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ZEN LOVE by Velcrow Ripper – YouTube

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Featuring beloved Zen Buddhist teacher, Roshi Joan Halifax, answering the question: how could the climate crisis become a great love story? From acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper’s upcoming feature doc, (in progress) EVOLVE LOVE: Love in A Time of Climate Crisis. http://www.evolvelovelive.com Music by: Adham Shaikh (sonicturtle.com), Bluetech (bluetechonline.com), and Zoe Keating (zoekeating.com) EVOLVE LOVE will be released in 2012.

Author: ohnwentsya

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One thought on “ZEN LOVE by Velcrow Ripper – YouTube

  1. I think this ia anamazing movie. I hope the masses get a chance to see it.

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