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The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit…


This dream, from 6:59 am on Friday, April 19, 2013, is one of a series I have had that suggest a very major cluster of events is about to occur.

I was specifically asked to do as much as I could to prepare for it — before the event cluster itself actually hits.

The event cluster was depicted as lightning — in the form of an onrushing storm.
(this is a tiny excerpt of the post which you can read in full on David’s site, at the link below

http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1125-disclosure-storm )

If you are feeling depressed and overwhelmed by the negative news, the violence, the Orwellian level of lies in the media and the day to day frustrations of living in a world run by insane greedy people-then definitely click the link and read this.

David Wilcock has done enormous amounts of research and knows more than most of us about the secret nastiness behind the obvious nastiness-and yet he is so positive, and upbeat-even breathlessly excited about the future! His articles are always a welcome antidote to the seemingly endless drumbeat of fear and suffering we are fed thru mainstream media(and other people who watch it, for those of us who don’t).

The cool thing is, he IS often right so it’s not just a fake cheer to feel better, reading his work is a chance to re-calibrate our reality filter to a more positive and accurate setting.

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Messages from Ann and the Angels – 04/27/2013

heartYour Future starts now…

The blossoms of springtime forget the winter, and simply turn to the light now… knowing that as they do their future will be beautiful. So too, we can put the past behind us and simply turn to the light now.


©Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved
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heartMessage from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Stop looking backwards in your lives dear ones. Stop looking at what you could have done, should have done, or what might have been. Stop chastising yourselves for opportunities missed, time wasted, or words either spoken or unspoken. The past is over. You live now. In this moment you have glorious opportunity to bring love to the surface in your lives and thus create magical futures.

Your life is not destined to be the sum total of your past thoughts, words, and deeds, but rather simply a consequence of the energy you choose to embrace now and now and now. God does not keep score. The universe does not hold you to account. Only you do this. Can you choose to set yourself free of the past? Can you choose to say, “What is done is done, and today is a new day. Now is a new moment. In this second in time, I can recreate my entire life simply by choosing to love myself, to surrender to where I am at, to look to the future with loving expectation, and then to trust God?” Dear ones, this is truth! This is God’s glorious love. This is God’s presence breathing in you now, beckoning you to return to Love, reminding you that your future is not born of your past, but rather of your present.

So right now, make a decision. Every time you try to look back to the past, simply look at what you have learned and choose the most loving thoughts, words, and deeds that you can choose right now, even if that is simply to love yourself in a painful or upset moment, or to simply to say, “The best I can do now is to have compassion for myself.”

We will say it once again Your future is not a function of your past, but rather a function of your present the energy you bring to the surface right here and right now. Choose to bring love to the surface, in even the simplest of ways right here and right now, and you will change the course of your entire existence.

God Bless You. We love you so very much.

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The Oracle Report Saturday, April 27 – Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday: Full Moon Phase Sunday: Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

This weekend’s energy is exceptionally complex. We can go very deeply into almost anything, so we want to be aware of where our mind is taking us. If we remember not to force anything, this weekend can become a joy ride.

Don’t work or try too hard at anything. Lighten up on yourself and others so you can free up space for Gaia-Sophia to interact and experience also. Her experience and our experience is the same now, we just don’t fully recognize it as that. This is how the collective of humanity is returning to sanity (another term for it is “awakening”).

There are many astrological reasons this weekend’s energy is complex and layered, but the primary reason is the Moon entering Sagittarius, approaching conjunction (reaching the same degree in the sky) with the Galactic Center while the Black Moon is transiting exactly opposite. Remember that the transit of the Black Moon is a month-long transit that energetically takes us into the “underworld” and brings up fears. Essentially, we are each facing our own shadow side.

Chinnamasta continues to blow our minds way out into the ethers. We have to just go with what is being revealed to us. Surrender to the wisdom and take it on board.

Issues related to our personal resources or fuel and how we spend it are in focus. We get feedback this weekend, meaning we see where time is well spent and where it is not. We are concerned with where we fit in and if there is a place at all. It may seem that there isn’t enough of whatever is needed to sustain a situation, but that is just how it appears right now and it will change. For now, we pull back from putting so much energy into the outer world and focus back inward to keep the inner fire going.

