what is best about the feminine energies in our selves and our planet.

But what of the “Divine Masculine”, “Pachapapa”, “God Within”, “Father Earth”, “Solar Masculine”?

The Divine Masculine energy has been hijacked by our collective choices the past few thousand years to be the “bad guy” in the story. Not the accused “bad guy”, which was the feminine, but the “actual” bad guy.

We have projected onto the Divine Masculine, as a society, the Tyrant, the Aggressor, the Rescuer, the Martyr, the Savior, Teacher, God All Powerful. In other words, all the “doers” in the victim/aggressor cycle.

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The explosions at the Boston Marathon are the manifestation of dark deeds proliferated under the energy of the Eris Point New Moon. For over a week now, I’ve been talking about the strong potential for attacks and aggression all this month because the Illuminati and their Archontic controllers always use the Eris and Black Moon astrological aspects to progress their plans for fear, chaos and destruction. It’s a ritual and they’ve demonstrated it time and again when they take advantage of this energy and alchemize it to empower strikes.

The ritual continues. Note that the night before the New Moon, the Newtown families were honored in DC. Newtown families were at the marathon. All that is missing at this point is some reference in a Batman movie.

The jig is up. Through empirical data we know that the new world order strikes when the Eris Point (22 Aries) is activated astrologically. The same is true for strong aspects of the Black Moon. This month provides the perfect storm of the two with the New Moon at the Eris Point (empowered even more so by the additional conjunction of Venus and Mars) and the Black Moon beginning the month-long opposition to the Galactic Center.

Remember that since the Black Moon is making the opposition to the Galactic Center, fears are naturally being triggered. Eris rules the battlefield and the battle is for the sovereignty of all people.

What is not understood is that this energy rails against power, control, and tyranny. Their motto is “bind Eris in chains,” but it simply isn’t possible. I discuss this thoroughly in my book on Eris (available here for free). More and more people will see the truth behind their actions and so their tricks will lose power.

If you are unaware that a drill was running simultaneous to the marathon, follow the story at infowars.

For us, we do what we do. We see clearly. We are not fooled. We hold to the ideal of freedom. We are not afraid. And we aren’t pulled from our center because a bomb could go off around us any minute and maim us. We don’t pontificate over the violence of humanity. This is a straight-up Archontic attack – nothing more. Don’t feed it. We are sad for those who are victims of this act. But we know exactly who and what is behind it.


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It Can’t Rain All The Time – Jane Siberry (Brandon Lee/The Crow Tribute) – YouTube


We walk the narrow path
Beneath the smoking skies
Sometimes you can barely tell the difference
Between darkness and light

Do we have faith In what we believe?
The truest test Is when we cannot
When we cannot see
I hear pounding feet in the,
in the streets below
And the, and the women crying
and the, and the children know
That there’s, there’s something wrong
It’s hard to believe that love will prevail

It won’t rain all the time
The sky won’t fall forever
And though the night seems long
Your tears won’t fall forever

When I’m lonely
I lie awake at night
And I wish you were here
I miss you

Can you tell me
Is there something more To believe in?
Or is this all there is?
And the pounding feet in the,
in the streets below
And a, and a window breaks
and a,and a woman falls
There’s something wrong It’s,
it’s hard to believe that love will prevail

It won’t rain all the time
The sky won’t fall forever
And though the night seems long
Your tears won’t fall,
your tears won’t fall
Your tears won’t fall forever

Last night I had a dream
You came into my room
You took me into your arms
Whispering and kissing me
And telling me to still believe

Within the emptiness
of The burning cities
against which We set our darkest of selves
Until finally
I felt safe and warm
I fell asleep in your arms
And when I awoke
I cried again
For you were gone
Can you hear me?

