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Short Message from Laitonn for us by Multidimensional Ocean- 24 April 2013

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This is a beautiful message! It is so easy to get distracted from the truly important things-such as those we love, the Earth and our heart connections that we have here. I think “team dark” has a goal of keeping us distracted and either frightened or disassociated as much as possible. Sicne I learned to ignore the artificial created drama at a distance, team dark has been bringing the drama right to me-like pizza delivery only nasty! But this message reminded me that their drama, even when it is affecting us directly, is still an attempt to distract us from the Love and Beauty that is the true Nature of Earth and ourselves. Thank you Laura!

Multidimensional Ocean

236114As you listen to the radio about far away wars, people and places. As you watch images go fast on your tvs or computer screens in order to give you the illusion of a movie, in order to give you the illusion of knowing about another situation, place or other people. As you read your book, or magazines or (and who am I kidding here) as you are online reading articles about all sort of things, have you ever tried to witness your own life?
Listen, be present in your own life as much as you listen and watch your tv seris or news.
Be the witness of your own history, no matter how unimportant you may think you are.
You will never be unimportant as each minute of your Earth experience is unique and a real gift.
Don’t forget to just be you, your real you. Don’t forget to…

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