The way we handle everything is always by reconnecting with nature. Keep your connection strong.


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Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever – by Matt Taibi for Rolling Stone

a great article to share with people who have no idea how utterly corrupt the running of our planet has been. So much dirty laundry is being aired, we are all about to need OSHA masks 😉 but it’s a very good thing. It is harder to do evil in the Light of public scrutiny, no matter how craven the so called “regulators” and judges may be!

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The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence – from Heart Math Institute

Heartmath is often mentioned by the NVC folks. Win-Win outcomes are the new way of things, imho. No more will conflict and “dog eat dog” attitudes rule the day. When we act from the heart we heal ourselves, one another, our communities and the Earth. We are all learning step by step, new ways of relating to one another, to ourselves and to community and other living things. Don’t worry if it is all new to you-it is mostly new to everyone, but at the same time it is as old as life itself. Love is the root of all things, so acting from the heart comes naturally once we remove the overlays of (colonized) cultural programming.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s New Political Group Spending Big On Ads Supporting Keystone XL And Oil Drilling

This is very troubling. I know that facebook has been implicated in many unpleasant things, but this, along with reports of facebook restricting free political speech and postings that are too “radical” makes its use as a connecting medium for so many families living far apart very distressing. Like any bad habit, it cannot easily be dispensed with by most without a new tool to replace it. There must be some other site where people can share pictures and daily life, without supporting all *that*!

Earth First! Newswire

Cross Posted from Think Progress

Mark Zuckerberg’s new political group, which bills itself as a bipartisan entity dedicated to passing immigration reform, has spent considerable resources on ads advocating a host of anti-environmental causes — including drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and constructing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

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Maui Lemurian Reunion: Ancient Sounds for the Future Choir on April 27th beginning at 10 am Pacific Time

Another music based post;-) Got this in email from a friend and I know nothing about it, except what is written below-but if you have high speed it may be worth checking it out, to see if it appeals to you.


Listen to the Maui Lemurian Reunion: Ancient Sounds for the Future Choir on April 27th beginning at 10 am Pacific Time! There are four 90-minute segments: Morning Lemurian Choir: Parts 1 and 2; and Evening Lemurian Choir: Parts 1 and 2. Replays of each segment will be available ALL WEEKEND after the initial broadcast. This is a FREE event so be sure to SHARE with all of your friends! No password required.


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Living Compassion Weekly Tips Series – Week 40


The message we send is not always the message that’s received.”

– Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication:
A Language of Life

Living Compassion Tip — Week 40

It’s all “Greek to Me”

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg says, “As we know, the message we send is not always the message that’s received.”

Sometimes when we make a request, we can pick up on verbal cue or body language to determine that the message we sent was received the way we intended. But other times you can tell that whatever you said was “Greek” to the listener

To ensure a smooth exchange of information, try getting into the habit of asking the listener to reflect back what they heard you say. They don’t have to give a word-for-word recitation, but simply state in their own words what they think you said.

By incorporating this into your conversations, many upsets and misunderstandings can be avoided.

It’s also important to express appreciation when your listener tries to meet your request for a reflection. Answering with “That’s not what I said” or “You weren’t listening to me” will have the opposite effect.

A simple, “I’m grateful to you for telling me what you heard, I can see I didn’t make myself as clear as I’d like, so let me try again.” No Greek there!

Mindful Practice for the Week

Incorporate the practice of requesting a reflection of what you said in all your conversations. Try also to practice reflecting back what you hear the speaker saying. Clarifying always takes the confusion away! Enjoy your week!

How Do You Ask for What You Want?

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Floyd Westerman – Just Another Holy Man – YouTube


Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman performed this song at the Rainbow Warrior Festival held in 1988 in Santa Fe New Mexico’s Palo Soleri Amphitheatre.

A member of the Dakota (Sioux) nation, he was an accomplished actor on the big screen, a political activist and advocate for Indian and environmental causes worldwide and a renowned singer/songwriter for many years. Westerman’s trail came to an end in 2007.