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Johnny Depp Speaks to the Gathering of Nations

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I could not get this video to load on my dialup in order to embed it in this post, so you will have to click the link below to see it. The bonus of this being that I cannot possibly repost ALL the interesting stuff on powwows.com, so when you go to see the video, you can see all that too;-)

Really looking forward to seeing a western, maybe first time in my life. Growing up watching the Lone Ranger on tv it was always obvious (at least to us;-) that Tonto was the REAL hero at least 80% of the time-the other guy never could have survived without him. No matter what role Johnny Depp plays in a film, he is always the main star, the center of attention so this could turn out to be another Django as far as stomping on pointless/stupid racial stereotypes. About time too;-)

I just hope I don’t get thrown out of the theater for singing ” John Wayne’s Teeth” ( which I automatically do whenever exposed to a Western, it’s like an allergy or something;-)


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One thought on “Johnny Depp Speaks to the Gathering of Nations

  1. No matter what Johnnys wear or the make up your still eyecandy!

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