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I received this in email just now. This is a sentiment I have seen many times, and I hope those of you who do not understand what he is talking about, or don’t “get it” will do more research. It is my deep feeling that the plastic medicine people are scam artists no matter how you look at it-they are cheating *everyone* both the cultures they pillage and disrespect, and the sincere seekers who are taught nonsense by them.

Spirituality is part of ALL of us, everyone that exists-it is not a commodity to bought and sold.


This is an edit and update to a previous public warning and that should of included the wider American Indian communities of the Americas.


This morning I awoke after having a vision and I was unhappy. I believe that the time has come for our Taino and other people to begin to formally address the past misinformation that has been spread for decades and is still being publicly spread by plastic individuals. The truth as to our historical accountings and the traditions of our American Indian spirituality, language and culture must be corrected. There have been a number of non-native people whom have been publicly making false claims as to being language teachers and spiritual gurus (Plastic Medicine people) and or spiritual shamans. These new-age people, have done nothing more than misinform and present a false sense and view of our true Pre-Columbian American Indian culture and their societies. This can no longer go on anymore and I will not just sit back and continue to let our people be publicly humiliated by the crazy uncontrolled actions of these new-age people. As an elder of the people and an academic researcher of our languages, cultures and spirituality, I will no longer put up with this kind of crazy new-age nonsense. I will take it upon myself along with the support and help of other like minded real tribal elders to begin to unmask, expose and stomp out these fires to begin to correct this false misrepresentation as to our American Indian ancestral culture and traditions. Some of these plastic people think that no one in the Indian world would dare stand up against them. As everybody who has known me personally in the wider native world, know that I am a very much outspoken elder and that I am seeker of the truth and follower of the traditional old ways. I can personally say, that It really matters not what these people have to say publicly about me in their effort to slander and humiliate me as an tribal elder. I know that at times I can be a controversial but mostly an upfront person. I say that with the help of the Great Spirit and the guidance of our ancestors that I will go after them with the spirit and boldness of a ancient warrior and with the spirit of the wind. Do not mess with crows and with Hummingbirds as we are the wisdom keepers and our medicine is very strong. To those plastic medicine people, I will tell you plastic people that if I am angered I can shake my two rattles and your spirits will roll.

One factor of importance that needs to be pointed out here and that is the word TRUTH as one cannot just sit back when lies are being spread about our American Indian languages, cultures and spirituality by some want be pretenders and exploiters whom only seek some monetary gain and serve only to bamboozle some unknowing native people. There are three ways that these people can be stopped and they are by way of the use of our traditional spiritual medicine, by enforcing our tribal laws by using our warrior society dog soldiers and by a legal means in the US court systems. A new list of plastic medicine people will be made available by the American Indian communities, the general public and to the whole world in an effort to expose these modern day exploiters and con-artists of our traditional American Indian spirituality and cultures.

As they need to know that this old angry man who is named Amaraca Yumoc (Two Rattles) who is mostly a peaceful person but when angered can descend upon you with a force that is like winds of the hurricane. Chief Pedro Guanikeyu, White Earth Medicine lodge and Hummingbird Clan of the Jatibonicu Taino People


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