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I received this in email just now. This is a sentiment I have seen many times, and I hope those of you who do not understand what he is talking about, or don’t “get it” will do more research. It is my deep feeling that the plastic medicine people are scam artists no matter how you look at it-they are cheating *everyone* both the cultures they pillage and disrespect, and the sincere seekers who are taught nonsense by them.

Spirituality is part of ALL of us, everyone that exists-it is not a commodity to bought and sold.


This is an edit and update to a previous public warning and that should of included the wider American Indian communities of the Americas.


This morning I awoke after having a vision and I was unhappy. I believe that the time has come for our Taino and other people to begin to formally address the past misinformation that has been spread for decades and is still being publicly spread by plastic individuals. The truth as to our historical accountings and the traditions of our American Indian spirituality, language and culture must be corrected. There have been a number of non-native people whom have been publicly making false claims as to being language teachers and spiritual gurus (Plastic Medicine people) and or spiritual shamans. These new-age people, have done nothing more than misinform and present a false sense and view of our true Pre-Columbian American Indian culture and their societies. This can no longer go on anymore and I will not just sit back and continue to let our people be publicly humiliated by the crazy uncontrolled actions of these new-age people. As an elder of the people and an academic researcher of our languages, cultures and spirituality, I will no longer put up with this kind of crazy new-age nonsense. I will take it upon myself along with the support and help of other like minded real tribal elders to begin to unmask, expose and stomp out these fires to begin to correct this false misrepresentation as to our American Indian ancestral culture and traditions. Some of these plastic people think that no one in the Indian world would dare stand up against them. As everybody who has known me personally in the wider native world, know that I am a very much outspoken elder and that I am seeker of the truth and follower of the traditional old ways. I can personally say, that It really matters not what these people have to say publicly about me in their effort to slander and humiliate me as an tribal elder. I know that at times I can be a controversial but mostly an upfront person. I say that with the help of the Great Spirit and the guidance of our ancestors that I will go after them with the spirit and boldness of a ancient warrior and with the spirit of the wind. Do not mess with crows and with Hummingbirds as we are the wisdom keepers and our medicine is very strong. To those plastic medicine people, I will tell you plastic people that if I am angered I can shake my two rattles and your spirits will roll.

One factor of importance that needs to be pointed out here and that is the word TRUTH as one cannot just sit back when lies are being spread about our American Indian languages, cultures and spirituality by some want be pretenders and exploiters whom only seek some monetary gain and serve only to bamboozle some unknowing native people. There are three ways that these people can be stopped and they are by way of the use of our traditional spiritual medicine, by enforcing our tribal laws by using our warrior society dog soldiers and by a legal means in the US court systems. A new list of plastic medicine people will be made available by the American Indian communities, the general public and to the whole world in an effort to expose these modern day exploiters and con-artists of our traditional American Indian spirituality and cultures.

As they need to know that this old angry man who is named Amaraca Yumoc (Two Rattles) who is mostly a peaceful person but when angered can descend upon you with a force that is like winds of the hurricane. Chief Pedro Guanikeyu, White Earth Medicine lodge and Hummingbird Clan of the Jatibonicu Taino People

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The Oracle Report Friday, April 19, 2013


First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta

We are treading lightly today. Exercise caution and keep your eyes wide open to your surroundings. Today’s energy is not the time for taking chances or risks, getting into a debate or arguing a point, pushing an issue, or drawing your line. In other words, today is not the day to get caught up in energy that involves conflict. Dramatic expressions of emotion are exhibited today. The keyword is theatre and you can think of all that comes with that: creating drama, making a scene, setting the stage, staging a production, theatres of war, theatres of the mind.

April 20 is historically a time when the Illuminati make mischief, so keep all of this in mind.

This energy recalls the words of Edgar Allen Poe, who probably resonated very well with this month’s ruling Mahavidya (Wisdom Goddess), Chinnamasta. “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” This is a good mindset to have today.




