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The manuscript of survival – part 304 by Aisha North


As you have mayhaps noticed dear friends, the fires have been stoked now. For as we approach the first Gathering that has been set up for this upcoming weekend, many of you will feel how the heat of the fire will reach a heightened momentum now as you have agreed to take part in this world wide event. For the threads you have all so studiously gathered will already start to become a part of the great fold now. In other words, you have all been caught in this new web of light filaments, and now, we will make sure that you are all securely fastened as we start to spin the threads and weave you all seamlessly into this magnificent structure of light. This does not imply that you are prisoners in any way, quite the opposite. For this only means that you are no longer the solitary journeyer through a dense vacuum of lower densities, for now, you have all joined the party as it were, as you have all been connected to the filaments of tomorrow. And by your very actions, you have made that decision to the thus included a very long time ago. For this YES was something you gave on a soul level before you even came in, and as such, the joy you all feel in your heart comes from the realization that now, this YES will start to come into full effect.

For the journey you all had to take to bring you to this point has been a long and arduous one indeed, and for some, the trials and tribulations may not even seem to have lessened yet. But trust us when we say that your agreement to be an intrinsic part of this joyful web of light that has been started to spun, is a decision that will also cut all of the threads to the old that still feel like chains around your neck. For the net cancels the old, in every way you can think of, and when you all step into this great bright Pond together in a few days time, it will be like the final anointment that will wipe away the tears and the sorrow, the anger and the despair once and for all. For then, you will all be given the opportunity to really connect, not only with your own true core, but with the core of All there is. And once you get a glimpse of that, so much of the old dross will simply fade away, and it will be just like old fading photographs in an album. And even if you decide to open up that old album to take a small stroll down memory lane, it will almost be like looking at the memories of a stranger. For that used to be you, but it will not be you any longer. For now, the fires have been stoked good and well, and the heat from the flames will not only warm your hearts, but it will also burn away anything that has no place in this, the new you and the new world. For like a phoenix from the flames you will all rise again, and together you will stand shining as brilliantly as never before.

So again we say, all is well, even if you at times may feel the heat to be a little bit too high in the days ahead. For the preparations before the first Gathering are nothing if not thorough, and as such, you can all expect some interesting encounters with yourself in the days and indeed nights ahead. But breathe deeply, and know that you will not be burned by these flames of purification. For you are like the diamond still encased within a thin outer layer of carbon, and in order for the diamond to emerge completely, there may still need to be some measure of pressure and heat to bring it forth. But again we say, you are all guided closely throughout this last stage of the process, and we think you will all find a way to truly connect with the joyful part of this stage of the journey as well. For you have openend your hearts to this, and as such, you have also given yourself the permission to rejoice, not only for this Gathering, but also for yourself. For you have all started to shine more brightly than ever as you set up on this initiation, for that is what it really is. We will of course return with more on this remarkable effort you have all agreed to take part in, but for now, we will leave you all to ponder our words, and to give yourself ample time to rejoice and renew your vows to be a joyful being once again.


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The Oracle Report Monday, April 29, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

JIM TUCKER (1934 – 2013) You will be missed and remembered.

As expected, the Moon approaching conjunction to the Galactic Center all weekend while the Black Moon was opposing it made for very complex energy. The tight conjunction of Saturn and the Earth only intensified the effects. The Moon will not be in a position again to affect the Black Moon/Galactic Center transit before the transit ends! Whew!

Wise owl Milly on Facebook asks about the statement in the last post that our experience and Gaia-Sophia’s experience are the same now. We are One now. We always were, but Sophia was still in that weird half awake/half nightmare state. She is fully awake now and engaged with us to co-direct the course of things. This is why the “awakening” is spreading like wildfire. Can you believe some of the conversations you are hearing from the most unexpected corners? We are in the middle of a grand visionary experiment with the experimenter (Sophia) herself. So the collective consciousness of humanity is sending and receiving information with her and the world of “the matrix” is crumbling. In the process, we are returning to sanity. It does not look like sanity yet, does it? It is going to take some time.

During the December 21, 2012 time, I discussed how everyone was on the playground with Sophia. We can see this now, four months later. Look at the way things are changing. There is no doubt that Sophia and Humanity are taking on the archontic control system now. I really did not expect the change to happen so quickly. The goddess is delightfully surprising.

Archons use Eris astrological aspects and Black Moon aspects to invade (strike) us. The harmonic and electromagnetic effects of the current Black Moon transit make it easy for them to slip into our consciousness and press us into reacting to make ourselves or others miserable. It’s stealthy action, too, because they come when the shadow is strongest, like this past weekend. Look at what transpired for you this weekend (where you had issues) and make a note in big, red letters so that as we come closer to the exact day of the transit, May 7, you will have an idea of what to expect. This past weekend’s energy foreshadowed it.

Control, control, control. Control remains in the forefront of all that is happening. The conjunction of Saturn with the Earth is taking control issues to the brink. Disengage immediately if you find yourself swept up in this.

Today, the Earth is located at the position known as “a fellowship supper reunites old comrades.” Connection with like-minded people will alleviate a lot of the pressure that is in play from the energy.

Through the muck of fear, we see indications that there is indeed a great deal about which to be hopeful. The divine beings in the Galactic Center (Sophia’s family) are beaming in the light of love to assist and support us and her. Let’s keep our focus on this and do our job by “grounding” the current within the collective of humanity. This is a good use of the control energy that is in effect.

There is light showing from the end of this Black Moon transit. Let’s follow it.