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Some Oil Spill Damage Can’t Be Cleaned Up

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The really disturbing thing is-they SHOULD be prepared because there are companies that provide bacteria and fungi that EAT oil and convert it to nontoxic substances, but these are routinely ignored and suppressed instead fo being used to clean up the mess. Its as if they are not spilling by accident, but on purpose To CAUSE exactly the sort of damage that is being caused. But I guess I shouldn’t say that, I might get called paranoid and crazy-but which is crazier? I think poisoning people and getting away with it wins hands down.
Much thanks again to the amazing Earth First Newswire for always having informative and important stories like this.

Earth First! Newswire

by Grayson / Earth First! Newswire

A recent article in Newsweek outlines the shocking health problems, including neurological damage, that workers and residents at the 2010 BP oil spill disaster site have suffered in the three years since the incident. Considering the insane amount of oil spills that have taken place in the last couple months, it was too relevant to ignore.

As Newsweek writes, one victim of the spill, Jamie Griffin, was feeding cleanup crews during the disaster. Representatives from BP told Jamie that the oil tracking into her workspace was “safe,” and that she should “just mop it up,” which she attempted to do, having no idea the pain it was going to cause:

Within days, the 32-year-old single mother was coughing up blood and suffering constant headaches. . . Like hundreds, possibly thousands, of workers on the cleanup, Griffin soon fell ill with a…

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