I do not claim to understand half of this, of what is going on, or even the concept of OPPT which made my head spin when I tried to read the first things to come out about it(I read quantum physics for fun as a preteen, so that is saying something about it, or about me;-)

But I am sharing this since Jean sent it to me and obviously *something* is going on. Hopefully it will all turn out well as Michael discusses at the end of this article
Story link: http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/neil-keenan-update-oppt-breaks-peace-declares-military-arm-keenan-survives-poisoning-attempt-notifies-authorities-of-oppt-incitement-of-indonesian-rebellion/

Posted on April 19, 2013

by Jean

  • OPPT breaks peace with Keenan – declares they own the Global Accounts on behalf of “the People”
  • Death threat becomes real – Keenan survives poisoning attempt
  • OPPT a replay of Lenin’s Cabal-backed revolution – but the people won’t fall for it this time
  • OPPT’s Paula Humfrey informs phony “elder” Apriyanto of Swissindo that OPPT “Military Declaration” empowers Indonesian army to overthrow the “foreclosed” government and to arrest all corporate or banking officials – but “nicely” of course.
  • Keenan notifies Indonesian government and Swiss authorities
  • OPPT “Courtesy Notices” Analyzed – How to sell your soul and your children to OPPT forever with one signature
  • Laying down the law: 85% of the Accounts belong to the Qing Dynasty, and Keenan’s job is to protect the assets from fraud, and put them to work for humanity
  • Qing Empress and team working with Keenan to clean up Accounts
  • Sorry, OPPT – we gave you a chance: game over

by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA – April 19, 2013: The One People’s Public Trust broke their phony peace with Neil Keenan only one day after declaring they had no designs on the Global Accounts, and have now shed the last few veils over their cabal-backed co-opting of the freedom movement. In plain words they declared that the OPPT “Military Order and Declaration” empowers any nation’s military (and specifically that of Indonesia) “to take into custody any and all actors” on behalf of humanity: pre-empting private property rights of any and all persons deemed by OPPT to be “actors” on behalf of the “foreclosed” governments and corporations of the world – in other words, anyone connected with government or corporations who hasn’t “OPPTed in.”

Paula Humfrey, an OPPT principal, urged a supposed Indonesian “elder” to encourage a military insurrection against the government of Indonesia, stating that OPPT’s “Military Declaration” on behalf of “the People” had given him the right to do so.

OPPT has now crossed a dangerous line, inviting grave consequences. The Indonesian government has been notified, and is not likely to take this information lightly. The task of deciding which of the principals are well-intentioned naïve dupes, and which are cabal agents will have to be decided by legal authorities.

Meanwhile, the cunningly devised “Courtesy Notices” being promoted by OPPT carefully employ legal terms that bind the entire being and property of those who sign them (including assets, children, DNA, without limit) to OPPT nunc pro tunc praeterea preterea – a legal phrase meaning now and forever after. This is a retread of the cabal’s old device of the enslaving Corporate Birth Certificates which turned human beings into income-generating securities traded in the City of London. Independent legal analysis reveals the insidiously precise legal language that will bind the ignorant signers of the Courtesy Notices to a beyond-lifetime contract of bondage that is nearly unbreakable. A devastating post from another researcher into OPPT will be shared shortly. When it appears on Jean’s site, please share it as widely as you can to prevent this cabal-designed enslavement pact from spreading.

The OPPT principals disavowed any connection with death threats made personally to Neil Keenan which warned him to “lay off” OPPT. Undeterred, we went after them, concerned for others who also received threats.

One day later, Neil Keenan survived what his doctor diagnosed as a poisoning attempt (not food poisoning – poison), only because he carries powerful anti-poison antidotes due to previous attempts. The naïve OPPT principals make jokes about the threats. The cabal puppet masters who are pulling their strings simply carry them out. Those of us working with Mr. Keenan to defeat the cabal and free humanity are not laughing.

Well, actually, Neil Keenan is laughing. He always is. His bathroom wasn’t a pretty sight – take my word for it – but he was cracking jokes all through it, as usual.

Neil Keenan took the high road, and took the OPPT at their word that they had no designs on the Global Collateral Accounts, which Keenan has been asked to manage by the rightful Depositors. One day later, Brian Kelly’s post of OPPT’s conversations with UN Swissindo makes plain their real intentions. Any doubts about the nature of this movement must now be removed.

With mind-bending naivety, Mr. Kelly tells us that OPPT is not interested in gold and assets in discussions with UN Swissindo, but merely an “energetic exchange.” Try looking up a definition of the nature and purpose of money, Brian – be it gold bars, currency, Federal Reserve notes, or Manhattan Island traded for Indian beads, it’s an “energetic exchange.” UN Swissindo is pretending to represent money in the Global Accounts. And OPPT is pretending to represent humanity.

Both of you are, in fact, empty-handed.

Brian Kelly tells us up front that OPPT has made no agreement with the shady organization calling itself UN Swissindo, and that all they desire is the greatest openness, transparency, and due diligence ever known to man.