It won’t rain all the time
The sky won’t fall forever
And though the night seems long
Your tears won’t fall forever

It won’t rain all the time
The sky won’t fall forever
And though the night seems long
Your tears won’t fall,
your tears won’t fall
Your tears won’t fall forever

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The manuscript of survival – part 300 by Aisha North

As you see the light approaching on the horizon, you will hear the clarion call from all of those souls starting to wake up to this new dawn. For now, it is not only you who will be singing the praise of this dawn. As we have said earlier, this heavenly choir you have been putting together on this little blue planet will start to amass so many new voices. And so day by day, the volume and the complexity of your song will increase in so many ways. For you were the first ones, and in the beginning, your voices where few and far between, and they were easily lost in the ongoing drone of noise being emitted from all sorts of sources around you. For if you were not listening intently, this heavenly song was easy to overlook amongst all of the clamoring of fear, voices of discontent and the hubbub of downright deafening proportions. For you were not easy to spot in this veritable mass of wall to wall noise, and as such, you yourselves felt how your sound was drowning in a sea of emotional turmoil.

But now, it is like your choir is parting the waves of this at times overwhelming background noise, and as it does, more and more will find themselves humming along to the tune that you are calling out. And at first, they might not even be aware of it, just like many go around their daily lives humming inaudibly even to themselves, without being conscious of doing so. But bit by bit, this low humming that emanates from their heart will start to gather momentum and indeed strength, and soon they too will start to hear this song originating from their own soul. And when they start to pick up these sounds, their whole being will be alerted to it, and they will find themselves walking away from what held their interest up until a very short time ago. For they will become as if transformed by this simple, but oh so beautiful tune that is talking not only to their ears, but also to their hearts. And just like you, they will understand that the time has come to leave the old behind, and start to open up the door behind which they just know that this heartening tune is coming from.

We know this will not be news to any of you, for you will all in some way have encountered these newly awakened souls in one form or the other, but what will be news to you all, will be the sheer number of them that you will meet on your way now. For you have in many ways been in hiding, as you have felt the need to protect yourselves. Just like newly hatched little birds, you have seeked shelter under the bushes, in order to make it through that first stage, where you felt as if surrounded by negativity and dangers on all sides. But now, your plumage has grown, and with it your confidence, and so now, you will feel ready to start to show yourself in full daylight, singing your beautiful song loud and clear, having no fear as to just who will see you or hear your song. For the time has come to take your wonders out into the world, show you true colors and sing your song of freedom. And we promise you will all be amazed by the response you will get. Oh yes, some will be more than a little frightened, and even jealous of your light, and they will not hesitate to show their displeasure, but that will not be news to any of you either. But what you will encounter more and more, are those who will be in awe of your true beauty, and who will want to know what has made you into this radiant bird, fluttering above the disheartening reality they themselves feel surrounded by. And when you look into their eyes, they will see it, and you will see it in them, and that is all it takes. For it will be as if the mere sight of your soul will set them free. And they will all start to feel the itching from their own feathers, waiting to emerge.

So fear not, dear ones, you have the wings and the voices that will carry you as long and as high as you want, so do not stay cooped up in your hiding place forever. For if you do, your light will almost be lost to this world, as you will only be able to light up a small circle around you. But if you dare to take to the air and sing your jubilant song, your light will be cascading down upon this whole planet in a way that will speed up the process considerably for everyone. So take heart, and take to your wings. You will find it a very enjoyable task indeed, for your eyes and your heart will find light in so many places, and you will feel the deep connection that you share grow stronger and deeper for every soul your song will touch.


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Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace

When we join together in our intentions-whether thru prayer, meditation or physical action, we create the change we intend. As Wilcock points out numerous studies have proven this. Let’s join David in his wonderful optimism and determination to cocreate the Golden Age we would all love to see-praying and meditating take a little time, a little effort-but nothing is lost by taking these actions. We do not place ourselves at risk as we do in physical protest, or by going to war-we jsut take a few moments out of our day to join with others in an act of Love and courage.

In a time when things DO look bleak, when the Dark Night of the Soul does appear to be spreading like a spiritual black plague, it takes courage to believe in a new Dawn, to not only know but to act upon that deep inner knowing that the SUN ALWAYS RISES-no matter how dark it gets.

