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The Oracle Report Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

The keyword for today is cope. The energy can be overwhelming. If you find yourself feeling like you are “going down” it is because we are – down into the underworld of our shadow sides with the transit of the Black Moon. The core fear of our personal shadow sides is being triggered and this causes anxiety to the point of panic, generalized fear, utter exhaustion, and emotional volatility. So this is what we are working with while trying to ground and contain ourselves.

This is also happening due to the energetic upgrade to our energetic fields (personal energetic signature or frequency) and the fact that we are moving into a different range. The “newness” often feels like anxiety.

To work with this energy, first we learn about it and then we surrender to it because all transits of the Black Moon require us to surrender to the process. Resistance is futile and, in fact, it makes things worse. We practice acceptance by releasing the need to be in control and are grateful that we are being brought to a new “place” energetically. Remeber that the ultimate outcome of this transit is rebirth/regeneration. We end the transit on May 7. Until then, take deep breaths and rest as much as possible.


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