Fair enough. OPPT’s communications with Swissindo as revealed by Kelly make it plain what OPPT really is, and what they’re really after. OPPT principal Paula Humfrey’s own words in an open letter to phony Indonesian “elder” Apriyanto are sufficiently appalling, with no spin – this is Vladimir Lenin’s recipe for revolution all over (and he was backed by the Rothschilds, too):

“Our creator god will return to us what is rightly due, and then the value can be returned to the people. I believe that there is a way for our shared struggle to be over right now, in this moment. Please see the attached Military Order and Declarationthat was filed as international and universal law by the One People’s Public Trust at the end of 2012. You have every right to arrest all of the actors to whom you refer in your most recent message. The banks have committed fraud and, as discussed above, the government of Indonesia is a corporation that has now been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust. It is not an organic government for the people, but instead a corporation beholden to its investors. I send to you this day another filing that allows the military to take into custody any and all actors, providing that no harm be should be done to them. I trust you will know how to implement this very powerful tool. Please empower the Indonesian military to arrest corrupt bankers and government officials so that they can do no more harm to the people of Indonesia. The One People’s Public Trust Military Ordermandates that every soul on the planet is safe: no harm will be done to another being. However, it is very important to stop these beings from committing further crimes against the people. The future is for our children, and it is our duty and responsibility to make it available to them, free from any wars that these ACTORS and CRIMINALS would like to initiate. I know full well of their crimes and manipulation. This is why the One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on these illegal corporations acting under the disguise of people’s governments. This is why the One People’s Public Trust has foreclosed on all the central banks of the world, including Indonesia’s (Rakyat). The Indonesian people should feel empowered immediately to undertake changes to business and civic systems…”

The combination of arrogance, incipient tyranny, and naivety in this statement is breathtaking. Humfrey’s assurance that “no being shall be harmed” borders on the idiotic – does she really believe that the Indonesian military will go about peacefully arresting their own government and corporate/financial structure without bloodshed? This absurdity would tempt us to let the whole thing slide – who would take this seriously? But the forces behind OPPT, the ones who issued the death threat against Neil Keenan for exposing them (and then presumably carried it out), have a powerful agenda in mind – one that has historically worked for them before. It goes like this:

  1. As revolutionary forces gather among the oppressed people, create or co-opt a movement to control the revolution from within.
  2. Promise the people undreamed-of freedom and abundance – a six-million dollar check for everyone! (or was it five billion?). Doesn’t matter – all we have to do is pry loose our rightful abundance from those bad, bad people who believe they own it. Down with the Bastille!
  3. Once the revolution has released the pent-up yearning for freedom, move in to reclaim the assets for the puppet-masters, under the “new system” of the Wonderful Oneness of the One People and their One Trust….which owns everyone and everything – the ultimate cabal dream.

Let’s think about this for a moment. All government and corporate structures are “foreclosed.” What does that leave? The OPPT. The military is urged to arrest their own superiors, the elected governments, and any and all bankers and corporate officials as well. Meanwhile, the judiciary of these governments has been disbanded as well, so who does that leave? The OPPT. Who is to determine the guilt or innocence of those arrested? Why, Paula Humfrey, of course, because as she tells us in her own words: “I know full well of their crimes and manipulation.”

In the words of Severus Snape, Paula, I can only say…”How grand it must be to be ‘The Chosen One’!”

In practical terms, what does this scenario invite, if OPPT does indeed become the world-wide movement they aspire to be? What would happen if Mr. Apriyanto were foolish enough to follow Ms. Humfrey’s advice, and incite an overthrow of the Indonesian government, utilizing some faction of the military?

Let’s not kid ourselves that it involves a love-fest of BE-ing and DO-ing. It is the cabal’s recipe for chaos and bloodshed – a manipulated revolution that permits either a police-state crackdown and cabal seizure of the Global Accounts, or a phony revolutionary victory….and cabal seizure of the Global Accounts.