As Denise Le Fey has mentioned recently, Team Dark is playing a game of smash and grab with US as the victims and the loot. They would love for us to believe the darkness is forever, they would love for the war, environmental destruction, corruption, poverty, violence etc to drag our spirits down so far we give up.

But as Brandon Lee once said SO well “It can’t rain ALL the Time”.

Just like in The Crow, the darkness is all around us and it seems like it will never end, but it will. Sometimes it takes some serious suffering and courage from the good guys to send the bad guys packing, but wouldn’t you love to be the one saying to the cabal “Is that gasoline I smell?”;-)

Boston Marathon: Meditate for Peace
by David Wilcock
April 15, 2013, 3:33 pm

The Meditation Effect proves we can reduce war, terrorism and violence by turning within. Now is the time for us to use this science to help the planet.


I just got off the air with Scout Bartlett, of KEST-Radio in San Francisco, after taping a half-hour radio show that will air later this week.

He is the Host and Producer of two shows — Life Insights Live and Spiritual Perspectives, which air on 1450 AM in the northern California region.

I called in at 11:55 AM Pacific time, and we began taping as of 12 noon — or 3PM Eastern time.

This was quite a show. I exposed the Cabal, false-flag terrorism, and sketched out the Big Picture of where this is all going.

I specifically focused on the fact that even though this appears as a global “Dark Night of the Soul,” this is only one part of a larger story — with a very positive ending.

Right from the beginning, I called special attention to the Meditation Effect.


In this 25-minute show, which only ended a half-hour ago as I write this sentence, I described how 50 different scientific studies have confirmed the Meditation Effect is real.

7000 people get together and meditate — and global terrorism goes down by 72 percent.

Similarly dramatic decreases were seen in war, fatalities and violent crime.

Even if skeptics want to argue about whether or not this is “real,” the fact is that all other variables have been ruled out — including weekends, weather, holidays, et cetera.

This effect has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications, including the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.


I just got done telling Scout that this effect does NOT work the same way for the negative.

If 7000 people thinking thoughts of fear, anger and revenge had the same effect, we’d be in trouble.

I described how a very small group of people are actually running both sides of the major wars — including World War II.

This was revealed to me in a college class in 1992 — after I had already turned off my attention to the television, and kept it off.


Awakening to the existence of this centralized Cabal is essential to a greater spiritual realization.

Confronting your fear, moving through trauma and anguish, and ultimately renewing your faith in a loving Universe is the key to success.

The Meditation Effect proves that the Universe is biased in favor of love, peace and forgiveness.

When we practice this within ourselves, it has a collective, energetic effect on others.

The science behind this is not yet commonly accepted, but the supporting data is extensive — as I’ve been revealing for years now.


In this same radio show, I explained that over 30 ancient cultures had an “encoded” prophecy in their myths of a coming Golden Age.

This was verified by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, two historians at the top of their game in the 1960s.

They wrote an entire book on this subject entitled Hamlet’s Mill — and made a very elaborate and stunning case.

I explained that every myth has the “Hero’s Journey” story embedded in it as well.

This is ultimately a blueprint of the Universal Mind — revealing how we move through cycles of renewal and spiritual awakening in our lives.

The patterns we move through are called “Archetypes” — and one of them is the Dark Night of the Soul.

At this point, it seems that All is Lost, and there is a strong Whiff of Death that cannot be ignored — but it is not the end.

New solutions quickly follow after what seems like a point of no return.


In this new science, war and terrorism is more likely to happen when the collective frequency of consciousness drops sufficiently.

If enough people feel anger, fear, stress and pain, these disasters are much more likely to occur.

One prominent example is the Indonesian tsunami, which occurred right during Christmas — statistically the #1 time of the year for suicide and stress.

Positive emotions protect us from these disasters — by creating a radiant effect that influences the free will of others, so they do not commit heinous acts.

