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The Oracle Report Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

As the “strike point” continues today, we need to make sure we are not striking against ourselves. Today’s energy brings the tendency to self-sabotage and to direct anger inward. Some people always respond to this type of energy by acting it out or projecting it onto others, so be aware that anyone can become the object of this. But more serious damage is done when we inflict criticism and harsh judgment on ourselves. This cuts to our soul. (For an explanation of the “strike point” listen to the audio from April 4, 2013, linked above. I discuss the massive astrological influences that are now underway, as well as how they would be used to produce false flag type events.)

This entire lunar month is simultaneously like a battle on a battlefield (Eris astrological effects) and a descent into the underworld (Black Moon astrological effects).

The catch here is that we really aren’t descending into the underworld, the underworld is rising around us.

The “underworld” is two very different things. It is the energy that we identify as archontic and it is literally the ground beneath us – Gaia Sophia. As the archontic forces rise up, so too does the divine being embodied as the planet. And she takes us with her.

If you recall, I discussed how a major “upgrade” to our personal energetic frequencies/signatures would begin in earnest this lunar month. This is happening at the subatomic levels of our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It’s all based on electromagnetics and light.

Then we have the Mahavidya who rules this month, Chinnamasta, blowing out the crown chakra so that we don’t implode from the upgrade.

While individuals and the human collective at large go down fighting today, we rise with the power of all that is beautiful, good, and fierce. We have on battle armor and a shield (protection that we mentally establish and maintain) but we rise above the scene. We are elevated by wisdom – the wisdom goddess herself.

As we rise above the scene, panoramically, we recognize that sometimes a player jums up and tries to take hold. This is archontic energy trying to attach in the form of an actual attack from someone/something or self-criticism. The battle can take many forms.

Here’s the thing to remember: we are not alone. We are intimately connected with our creatrix and through two-way commnication (which is happening on several levels of awareness) we are affecting the battlefield (the matrix) in real time. It is important to note that we are neither engaging in the fear battle that is being waged right now, nor are we passive. TWe are awake and aware. We respond when we are personally moved to action. This is different for everyone but takes on a general wave of action.

This report will take a couple of reads, and you may want to revisit it later today for fuller understanding. And be kind to yourself.


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