I’m trying really hard to remember here just when it was I gave Paula Humfrey this power on my behalf. I must have forgotten to “oppt-in” – but then that doesn’t really matter, because that makes me one of the “actors” to be arrested. OK, Paula, here goes – I will now openly admit my guilt, in an unabashedly anti-OPPT, pro-freedom manifesto:

  • I believe in the rights of private property, and my right to keep that which I have earned – even if that property takes the form of an asset connected with a corporation “foreclosed” by a phony revolutionary movement I abhor
  • I believe in the freedom of sovereign nations and individual cultures to determine their own destiny, free of any interference from globalist banking cabals….or from phony revolutionary movements I abhor
  • I believe in the decentralization of authority to local governments that reflect the values and traditions of the people who live there, within a loose protective confederation of peace-loving nations that guarantees basic human rights, but otherwise leaves people to their own lives, in keeping with the original revolutionary American motto – “Don’t Tread on Me!”…in contrast to the “One World – One People” globalist fig leaf of a phony revolutionary movement I abhor
  • I believe that Mr. Neil Francis Keenan is the kick-ass sheriff chosen by wacky destiny to clean up the fraudsters who’ve been feeding off the Global Collateral Accounts, and that he will then implement humanitarian programs around the world, and I don’t give a rat’s behind if that fact distresses a phony revolutionary movement I abhor.

OK, Paula, there it is. I’m one of those dastardly “Actors” who hasn’t “oppt-ed in.” Now come arrest me! After all, you “know full well of (my) crimes and manipulation.” And guess what? I used to have a securities license, and once sold mutual funds! Come and get me!

And while you’re trying to find some Indonesian insurrectionist to come arrest me, you might also want to glance over your shoulder for the arrival of the Chinese authorities who may decide to enforce the Qing Dynasty’s rightful claim to 85% of the assets you have just told Mr. Apriyanto now belong to “the People.”

Claiming to represent an asset you do not own, and entering into negotiations for the transfer of that asset, is criminal financial fraud – something you and Mr. Apriyanto and Swissindo might want to keep in mind. OPPT’s statements render the principals subject to arrest for criminal financial fraud. That includes:






…and any other OPPT principals who may now be subject to arrest by virtue of their involvement in financial fraud. A final note: how can anyone expect that the long-suffering nations of Asia, who have seen their property stolen and defrauded by the West for the last sixty years, would consign those assets to this group of NWO lackeys?

Since Mr. Keenan has been appointed by the Depositors as the new sheriff of the Global Accounts, it might be a good idea to let everyone know just how this works: who owns the assets, who doesn’t and how they may be rightfully utilized.

First of all, a historical note: Neil Keenan is in this position because he fought the cabal at the risk of his life to recover assets entrusted to his care – and in the process revealed to the world (and especially to the Dragon Family) two things: a) that the Global Accounts had been defrauded by a malevolent banking elite and b) that he is smart enough, just real enough, tough enough, fearless enough, well-connected enough, and honest enough to follow through and take these bastards down.

Who owns the Assets? The banking cabal created the Global Collateral Accounts via a historic subterfuge, under the rubric of preventing endless wars for gold by gathering up the global reserves into a collateral fund. This was begun with the founding of the Bank of International Settlements in the early 1920s, designed by the Rothschilds and their cabal allies as the central bank of central banks. After triggering the Great Depression, the bankrupt United States of America willingly surrendered her gold. The other nations needed a little more persuasion – especially the gold-rich nations of Asia, where the greater part of the world’s supply had accumulated over two thousand years. The cabal funded the Japanese Imperial rape and plunder of East Asia, encompassing the systematic seizure of the continent’s gold supply in Operation Golden Lily. It is now estimated that 85% of the total gold in the Accounts is in fact owned by China in the person of the Qing Empress, who has recently been elected from within the Dynasty to assume authority over the Royal Treasury, with the backing of essential military and government factions within the Chinese power structure. (The Empress has invited Mr. Keenan to manage the accounts on the Dynasty’s behalf, and has offered him a seat on the Dynasty Council). The remainder of the gold and assets in the Accounts are owned by other nations, as recorded in the Account ledgers.

Who may rightfully move, utilize, or place the assets into trade? Only the Depositors! Not the Holders (the Indonesian and other elders who have guarded the bunkers – they are owed long-overdue compensation, which Mr. Keenan will see to it that they receive). Not the Federal Reserve and the cabal cronies. And not bogus entities in Switzerland which set up a phony United Nations knock-off lectern and read aloud phony disbursements of astronomical sums to the nations of the world.

How did OPPT first get the idea they might access the Accounts? One contact was with Mr. Malik Hughes, a key ally of Mr. Keenan’s with the Qing Dynasty office, who informed us that OPPT reached out to him to try to determine if they could reach the mysterious “Madam Wu.” The real Madam Wu is dead. The phony one (a mid-level bank functionary in China) has had to deeply apologize to the Empress several times for presumption, in hopes of avoiding retribution. OPPT claimed that Malik promised them access to the assets. He emphatically denies this and states he made it clear to them “they got nothing – no assets whatsoever”. They then connected with Swissindo so they could still promise their followers a “rose garden” by some other route. But as is now plain, neither of them have anything to offer.