Today is a very significant stress day for the American public. It is April 15th — the day everyone must pay their taxes.

It is a “deadline” — and with the economy being in the dumps, many people are feeling extraordinary stress.

This ultimately lowers our “defense shields”, in terms of how this new science actually operates.

Personally, I know I just could not sleep this morning. I was bolt-awake at 5:30 AM. Then I got up again at 8:30. It was very difficult to stay asleep.

I was not nervous about the radio show, and could not understand where all of this was coming from.


As soon as I looked online after my show, the bombing had occurred. I immediately saw the connection with the show I had just finished up with.

I do absolutely believe there is an international alliance that is seeking to defeat the Cabal.

There is extensive evidence that the Cabal uses terrorism to meet its needs.

Though none of the media outlets are speculating on this just yet, these two explosions at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon have all the indications of a deliberate attack.

It was also timed on an important day — right after the Cabal bank accounts will be replenished.

Part of the Cabal is in America, and relies on stealing our tax revenues for its survival.

It is time for the Alliance to step up and take more definitive action. We’ve been hearing for over a year now that they were ready to move.

By not moving yet, and taking their time, terrible losses have been suffered.


I do understand the strategy behind waiting. Even with fatalities like this, the Cabal is a menacing adversary with control of much of the media.

This is something we only get one chance to do properly. It has to be done right the first time.

In my radio show today, I explained how a small group of about 3000 people are really the key — and within that group, there are only about 100 or less who are the top managers.

By simply nullifying their influence, such as through mass arrests, the entire command system could be changed.

The media could begin singing a different tune — very quickly — once this managerial shift is enacted.


Insiders have told me the Alliance — which includes a majority of the US military, who wish to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic — is prepared to act if the Cabal pushes it too far.

This cowardly and treasonous act of false-flag terrorism will undoubtedly be used in the media as a provocation, attempting to incite much greater hostilities.

Will the Alliance finally get the job done? Will this finally be enough?

I hope so.

And here’s the thing. I don’t have to merely hope.

We can use the new science to help change the outcome — and finally end this global nightmare.


This is a pivotal moment in history.

YOU have the power to change the outcome.

You can choose to obsess on this, feel fear, worry, anger and pain, and drown in hours of footage of atrocities from the scene.

You can also choose to use the Meditation Effect, and enact thoughts of peace, love and happiness — and realize the greater Unity we all share.

We have more than enough people in our audience — which reaches millions, in potential — to make this happen.


YOU can begin voting, right now, for peace and positivity.

We cannot change that this event has happened. We can, however, steer the narrative away from greater violence, and towards greater peace.

It is a remarkable synchronicity that I spelled all of this out on the radio, BEFORE the event actually happened.

I am sure Scout will gladly testify to the fact that we did that entire show before this happened. Otherwise, he would obviously have mentioned it.

I do not believe we are going to stay in darkness forever. Peace is possible. Peace is attainable.

We have the power to create the future we seek. A future of prosperity, goodness, abundance and mutual respect.


Even if you are not sure if this really works, I ask you to please join us now in seeking that place of Pure Consciousness in yourself.

Look to the positive. Reflect on the little things. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the love that is always there.

Know in your heart that you are a being of infinite worth, that the Universe is a loving and peaceful place, and that the way you feel, right now, can control the outcome.

I thank you for caring enough to do this.


Please note: I just realized I uploaded this at 3:33 pm. That was NOT intentional. I noticed it immediately after checking the front page.

It further confirms that writing this post was the right move — and we do have the power to change the outcome.


Last night, I finished writing the Captions Log for my new book, The Synchronicity Key.

This was a list of all the images that will be in the final version of the book, as well as the written captions that will go underneath them.

Several of these images were geometric illustrations — including the Platonic Solids. It is the very, very last stage of the process of writing the book, except for one final edit.

