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NorthPoint Astrology Journal May 13 to 19, 2013

Posted Sunday, May 12, 2013
Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
May 13 to 19, 2013
By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Last week’s annular eclipse, as seen from south of Newman, Australia (photo by Tony O’Brien, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

BEFORE we talk about the coming week, I want to announce that my next teleclass is now on the calendar!

The title of the class is “Our Journey of Transformation Continues.” During the 90-minute class, I will walk us through the remaining six months of 2013 and talk about when and how the planets will be both supporting and challenging us..

Mark your calendar now for Thursday, June 13, from 4pm to 5:30pm PDT (7pm to 8:30pm EDT). To read more about the class, or to register, please go to:


As with my other teleclasses, your registration ($25) gives you the choice to attend the class by phone or online, and includes a replay of the class for those who cannot attend “live.”

THE REST OF 2013 is packed with planetary influences, ranging from a lovely and supportive Grand Water Trine in July to the growth challenges of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square, triggered by Jupiter and Mars in July and August and then exact again in early November. Not to mention our next pair of eclipses in October-November, etc. etc.!

I hope you can join us! Email me if you have any questions about the class content or how to register: pam.

Now, on to the week’s astrological news:

WE ARE IN THE SPACE between eclipses now, and also in the building phase of the lunar cycle. Whatever was initiated last Thursday has the power of the Solar Eclipse behind it. We are likely to see continuing developments over the next two weeks leading up to the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on May 24, and over the next six months as well, until the next set of eclipses occurs, bringing forward our next evolutionary step.

At the same time, we are daily getting closer to the next Pluto-Uranus square (exact next week, on May 20). Events related to major planetary interactions can occur either around the exact date or in the weeks preceding and following that date, often when other planets step into the mix and “trigger” the energies of the main aspect.

THIS WEEK, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all step into Pluto-Uranus energy field. As they do, we receive information and insights about how the Pluto-Uranus square is working with us on personal levels.

Mercury represents our consciousness, thinking patterns, ways of communicating, and even short-distance travel. As Mercury aspects both Pluto and Uranus on Monday, we can observe how our perceptions of “life as usual” are being challenged and upgraded. In the positive, we can gain new insights with these aspects, if we are open to them.

If we have resistance and are less than openminded, we may experience this as nervous energy and feel more irritable and defensive than usual. To work with this energy instead of against it, we can challenge ourselves to think in new ways, to let go of our preconceived notions and be willing to see with new eyes. We can also make a concerted effort not to jump to conclusions, but to give ourselves the time and space to process information before making decisions.

THE SUN interacts with Pluto and Uranus on Thursday, bringing themes of change and renewal to our concepts of self and purpose. The energy may feel very similar to what we felt on Monday, but we may feel more resistance if we have a strong ego investment in having things go the way we had planned.

Again, we can work with this energy by being flexible and being willing to detach a bit from our habitual ways of functioning. This is a tall order, with the Sun still in fixed, often-stubborn Taurus! But, we can also take our cue from Taurus about ways to feel safe amidst change — Taurus loves beauty in all forms, especially in nature, music and art.

If you are feeling frustrated on Thursday, make sure to find the time to get out of the house, out of the office, into the sunshine or rain, to reconnect with nature and your own essential nature. Or, listen to your favorite music or involve yourself in another sensory activity. These are all ways to remind ourselves that All Really Is Well.

SATURDAY’S SKIES find Venus entering the Pluto-Uranus field, but with a bit of a twist. Unlike the Sun and Mercury, which were both in challenging aspect to Pluto and Uranus, Venus is actually in helpful aspect to Uranus, although still in a somewhat challenging aspect to Pluto.

Venus represents our relationships and how we handle the areas of finances and material possessions. With Uranus sextile Venus, we are enabled to be more flexible in our relationships, more able to give ourselves and other the space and independence needed. We may also find that “things” seem either less or more important than usual — we may either tend to overspend or, in the opposite, have less attachment to buying. Either way, we may surprise ourselves and others.

The Pluto-Venus aspect is a quincunx, which generally indicates a need for an attitude adjustment. Since we’re talking relationship themes, and with Venus in Gemini, part of what may be required is to use our communication skills in new ways. Instead of sharing a lot of information and advice (which may be interpreted as being controlling with Pluto involved), we could make the effort to renovate our communication style, to listen a greater percentage of the time than we speak.

And, seeing how it feels to be a listener could be an interesting way to get in touch with our own motivations — which would make Pluto happy. Do we really enjoy listening, or are we just waiting for the other person to pause so we can jump in with our own story?

NEPTUNE is another repeating influence this week. As each of the personal planets moves into Gemini, they will one-by-one create a square aspect with Neptune in Pisces.

This week, we have a Neptune-Venus square on Monday and a Neptune-Mercury square on Saturday. These aspects involving Neptune can make things seem a bit unclear, like we’re trying to see forms through the fog. Or, we may assume we’ve seen something clearly, when we really haven’t.

Because of this effect, it’s usually good practice to delay making important decisions when Neptune’s energy is strong. At the same time, because Neptune can enhance our intuitive and imaginative faculties, it would be a very good idea to write down the ideas and insights that come our way — just wait to implement them until the fog has cleared a bit.



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Monday: Neptune square Venus, Uranus semisquare Mercury, Pluto sesquisquare Mercury; Tuesday: Saturn quincunx Venus; Wednesday: Mercury enters Gemini; Thursday: Uranus semisquare Sun, Pluto sesquisquare Sun; Saturday: Neptune square Mercury, Uranus sextile Venus, Pluto quincunx Venus, Saturn quincunx Mercury; Sunday: Saturn sesquisquare Jupiter
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