What are Mr. Keenan’s plans for the Global Accounts? Simple, folks. Audit them (a huge task). Freeze out the bad guys who’ve been defrauding them (almost there). Emergency relief for hard-hit areas. Humanitarian, free-energy, and infrastructure programs world-wide. A responsible structure put in place for permanent guardianship with the blessing of the nations. A balancing of the historic wrongs done by the West to Asia, and to the world, through restoration of the assets to the rightful owners.

This fight has now moved into a decisive and final phase. Allies around the world are cheering Mr. Keenan on, telling him that he is winning decisively. It’s not easy. It’s not predictable. It’s not glamorous. And it’s not entirely safe. But it’s worth it. The world already owes him a debt of gratitude. And we are grateful for your prayers on his behalf. And we thank all those friends and allies who have given Mr. Keenan the information, protection, and support needed to complete this great task.

Michael Henry Dunn

CC: Chinese Empress, Bennie Hua
President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Attorney General of Indonesia, Basrief Arief
President of Switzerland, Ueli Maurer
Attorney General of Switzerland, Michael Lauber
United States President, Barack Obama


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OCCUPY LOVE (2013) – Official Trailer – YouTube


Published on Feb 14, 2013


HOST OR FIND A SCREENING IN YOUR TOWN – VISIT http://www.occupylove.com/screenings
On facebook http://www.facebook.com/occupylovefilm
On Twitter @occupylovefilm #OccupyLove

“Visually stunning, politically incendiary, audaciously inspiring. Occupy Love is a masterpiece.” — Ethan Cox, Rabble.ca

Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper on a journey deep inside the global revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet. Humanity is waking up to the fact that the dominant system of power is failing to provide us with health, happiness or meaning. The resulting crisis has become the catalyst for a profound transformation: millions of people are deciding that enough is enough — the time has come to create a new world, a world that works for all life.

A feature documentary by Velcrow Ripper. Produced by Ian MacKenzie, Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper.

Executive producers: Betsy Carson, Catherine Tait and Gregg Hill. Music in this trailer by Zoe Keating, Bluetech and Liquid Stranger. A Community Funded Film produced in association with Superchannel and the Canada Media Fund.

“What the film shows, triumphantly, is that love can unite as much as greed can divide.” — Vancouver International Film Festival

The journey began with SCARED SACRED http://www.scaredsacredorg

The spark ignited with FIERCE LIGHT http://www.fierceight.org

The time is now to OCCUPY LOVE http://www.occupylove.com


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Could Our Deepest Fears Hold the Key to Ending Violence? by Frances Moore Lappé – YES! Magazine

Could Our Deepest Fears Hold the Key to Ending Violence?

Feelings of fear and powerlessness are driving the cycle of violence that surrounds us. To change that, we need to recognize that we need each other to thrive as individuals.

by Frances Moore Lappé
posted Apr 18, 2013

Tulips photo by Paul Nicholson

Photo by Paul Nicholson.

In his book Violence, psychologist James Gilligan asked a Massachusetts prison inmate, What do you want so badly that you would sacrifice everything in order to get it?

Could it be that for human animals fear itself has become a danger?

The inmate declared, Pride. Dignity. Self-esteem And Ill kill every motherfucker in that cell block if I have to in order to get it.

Or, as another inmate said, Ive got to have my self-respect, and Ive declared war on the whole world till I get it.

Pride, dignity, respect, agencya sense that we matterthese are feelings largely shaped interpersonally. We depend upon the social fabric to get them. But for many, these things are in tatters. Fewer and fewer of us feel a sense of belonging, and we’re more and more preoccupied with the desperate scramble for belongings.

We see fears face everywhere, whether in a Congress debating assault weapons or in schools introducing lock-down drills. French philosopher Patrick Viveret has called fear the emotional plague of our planet.

For most species fear is key to survival. Sensing danger, a healthy animal experiences instantaneous physical changes that enable it to escape; then, once the threat has passed, the impala literally shakes off its fear and runs back to join its group.

But could it be that for human animals fear itself has become a danger?To explore the possibility, a place to start is asking what humans fear most.

It is the loss of standing with others, the fear of being cast out by the tribe. Rather than being hyper-individualists, Homo sapiens are profoundly social creaturesthe most social of all species. This sense of standing is inseparable from trust. To thrive, we need to trust that we count in the eyes of others and will, therefore, be treated with respect. In a word, our fear is loss of dignity.