Right as I was looking for an image online to complete the collection, I was stunned by Google’s front page illustration. It’s still there right now:

The spherical “coordinates” in the center rotate. Notice that we see drawings of the icosahedron, the tetrahedron and the octahedron all in this illustration — three out of the five Platonic Solids.

I could hardly believe my eyes, given that I was literally doing the last move I needed to make to illustrate how this geometry is the basis of the Universal Mind.


This is the link that Google made over the above illustration:


Here are three article excerpts that explained why they did it. Today is the 306th birthday of Leonhard Euler.

The Guardian on Leonhard Euler Honored by Google Doodle

The birth of the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler has been celebrated by Google with the publishing of an interactive Google doodle.

Euler was arguably the most important mathematician of the 18th century and one of the greatest of all time.

He introduced most modern mathematical terminology and notation and was also renowned for his work in mechanics, fluid dynamics, optics, and astronomy.

NDTV on Leonhard Euler Google Doodle

Leonhard Euler, one of the most greatest mathematicians of all times, is the subject of Monday’s Google doodle.

Leonhard Euler is know for introducing much of the mathematical terminology and notation that is used today, such as the notion of a mathematical function.

Euler also made important discoveries in the field of calculus and graph theory.

This last excerpt from the Times of India explains how Euler contributed to the geometry they illustrated on Google.

Times of India on Leonhard Euler Google Doodle

NEW DELHI: Today Google, the search engine giant, celebrates Leonhard Euler’s 306th birth anniversary with an animated Google doodle.

Leonhard Euler (15 April 1707 – 18 September 1783) born in Basel, Switzerland, was a physicist and mathematician whose contribution and discoveries are considered to be significant in the fields of infinitesimal calculus and graph theory.

His area of work included continuum physics, algebra, lunar theory, trigonometry, geometry, infinitesimal calculus. And his work is used as references to explain a large number of topics.


I really did feel like Neo in that scene in The Matrix where he says “My computer is talking to me!” This was another example of many synchronicities that have happened over the years.

This is why we named the book The Synchronicity Key in the first place. This geometry shows up everywhere — from the quantum to universal level.

The new, unified science reveals how this geometry shapes and molds reality as we know it.

In truth, there are always going to be places where you can see fear, doom, death and destruction.

You can focus on those things, and become convinced that this is all there is.

You can also focus on life, love, peace and laughter — and find abundant proof of that reality around you as well.

Choosing to focus on the positive is not naive, it’s not ignorant and it’s not superstitious.

From a scientific perspective, you are helping all of us. And you may just save innocent lives

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Welcome to the Occupation | The Media Co-op

As a participant in Occupy I first heard of this film as it was being made by a friend who absolutely adored Velcrow Ripper and his earlier work. I think it is brilliant that it is now coming to movie theaters. If people realize that the process IS the change it will make an enormous difference-a lot faster than people think change is possible.

The concept of activism AS spirituality was inculcated in me very early in life. If you are one with the land, if the trees are your grandparents and the birds and animals your sisters and brothers-how could you NOT stand up for them when the society you live in deems them PRODUCTS?

As a child I heard often about Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Ghandi, both of whom made activism integral to their own spiritual path. Later I became an admirer of both Starhawk and Zsusanna Budapest who brought Dianic Wicca and the idea of a feminist spirituality to America. Starhawk especially went on with things like the ReClaiming covens and much of her writing about her own protest work to fully integrate the idea of activism and spirituality as deeply and essentially connected activities.

When we act from the heart, when we connect with one another at the heart level as in NVC, we are operating at a deeper and more essential level of reality than politics-and at that level we can solve ANY problem without all the trickery and nonsense so integral to politics as we now know it.

I am looking forward to seeing this film!

Also-this article is reblogged from The Media Co-op in Canada, and if you are interested in what is REALLY going on in the world that the mainstream news ignores, then follow the link and check out their site, and the magazine they publish called The Dominion.

