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The manuscript of survival – part 306 by Aisha North

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As you have mayhaps noticed, the energies coming in can be categorized in different modules, and the reason for this is a very simple one. One of the layers of this huge energetic web is a part of the all-encompassing one that surrounds and connects everything that exists. Not only on this planet, but everywhere. And this infinity grid, if we may call it that, is the energetic part of this weaving together that many of you have experienced already as a river of light. It is in so many ways a very peaceful and golden hued energy, one that will ease you and release much of the energetic stress you have all experienced lately. These weaving strands of this golden bliss is something that will become even more prominent as the day of the Gathering approaches, and we invite you all to take a small sip from it whenever you feel like it.

For you are all already connected to it in some ways, and the process that will be finalized on Sunday is the act of connecting you all more closely together via the intricate strands of these filaments of light. More on that in a later missive, but now, over to the other, and mayhaps slightly more prominent presence of the other energetic layers you are swimming in at the moment. For as we told you all beforehand, this week leading up to this energetic Gathering would in many ways be a challenging one for so many of you. Buttons have been and will be pushed in so many ways in this, the last effort to completely scour you of any last remnants of old dross that still may cling stubbornly to that otherwise brilliant surface of your precious diamond soul. For you are all flawless within, but there might still be a few bits and bobs of dust and grime not thoroughly cleansed beforehand. And as such, the intensity of these energetic scrubs may at times feel a little bit on the rough side. But please, do not take any rough handed effects from all of this as any sort of punishment or reprimand, for they are no such thing. This is just Creations way of making sure that you shine with all of you inherent brilliance, unhindered by any old dust that may have gathered in a corner somewhere. For you deserve nothing less than to stand bright and tall, like the beacons you truly are, when we sound the call for you all to gather and connect in a few days time from now.

So again we say, all is well, and you are indeed in good hands. For you are all being prepared, so that you will present yourselves in your splendid robes and be at your very best when the time for the party is at hand. For you are all worthy of this special, or maybe we should say VIP treatment, for you have taken upon you the formidable task of clearing not only yourselves, but so much of the collective dross alongside your own in this prolonged process of enlightenment, and you certainly deserve to be allowed to shine in all sorts of ways. So please, remember to breathe whenever one of these heavy duty clearing bombs may hit you, and know that they are all for your benefit, even if it feels at times like they are trying to stop you in your tracks. They will do no such thing, in fact, they have been specially designed to clear the path ahead of you. So stay centered, and stay connected, and please, do not forget to seek a little shelter at times by searching for that other part we told you about earlier. For this golden web of bliss has been spun around you, and we urge you all to feel free to let yourself sink into it as often as you like to find the solace and companionship you so truly deserve.

(From Aisha: you can read more about the Gathering here: http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/i-invite-you-all-to-the-first-gathering-around-the-pond/ )


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