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tomkenyon.com » The Healing Power of the Human Heart

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I did not post this when I first saw it, as i was unable to load the sound file(the wonders of dialup!;-/) but since Laura has posted it, obviously it was just my set up, not a problem with the link/Kenyon’s site. This sounds interesting enough that I may make a special library trip to try again downloading it. Sound is a truly amazing thing, in so many ways. According to Brian Froud’s Faery Oracle cards book, the Universe itself is made of song. It is a song too vast for our limited human equipment to “hear” or process, but we can feel it, or at least some aspects of it. I used to roll my eyes along with the masses when I heard new agers talk of “frequency”, thinking this is just another misuse of scientific terms. But dolphins recognize one another by their unique sound frequency, both the sound the dolphin makes, and the sounds the other dolphins sonar returns when sounding it. There is a deep resonant note or sound that is the frequency of the Earth herself, and each of us by dint of our unique shapes and cavities, density and energy also has a unique pattern of sound.
Dolphins use sounds to heal one another, and humans are gradually learning about this as well-so I am fascinated to experience this recording and the effects it may have. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what it was like if you listen!

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