Welcome to the Occupation

Occupy Love gets a cynical OWS tourist thinking differently

by Dru Oja Jay

Welcome to the Occupation

Welcome to the Occupation

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Rehtaehs friends and relatives say society needs to change

It was October of 2011, and as luck would have it, I was passing through New York City. Occupy Wall Street had been going for a few weeks, and had gained significant momentum. Hundreds attended the nightly general assembly; committees met in circles scattered throughout the park; speakers addressed an electrified and ever-changing crowd through the “people’s mic,” hundreds repeating each sentence. The unstoppable drum circle at the south end of the park thrummed in the background.

Like any OWS tourist, I marvelled at the wonders of consensus decisionmaking among people who had become politicized in the last week or two, and the celebrity visits (Michael Moore ambled through the park with a crowd of followers, Michael Franti played an impromptu concert, and no one seemed to recognize Naomi Klein, who was slated to speak the following day). Free food and donations flooded in, and the incredible energy was sustained by global attention and a constant flow of visitors.

But what struck me most deeply wasn’t any of those things.

Seized by the spirit of OWS, I stumbled into conversation with a young man from New Jersey with a wide-eyed look that indicated a very recent and very ongoing politicization. Slogans shouted at me from pins on his coat. My first impression was that he was basically clueless. He announced that he was there to “keep American jobs in America.” Curious, I asked him — gently — what he thought about the rights of migrant labourers and what effect protectionist policies would have on people US corporations were exploiting elsewhere. He froze up, unable to formulate a response. Wanting to understand more of his perspective and a little thrown by how quickly I had put him on the defensive, I tried a different tack. “Some people say,” I offered, “that economic growth is destroying the environment in catastrophic ways, and the economic system itself has to be changed.”

This was far beyond any analysis he had so far considered. “I don’t know anything about those things,” he said, a bit flustered. But then he added: “What’s important is that we’re all here, discussing these problems and coming up with solutions together.”

At first, I didn’t think much of the conversation. He reminded me of the inexperienced protesters cynical journalists usually seek out at protests in order to better dismiss them. Like that poor sap in a turtle costume at a the WTO protest whose opinion that the WTO is “anti-turtle” was quoted in a national magazine. Surely, I thought, this guy’s fate is to end up as fodder for an ambitious New York Times reporter looking to impress an editor.

But his statement stuck with me, and increasingly, it struck me as quite remarkable. Political activity is about certainty, about being on top of the facts and getting to the bottom things. There is little room for uncertainty, and less margin for error. If we get a fact wrong or generalize, our best case scenario is that reporters will sneer at us, that our adversaries will seize on a misplaced number or an innaccurate quote. Ideally, we do media trainings and triple-check our facts to avoid that situation.

And yet a few blocks from Wall Street, the epicentre of global commerce, arguably the media capital of the western world, a kid from New Jersey feels comfortable sharing the vulnerability of his ignorance with a complete stranger. Not only that, but he affirms his willingness to learn, to share his self with hundreds of other strangers. To open to the unknown, and the world as it is.

Some critics say that Occupy was obsessed with process. But proponents of Occupy such as the ones featured in Occupy Love point to a deeper meaning to the focus on process over results or demands. This attitude indicates trust in other human beings, an openness to outcomes not being predetermined, and a committment to inclusiveness. To make this work, you need some kind of collective goodwill. A trust in our connectedness. A willingness to deeply empathize. Ok, I’ll say it. Love!

But I wouldn’t have said it (or much of what’s written above) before I saw the remarkable film Occupy Love.

Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper visited Occupy Wall Street as part of a twelve-year journey exploring the connection between spirituality and activism that had already yielded two films, Scared Sacred and Fierce Light. This lens gave him an insight that hardened leftists and other observers have largely left implicit, missed altogether, or relegated to old Che Guevara quotes: what gives meaning to our willingness to fight, and to our pain at the suffering and destruction wrought in the name of profit, is love. When we acknowledge and cultivate a movement as a sort of love story, Ripper argues, new possibilities emerge, and the unimaginable becomes the everyday.