Almost equal is our fear of powerlessness. Human beings need to feel that we make a difference. Social psychologist Erich Fromm argued in The Heart of Man that what characterizes man is that he is driven to make his imprint on the world. And later he dismissed Descartes axiom about a human essence centered in thought, declaring instead: I am, because I effect.

When these essential needs for connection and agency are unmet, we go nuts. We try to get respect by whatever means possible. If peaceful means seem closed off, violence it is.

Inequality has soared to historic levels. In 2010, the top 1 percent garnered 93 percent of all income gains. And in countries and states, high levels of trust are linked to low levels of inequality, report British scholars Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett in The Spirit Level.

Our crisis is not that we are too individualistic or selfish. Its that weve lost touch with how deeply social we really are

Trapped in a giant game of musical chairs, we run faster and faster to edge out the guy ahead. With economic rules that increasingly concentrate wealth, we know we could be the next one kicked out, no matter how quick our pace. So we take on debt, juggle three jobs, cheat in schoolwhatever it takes to stay in.

And our children are most sensitive to this fear of exclusion. Those whove felt bullied, unable to fit in, misunderstood, without a voice in those most social of placesschoolsare more likely to become psychotic and violent, including against themselves.

In a culture of fear of disconnection, those at the bottom feel most dismissed and discounted. Adam Smith, the supposed (but misunderstood) champion of the market more than two centuries ago grasped the devastating power of exclusion: Poverty, he wrote in his Theory of Moral Sentiments, places [a person] out of the sight of mankind [T]o feel that we are taken no notice of, necessarily damps the most agreeable hope of human nature.

In this vein, joblessness isnt just about money. Its about loss of membership. Martin Luther King once said that in our society it is murder, psychologically, to deprive a man of a job or an income. You are in substance saying to that man he has no right to exist.

And that is exactly how many feel: A rise of 1 percent in joblessness in the United States is accompanied by an increase of roughly 1 percent in the suicide rate.

In our world of increasing inequalities, suicide now claims more lives than homicide and war combined. Americans own more than four in ten of the worlds privately held guns, and two-thirds of U.S. gun deaths are suicides.

And when people feel dissed, violence toward the powerless increases, too: The Washington Post reports that each 1 percent increase in unemployment is “associated with at least a 0.50 per 1,000 increase in confirmed child maltreatment reports one year later. Since the recession began in 2007, the number of U.S. children killed by maltreatment has risen by about 20 percent to more than five children each day. Thus, our culture of fear gets passed down from one generation to another.

So, what can we do to break free from the spiral of fear and worsening violence?

Maybe we begin here: recognizing that our crisis is not that we humans are too individualistic or too selfish. Its that weve lost touch with how deeply social we really are. Easing the fear at the root of so much pain and violence that generates more fearfrom suicide to child abuse to school massacrescomes as we embrace the obvious: We are creatures who, in order to thrive individually, depend on inclusive communities in which all can thrive.

Freedom starts there. We build it by standing up for rules on which inclusive, trusting community depends: fair rules, for example, that keep wealth circulating and strictly out of public decision-making, and rules that ensure decent jobs for all.

This pathway out of a violence-soaked culture is no foreign ism. It is whats proven essential to our species thrivingcommunities of trust without which we destroy not just others, but ourselves as well.

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Have you felt Afraid, Angry or Stressed recently?


Another article this month, which you can also read online and share at: http://www.ascension101.com/en/home/ascension-blog/75-april-2013/340–have-you-felt-afraid-angry-or-stressed-recently.html


On Friday the 5th of April 2013, I felt a rumbling ANGER in the collective vibration. The anger built up quite dramatically and drastically, bringing chaos and fights to many sensitive people around the planet, and peaked on Tuesday the 9th of April.

Looking into it with other intuitives and seers, we saw that it was a powerful energy of “doing” and “achieving” that had been somehow artificially piggybacked by our shadow selves to turn it into anger and a “I’ve had enough of this” energy <read “I’ve had enough of this”, with your right fist punching the sky, a deep frown and frothing at the mouth>.

The artificial waves were huge and hit the collective very badly. They were further amplified by the media with anger generating stories coverage.

But it was not over. The rumblings continued after Tuesday, and built up into a different “flavor”.

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Marina Sitrin » horizontalism


To me horizontalism represents this emergence of the people of Earth as not only more fully realized, awakened individuals but as interdependent autonomous functioning parts of a new higher order organism which has yet to be named. As we learn to be whole within ourselves, to act from that place of peace and centered conscious awareness with respect for all living beings, we become something more than the sum of the parts.

