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BREAKING!! Proof That “Craft” or Blackwater Agents Did the Boston Bombings


I just received this in email . I cannot watch videos online but if the description is factual this is really big news. I had a really hard time seeing that young man in the paper. My gut feeling was that he was not involved in the bombing-and that REALLY horrified me because his brother has been killed and he is seriously injured.

IF Blackwater/Xe /Craft was involved then the use of innocent scapegoats is a given as that is a standard practice.

The email contained an ad that I have left intact, to rent the new film Sirius-I have been hearing about this film for a while and if it is factual, it will also be a major news story.


This video shows photographic evidence
of how a certain “Craft” a.k.a. Blackwater
agent was caught on film prior to the Boston
explosions wearing a black backpack with a
distinctive white label, not seen on the
numerous other black backpacks that were
photographed at the scene – this same label
detail was found on the exploded backpack
which had contained an IED and matches
perfectly with the one this agent had been

Furthermore, this same agent was photographed
by another camera running from the scene *without*
the backpack he’d been previously photographed

Meanwhile, 19-year-old, Dzhokhar Tsaraev,
excoriated by the mainstream media as the surviving
mastermind of the Boston Bombings left the scene
of the massacre still wearing his backpack. His
family maintains that he and his brother were
framed for this bloody attack.

Video (about 6 mins):

Proof That “Craft” or Blackwater Agents Did

the Boston Bombings

One blogger, whose name I’ll withhold has

suggested that these weren’t primitive molotov

cocktails but a test of micro neutron fusion bombs.

Otherwise, why would Israeli Police Chief Danino

be rushing to the US to advise the FBI and why

would several members of our “Craft” a.k.a.

Navy Seals 3 & 5 & Blackwater/Xe – (or whatever

they’re calling themselves these days) agents

appearing to be testing for radiation at the

Finish Line?

Video (about 34 secs):

What is this guy holding? – Boston Marathon


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Author: ohnwentsya

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5 thoughts on “BREAKING!! Proof That “Craft” or Blackwater Agents Did the Boston Bombings

  1. They are good guys and were supposed to be there. No one from Craft.
    13th Civil Support Team (WMD)
    Respond to support civil authorities at a domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) Incident by identifying CBRNE agents/substances, assessing current and projected consequences, advising on response and mitigation measures, and assisting with appropriate requests for additional state/federal support.

    The 13th Civil Support Team is a small, highly trained, Rhode Island National Guard unit that supports local, state, and federal agencies responding to an attack involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The role of the 13th CST will be to rapidly deploy and support the local incident commander at the scene in determining the nature and extent of an attack or incident and how best to mitigate.

    The 13th CST is comprised of 22 men and women. All are full-time Title 32 Active Guard members of the Rhode Island Army or Air National Guard under the command and control of the Governor. The unit consists of six elements: Command Section, Administrative/Logistics section, Operations section, Medical section, Communications section, and a survey team. The basic doctrine for military support to civil authorities has been the baseline for the employment concepts of the 13th CST. Local, State, and Federal response agencies have worked with 13th CST to develop their specialized doctrine, training, and equipment.

    The 13th Civil Support Team (WMD), Rhode Island National Guard, is located at the Coventry Air National Guard Station, 570 Read School House Road, Coventry, Rhode Island 02816. Membership in this unit is open to Army and Air National Guard. Soldiers/Airmen in this unit are trained in Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (CMF 54), Medical (CMF 91), Computers and Communications (CMF 25) and Supply/Logistics (CMF 92).

    • Thank you for clarifying that. I had no idea what “Craft” was when I received the article. I thought it was another of Blackwater’s seemingly endless name changes!

      The people sneaking around setting up nefarious plots as Blackwater was pretty much designed to do, are not, at least in my understanding, our military personnel. (tho as so many suffered for in Iraq-the bad guys love to put their nastiness off onto our soldiers and let them take the retaliation!:-(

      I have a lot of friends in various branches, and most of my family have also served, so I know firsthand that our military people are for the most part (there are always jerks in any organization) really goodhearted people who believe in the mythology of what America is MEANT to be, (whatever she has become thru the 1%’s underhanded string pulling) and who would refuse to participate in such plots even if ordered to do so.

      I believe as more and more of the underhanded stuff comes to light (such as the creation of al queda to undermine the USSR in Afghanistan-which then ends up causing so much harm to our own troops;-( that the military and the people are going to be on the same side against those corporate/1%/elites who have been using us all.

      I hope everyone knows that I mean no disrespect to any of our servicepeople by anything I publish-tho I may on occasion miss something like this, it is NOT my intent to malign people who are devoting their lives to the good of their country.

      I do now know what actually happened in Boston-whether the young men accused really acted alone, or were prepped and controlled by an organization whether American or other, or whether they truly were innocent patsies as some have asserted.

      My goal in posting information is to keep questioning until we can find out the real truth behind some very strange patterns that have been pointed out by much more experienced observers than myself, such as Veteran’s Today editor Gordon Duff, and the Intelligence Blog.

      The only thing I know is that 9 times out of 10, there is a lot more going on than we see in the news, and so much we are told is distorted, with things left out, or added that it is imperative in a Democracy that we be aware and look for the man behind the curtain pretty carefully.

      Again, thank you for clarifying that, and apologies if I have inadvertently maligned real good guys by posting this.

  2. agreed. do what is best for our country that we honor. USA #1

    1 person from the national guard was wearing a Craft hat with the Punnisher logo and red cross-hair over the right eye. A guess would be in support for Chris Kyle

    Ruslan Tsarni (Tsarnaev Uncle) Documents

  3. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Complaint via Boaz Guttman

    Click to access tsarnaev-complaint.pdf

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Appearance Transcript

    Click to access tsarnaev-011.pdf

    Tsarnaev Death Penalty Attorney Approved

    Click to access tsarnaev-015.pdf

    Click to access Tamerlan-Tsarnaev.pdf

    Daily News apologizes

  4. If these guys were supposed to be there in response to an attack, how come they were already there before the start of the marathon? There is photographic evidence of a whole team of them around an armoured vehicle before the marathon kicked off. They are all wearing a uniform usually associated with Blackwater. I’ve seen better detail than that on the video referred to in the original post above.

    makerT does not explain what the security guy was doing standing with his massive backpack – which bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the two used for the bombings – so close to the site of the explosion, nor what he was doing running away without his backpack – which never turned up in the aftermath.

    I’ve read very detailed evidence that these uniformed guys were indeed Blackwater; they wore the usual gear and there were many of them. One of them was seen in the immediate aftermath, using what appears to be a radiation measuring device

    Perhaps makerT could cite some official source and evidence for his identification of the man in the video as a member of the 13th Civil Support Team

    Most people commenting on the Boston bombing who are citing Blackwater seem to be unaware that the security company has been bought up by Monsanto. That company is now using Blackwater operatives to stalk and spy on activists who are organising against Monsanto’s attempts to control the world food supply, via their patented sterile and pesticide-laden GMOs.

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