Occupy Love, Ripper’s latest film, tells this fairytale of Occupy from the perspective of Egyptian and American activists, with detours to Hawai’i, the Tar Sands, Greenland and Toronto, interviews with philosophers, Buddhist teachers, Cree elders, literary luminaries, journalists, and activists, and names like Klein, hooks, Solnit, Rifkin, Eisenstein and Dellinger.

At first, I was dubious. The language of love is, I thought, hackneyed and worse for wear. Hearts and soft-lit memes with inspiring quotes, I thought, are what the L-word primarily evokes. But Ripper defies the odds that are currently stacked against earnestness, and the movie makes a broad, beautiful, soaring and eloquent argument for placing love at the centre of our understanding of what moves people to make revolution.

Visits to and explanations of Occupy Wall Street form a sort of launch pad for various flights into the meaning of love in an era marked by an evolve-or-die mandate for social movements, and for humanity.

The result is breadth, not depth. It’s a feverish and lucid run of free-association that evokes the all-night conversations of a new romance. It’s a heaping buffet table of food for thought.

Portraits of participants in the Tahrir Square uprising give way to a quick explanation of neoliberalism, we make a quick stop in Greenland to discuss climate change, Rebecca Solnit quotes Pablo Neruda (“you can cut the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring”), bell hooks makes the link back to neoliberalism (“forming connection, learning together… is exactly the opposite of what dominative culture would have us be about”), evolutionary theory sheds light on competition, giant flocks of birds teach us about distributed decisionmaking and emergent behaviour, Naomi Klein tells us about the enourmous task ahead of us (“what we’re trying to do has never been done before”) and then it’s back into someone’s tent a few blocks from Wall Street (“ends and mean are the same thing,” Pancho Ramos Stierle tells us). Not satisfied with the talking head documentary format, Ripper makes use of every moment of our visual attention to juxtapose thought-provoking visual metaphors and beautiful footage with the stream of words.

In between, we get the distilled reflections of some thoughtful people. Here’s Charles Eisenstein, who is featured in the Occupy Love trailer, on the philosophical underpinnings of a society that is connected, not alienated: “It’s really hard to create community if the underlying knowledge is ‘we don’t need each other.’ … joint consumption doesn’t create intimacy. Only joint creativity and gifts create intimacy and connection.”

“If there wasn’t so much love, there wouldn’t be so much pain,” Drew Dellinger tells us at one point. Those looking for a thorough analysis of the crisis we face will be disappointed by this film. For those who have a good number of searing critiques and incisive polemics under their belts, Occupy Love is a great way to get some of those all-night discussions started.
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Why Would Anyone Celebrate the Death of Margaret Thatcher? Ask a Chilean | Common Dreams

Why Would Anyone Celebrate the Death of Margaret Thatcher? Ask a Chilean

by Dave Zirin

Never have I witnessed a gap between the mainstream media and the public, quite like the last 24 hours since the death of Margaret Thatcher. While both the press and President Obama were uttering tearful remembrances, thousands took to the streets of the UK and beyond to celebrate. Immediately this drew strong condemnation of what were called “death parties”, described as tasteless, horrible, and beneath all human decency. Yet if the same media praising Thatcher and appalled by the popular response would bother to ask one of the people celebrating, they might get a story that doesn’t fit into their narrative, which is probably why they aren’t asking at all.

Thousands have taken to the streets to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.I received a note this morning from the friend of a friend. She lives in the UK, although her family didn’t arrive there by choice. They had to flee Chile, like thousands of others, when it was under the thumb of General Augusto Pinochet. If you don’t know the details about Pinochet’s blood-soaked two-decade reign, you should read about them but take care not to eat beforehand. He was a merciless overseer of torture, rapes, and thousands of political executions. He had the hands and wrists of the country’s greatest folk singer Victor Jara broken in front of a crowd of prisoners before killing him. He had democratically elected Socialist President Salvador Allende shot dead at his desk. His specialty was torturing people in front of their families.