We are consciously evolving-right now! These seemingly ad hoc processes are the forerunners of beautiful new ways of being that are being born.

Many have been disappointed that “nothing happened” on Dec 21, 2012 but a new world age is being born, the signs are all around us. The thing to realize is that birth is MESSY! Sometimes it takes longer than you expect and all sorts of things happen.

When you look at complex systems, seemingly small or insignificant developments are often the harbingers of huge changes. I strongly believe that things like NVC and horizontalism are those butterfly wings generating a hurricane that will blow away the detritus of colonization like Hurricane Andrew in Homestead.

When a system is unsustainable, it WILL fail.

When a failing system based on power over, control, manipulation, competition and violence is invaded by memes like nonviolence, horizontalism, Ubuntu, ahimsa-these stronger, longer lived memes will overcome it.

So if you are tired of waiting for Disclosure, for suppressed technology to be released, for the 1% to stop raping the planet and oppressing the rest of us-spread these memes! Be the Typhoid Mary of horizontalist ahimsa;-)

We HAVE all the tools we need, we just have to USE them. (and they are NOT the masters tools, so that house is about to come down;-)


Posted by Marina

Horizontalidad is a word that emerged in the days and weeks of the popular rebellion in Argentina. A rebellion that began on the 19th and 20th of December of 2001 and continues in many ways to this day. Horizontalidad is a living word, reflecting an ever-changing experience. While I have translated it as horizontalism, it is more of an anti-ism. Horizontalism it is not an ideology, but more of a social relationship, a way of being and relating. It comes from a new practice in Argentina, a practice that as of yet we do not have in the English language not yet anyway.

Horizontalidad is a word that encapsulates most directly the ideas upon which the new social relationships in Argentina were founded. It is a word that previously did not have political meaning. Its new meaning emerged from a practice, from a new way of interacting that has become a hallmark of the autonomous movements. Horizontalidad is a social relationship that implies, as it sounds, a flat plane upon which to communicate. Horizontalidad requires the use of direct democracy and implies non-hierarchy and anti-authoritarian creation rather than reaction. It is a break with vertical ways of organizing and relating, but a break that is also an opening. When explaining how an asamblea or unemployed workers movement functions, in the months and even years after the rebellion it was common to have people set the palms of their hands to face down and then to move them back and forth to indicate a flat plane, as well, in order to indicate how it does not function, joining the tips of their fingers together to form a kind of triangle or pyramid. Horizontalidad in many ways is these hand gestures with the knowledge that they genuinely represent a new and powerful set of social relations.

The popular rebellion of the 19th and 20th of December was comprised of workers and unemployed, of the middle class, and of those recently de-classed. It was a rebellion without leadership, either from established parties or from a newly emerged elite. Its strength was reflected in the fall of five consecutive national governments in two weeks. It precipitated the birth of hundreds of neighborhood assemblies involving many tens of thousands of active participants. It also deepened those unemployed movements that existed and inspired the birth of dozens more over the first year alone. Similarly with the recuperated work places, those few that existed at the time of the rebellion expanded to the hundreds that exist today in the course of a few years. Significant in all of these movements is their use of horizontalidad, as a means of making decisions and as part of an overarching creation of new social relationships and people. Horizontalidad is a necessary part of this creation.

Horizontalidad as a Tool and a Goal for New Subjectivity

Horizontalidad is a living word, reflecting an experience that is ever changing. Months after the popular rebellion, many began to speak of their relationships as horizontal, as a way of describing the use of direct democracy and consensus in striving for dignity and freedom. Now, almost 9 years after the rebellion, those continuing to build a new and revolutionary movement speak of horizontalidad as both a goal and a tool. It is a goal in the sense that there is a clearer understanding now that all of our relationships are still deeply affected by capitalism, and thus by the sorts of power dynamics it promotes in all of our collectives and creative spaces, in how we relate to one another in term of gender and race, information and experience, and so on. Horizontalism is a tool, on the other hand, in the sense that a danger is now more clearly recognized that language may become the politics and relationship, rather than a reflection of a living process. This is an active conversation.

Ezequiel, in 2003, then a participant in the Asamblea Cid Campeador, shared his feelings on the origins and meaning of horizontalidad:

The first thing that I want to say is that I do not know where the idea of horizontalidad comes from. What I can say is that before the 19th and 20th of December this word was not a frequent part of our political vocabulary, not at all, maybe some people and small groups used it, but it was not common, and then rapidly it transformed into a concept that everyone uses, knows, debates, defends or attacks.

