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Help us stop the Navy’s assault on whales, while we still can

NRDC -- Save Whales from Deadly Sonar!

As you read this, the Navy is moving ahead with dangerous plans to blast high-intensity sonar and detonate explosives during routine training exercises.

Unless we act swiftly to stop them, more than 1,000 whales and other marine mammals could be killed over the next five years.

Make no mistake: the Navys use of sonar and explosives will threaten entire populations of marine mammals up and down almost every coast of the United States.

Heres just one disturbing example: The Navy intends to detonate more than 50,000 underwater explosives per year off the coast of Southern California alone. Hundreds of these explosives pack enough charge to sink a warship — which is exactly what theyre used for.

At the same time, the Navy would run more 10,000 hours of the same high-intensity sonar that has injured and killed whales around the globe. That sonar is loud enough to cause a whales internal organs to hemorrhage.

Please watch this beautiful, 50-second video that shows how these magnificent animals depend on their extraordinary hearing to survive.

<code> http://www.youtube.com/embed/YH7b5muLieM?rel=0&wmode=transparent&autoplay=1</code>

Its no wonder the Navy predicts that its sonar and explosives will harm or harass our planets marine mammals a staggering 31 million times!

Yet the Navy is making virtually no attempt to minimize the carnage — even though it could do so without sacrificing one iota of national security.

Apparently the Navy needs to feel more pressure to do the right thing. And with your support, thats exactly what NRDC is going to apply.

Your gift will enable us to generate a massive public outcry against the Navys reckless plan … sound the alarm in the media about the devastating impact that sonar and explosives will have on our planets whales … and haul the Navy into federal court if thats what it takes to stop the killing and injury of thousands of marine mammals.

We will not stand down from this fight until the Navy adopts common-sense measures to protect whales

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

This lunar month is about opening up and venturing into new areas of consciousness. Today, amidst a long period where we were not at in control, we come to energy to produce order in our lives. We can put things in their places, freeing up even more space. Our minds will organize factors and situations that have developed since April 10 – the beginning of the astrological new year.

We are “reaching into” the new suit of clothes we are wearing (our upgraded energetic frequencies). As we become accustomed to the feel, we will see that we are more powerful than we were before the upgrade. It is up to each of us to use this wisely.

Don’t hold yourself back today. Follow the path that is before you, but do it consciously. Watch the scenery. What is around you? What are you transforming? Where are things going?