As Naomi Klein has written so expertly, he then used this period of shock and slaughter to install a nationwide laboratory for neoliberal economics. If Pinochet’s friend Milton Friedman had a theory about cutting food subsidies, privatizing social security, slashing wages, or outlawing unions, Pinochet would apply it. The results of these experiments became political ammunition for neoliberal economists throughout the world. Seeing Chile-applied economic theory in textbooks always boggles my mind. It would be like if the American Medical Association published a textbook on the results of Dr. Josef Mengele’s work in the concentration camps, without any moral judgment about how he accrued his patients.

Pinochet was the General in charge of this human rights catastrophe. He also was someone who Margaret Thatcher called a friend. She stood by the General even when he was exile, attempting to escape justice for his crimes. As she said to Pinochet, “[Thank you] for bringing democracy to Chile.”

Therefore, if I want to know why someone would celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher, I think asking a Chilean in exile would be a great place to start. My friend of a friend took to the streets of the UK when she heard that the Iron Lady had left her mortal coil. Here is why:

“I’m telling [my daughter] all about the Thatcher legacy through her mother’s experience, not the media’s; especially how the Thatcher government directly supported Pinochet’s murderous regime, financially, via military support, even military training (which we know now, took place in Dundee University). Thousands of my people (and members of my family) were tortured and murdered under Pinochet’s regime- the fascist beast who was one of Thatcher’s closest allies and friend. So all you apologists/those offended [by my celebration] -you can take your moral high ground & shove it. YOU are the ones who don’t understand. Those of us celebrating are the ones who suffered deeply under her dictatorship and WE are the ones who cared. We are the ones who protested. We are the humanitarians who bothered to lift a finger to help all those who suffered under her regime. I am lifting a glass of champagne to mourn, to remember and to honour all the victims of her brutal regime, here AND abroad. And to all those heroes who gave a shit enough to try to do something about it.”

I should add here that I lived in Chile in 1995, when Pinochet had been deposed but was still in charge of the armed forces. I became friends with those who were tortured or had their families disappeared so Thatcher’s connection to Chile strikes a personal note with me. I also understand however, that similar explanations for “why people are celebrating” could be made by those with connections to Argentina, apartheid South Africa, Indonesia, Belfast, Gaza, or Baghdad. The case could also be made by those in the UK affected by Thatcher’s Pinochet-tested economic dictates who choose not to mourn.

It also matters because the 48 hours after a powerful public figure dies is when the halo becomes permanently affixed to their head. When Ronald Reagan passed away, a massive right wing machine went into motion aimed at removing him from all criticism. The Democrats certainly didn’t challenge this interpretation of history and now according to polls, people under 25 would elect Reagan over President Obama, even though Reagan’s ideas remain deeply unpopular. To put it crudely, the political battle over someone’s memory is a political battle over policy. In Thatcher’s case, if we gloss over her history of supporting tyrants, we are doomed to repeat them.

As Glenn Greenwald wrote so expertly in the Guardian, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with loathing Margaret Thatcher or any other person with political influence and power based upon perceived bad acts, and that doesn’t change simply because they die. If anything, it becomes more compelling to commemorate those bad acts upon death as the only antidote against a society erecting a false and jingoistically self-serving history.”

Or to put it even more simply, in the words, of David Wearing, “People praising Thatcher’s legacy should show some respect for her victims.” That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Let’s please show some respect for Margaret Thatcher’s victims. Let’s respect those who mourn everyday because of her policies, but choose this one day to wipe away the tears.Then let’s organize to make sure that the history she authored does not repeat.

© 2013 The Nation
Dave Zirin

Dave Zirin is the author of Welcome to the Terrordome: the Pain Politics and Promise of Sports (Haymarket) and the newly published A People’s History of Sports in the United States (The New Press). and his writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated.com, New York Newsday and The Progressive. He is the host of XM Radio’s Edge of Sports Radio. Contact him at edgeofsports@gmail.com