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The Oracle Report Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The explosions at the Boston Marathon are the manifestation of dark deeds proliferated under the energy of the Eris Point New Moon. For over a week now, I’ve been talking about the strong potential for attacks and aggression all this month because the Illuminati and their Archontic controllers always use the Eris and Black Moon astrological aspects to progress their plans for fear, chaos and destruction. It’s a ritual and they’ve demonstrated it time and again when they take advantage of this energy and alchemize it to empower strikes.

The ritual continues. Note that the night before the New Moon, the Newtown families were honored in DC. Newtown families were at the marathon. All that is missing at this point is some reference in a Batman movie.

The jig is up. Through empirical data we know that the new world order strikes when the Eris Point (22 Aries) is activated astrologically. The same is true for strong aspects of the Black Moon. This month provides the perfect storm of the two with the New Moon at the Eris Point (empowered even more so by the additional conjunction of Venus and Mars) and the Black Moon beginning the month-long opposition to the Galactic Center.

Remember that since the Black Moon is making the opposition to the Galactic Center, fears are naturally being triggered. Eris rules the battlefield and the battle is for the sovereignty of all people.

What is not understood is that this energy rails against power, control, and tyranny. Their motto is “bind Eris in chains,” but it simply isn’t possible. I discuss this thoroughly in my book on Eris (available here for free). More and more people will see the truth behind their actions and so their tricks will lose power.

If you are unaware that a drill was running simultaneous to the marathon, follow the story at infowars.

For us, we do what we do. We see clearly. We are not fooled. We hold to the ideal of freedom. We are not afraid. And we aren’t pulled from our center because a bomb could go off around us any minute and maim us. We don’t pontificate over the violence of humanity. This is a straight-up Archontic attack – nothing more. Don’t feed it. We are sad for those who are victims of this act. But we know exactly who and what is behind it.


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