I believe that part of the impulse towards horizontalidad was related to this, this inability to trust officials, this feeling that all leaders that existed were corrupt by the mere fact of being leaders. Regardless of who held whatever formal position, inevitably s/he was corrupt, had abandoned you, and was totally separate from your problems and necessities. This reaction seemed specific and defensive, I think that in practice, later, it transformed into another thing. There is a phrase that I think works here, which is bringing virtue out of necessity. Here the necessity was to go out and ask one another what is going on, since your neighbor was the only one who was going to respond to you.

In Argentina we have had a political culture that is very hierarchical, especially in the years of Peronism, which was a movement always based in a strong leadership figure. In general as well, including in the more emancipatory groups on the left, their organizational structure was always based in the role of a strong leader with a fierce hierarchy. For example in the 70s in Argentina practically every left group organized hierarchically, from those that were armed, to those against arms, all had hierarchy, leaders, and the like. I think one of the changes we see now is that there is much less trust in these types of organizational structures.

Two things seem to come together in the assembly: the rejection of representation in general, whatever form of representation, and the search for a way to make decisions ourselves, using direct democracy and a horizontal decision making process, that is to say with all aspects of equality. These things have come together in such a way that I dont think they can be separated. Maybe the concept of horizontalidad is that of equality, for all to be on the same level, in everything.

Neka, from the Unemployed Workers Movement of Solano in 2004, shared:

First we began learning something together, it was a sort of waking up to a knowledge that was collective, and this has to do with a collective self-awareness of what was taking place within all of us. First we began by asking one another, and ourselves questions, and from there we began to resolve things together. Each day we continue discovering and constructing while walking. It is like each day is a horizon that opens before us, and this horizon does not have any recipe or program, we begin here, without what was in the past. What we had was life, our life each day, our difficulties, problems, crisis, and what we had in our hands at the time was what we used to go looking for solutions. The beginning of the practice of horizontalidad can be seen in this process. It is the walk, the process of questioning as we walk that enriched our growth, and helped us discover that strength is different when we are side by side, when there is no one to tell you what you have to do, but rather when we decide who we are. I do not believe there is a definition for what we are doing, we know how it is done, but we are not going to come across any definition, in this way it is similar to horizontalidad. More than an answer to a practice, it is an every day practice.

My personal perspective has to do with the idea of freedom, this idea of discovering that we have collective knowledge that brings us together, that give us strength, that bring us to processes of discovery. This is beyond revolutionary theories, theories that we all know and have heard so often, theories that are often converted into tools of oppression and submission. The practice of horizontalidad can give the possibility of breaking with this and creating something that gives us the security that we can self-organize, and do it well, and do so far away from those that try and tell us politics must be done in a particular way.

Constructing freedom is a learning process that can only happen in practice. For me, horizontalidad, autonomy, freedom, creativity, and happiness are all concepts that go together and are all things that both have to be practiced and learned in the practice. I think back to previous activist experiences I had and remember a powerful feeling of submission. This includes even my own conduct, which was often really rigid, and it was difficult for me to enjoy myself, which is something sane and that strengthens you, and if you do it collectively it is that much more so. Like under capitalism, we were giving up the possibility of enjoying ourselves and being happy. We need to constantly break with this idea, we have life and the life that we have is to live today, and not to wait to take any power so that we can begin to enjoy ourselves, I believe it is an organic process.

Horizontalidad is what permits us contact with reality that is has been totally interfeared with, so now you can hear distinct voices that look at reality from distinct places and necessities. The formal left, or left parties, try and annul these differences, seeing us and trying to make us one thing and then from that place construct a power. That power of course would be surreal and anti-natural and would oblige all of the world to submit to a boss, this boss could be a capitalist or some type of trotskyist. But here also appears the possibility of beginning of initiating what is the truth in the situation, and from there suggesting responses that are real. It is from here, on a small scale, because that is our world, we begin to transform ourselves.

And Candido, from the recuperated print shop of Chilavert, in 2003 reflected:

In Chilavert we are in a permanent assembly . This is one of the small differences with a recuperated factory and any other type of workplace. We take care of one another, and make decisions amongst all of us.

Here we always try and be the most horizontal possible, with all compañeros participating equally. Horizontalidad means getting to the base, and when you get to the base and you say we all work together or we will all go to hell, there is no other option. And as a part of this getting to the bottom, we all together begin to row to the top and then we float.

The above quotations are taken from the book :

Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina