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Unusually cold spring in Europe and the Southeast U.S. due to the Arctic Oscillation | Weather Underground

For those still wondering why when it is snowing in May where they live we can call it “Global Warming”, this post may help make things much clearer.

The snow in unusual locations in May comes in tandem with things like roadways and railroads in the Arctic and Tibet buckling and crumbling due to loss of permafrost (melting of long term frozen ground on which they were built). So even tho it is unusually cold in some places,at some times, it is still warmer over the planet as a whole.

Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog

Unusually cold spring in Europe and the Southeast U.S. due to the Arctic Oscillation

Posted by: Dr. Jeff Masters, 2:52 PM GMT on April 25, 2013 +39

During March 2013, residents of Europe and the Southeast U.S. must have wondered what happened to global warming. Repeated bitter blasts of bitter cold air invaded from the Arctic, bringing one of the coldest and snowiest Marches on record for much of northern Europe. In the U.K., only one March since 1910 was colder (1962), and parts of Eastern Europe had their coldest March since 1952. A series of exceptional snowstorms struck many European locations, including the remarkable blizzard of March 11 – 12, which dumped up to 25 cm (10) of snow on the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey in the U.K., and in the northern French provinces of Manche and Calvados. The entire Southeast U.S. experienced a top-ten coldest March on record, with several states experiencing a colder month than in January 2013. Despite all these remarkable cold weather events, global temperatures during March 2013 were the 9th warmest since 1880, said NASA. How, then, did such cold extremes occur in a month that was in the top 8% of warmest Marches in Earth’s recorded history? The answer lies in the behavior of the jet stream. This band of strong high-altitude winds marks the boundary between cold, polar air and warm, subtropical air. The jet stream, on average, blows west to east. But there are always large ripples in the jet, called planetary waves (or Rossby waves.) In the Northern Hemisphere, cold air from the polar regions spills southward into the U-shaped troughs of these ripples, and warm air is drawn northwards into the upside-down U-shaped ridges. If these ripples attain unusually high amplitude, a large amount of cold polar air will spill southwards into the mid-latitudes, causing unusual cold extremes. This was the case in Europe and the Eastern U.S. in March 2013. These cold extremes were offset by unusually warm conditions where the jet stream bulged northwards–over the Atlantic, the Western U.S., and in China during March 2013. In fact, the amplitude of the ripples in the jet stream reached their most extreme value ever recorded in any March during 2013, as measured by an index called the Arctic Oscillation (AO).

Figure 1. The monthly Arctic Oscillation (AO) index from 1950 – March 2013 shows that three of the six most extreme negative cases have occurred since 2009. Note that all of the six most negative AO indices on record were associated with historic cold waves and blizzards over Europe or the Eastern U.S. Image created using data from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

Measuring the jet stream’s contortions: the Arctic Oscillation (AO)
One measure of how extreme the ripples in the jet stream are is by measuring the difference in pressure between the Icelandic Low and the Azores High. An index based in this pressure difference is called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). When this index is strongly negative, it means that the pressure difference between the Icelandic Low and the Azores High is low. This results in a weaker jet stream, allowing it to take large, meandering loops. These loops allow cold air to spill far to the south from the Arctic into the mid-latitudes. A more general index that looks at pressure patterns over the entire Arctic, not just the North Atlantic, is called the Arctic Oscillation (AO). The AO and NAO are closely related about 90% of the time. According to a 2010 paper by L’Heureux et al., a strongly negative AO pattern that allows cold air to spill southwards into the mid-latitudes does nothing to the average temperature of the planet. Fluctuations in the jet stream as measured by the AO simply act to redistribute heat. It’s kind of like turning off your refrigerator and leaving the refrigerator door open–the cold air from the refrigerator spills out into the room, but is replaced inside the refrigerator by warm room air. No net change in heat occurs. During March 2013, the AO index hit -3.2. Not only was this the most extreme negative March value of the AO since record keeping began in 1950, it was also the sixth lowest AO index ever measured. It was also the first time the AO index had been that extremely negative in a non-winter month (because the circulation patterns are stronger in the winter, we tend to see more extreme values of the AO index in December, January, and February.) This unusual contortion of the jet stream in March 2013 allowed Europe to have exceptional cold weather in a month when the global average temperature was among the warmest 8% of Marches on record. Why did the AO index get so extreme in March 2013? Part of the blame goes to the sudden stratospheric warming event that began in January (wunderblogger Lee Grenci has a detailed post on this event.) Sudden stratospheric warming events tend to push the atmosphere into a more negative AO configuration. Another major factor was the very active Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO), a pattern of increased thunderstorm activity near the Equator that moves around the globe in 30 – 60 days. When the area of increased thunderstorms associated with the MJO is located in the Pacific Ocean, as occurred during much of March 2013, this tends to create negative AO conditions. Finally, wintertime Arctic sea ice loss has been tied to more negative AO patterns, and sea ice was well blow average again during March.

Figure 2. The Arctic Oscillation (AO) is a pattern of varying pressure and winds over the Northern Hemisphere that can strongly influence mid-latitude weather patterns. When the AO is in its positive phase, jet stream winds are strong and the jet stream tends to blow mostly west to east, with low-amplitude waves (troughs and ridges.) Since the jet stream marks the boundary between cold Arctic air to the north and warm subtropical air to the south, cold air stays bottled up in the Arctic. When the AO is in its negative phase, the winds of the jet stream slow down, allowing the jet to take on more wavy pattern with high-amplitude troughs and ridges. High amplitude troughs typically set up over the Eastern U.S. and Western Europe during negative AO episodes, allowing cold air to spill southwards in those regions and create unusally cold weather.

Are jet stream patterns getting more extreme?
We’ve had some wildly variable jet stream patterns in recent years in the Northern Hemisphere. Just last year, we had a strongly positive AO in March, when our ridiculous “Summer in March” heat wave brought the warmest March on record to the U.S. The first day of spring in Chicago, IL on March 20, 2013 had a high temperature of just 25°F–a 60 degree difference from last year’s high of 85°F on March 20! During the past five years, we’ve set new monthly records for extreme negative AO index for six of the twelve months of the year:

-4.3: February 2010
-3.4: December 2009
-3.2: March 2013
-1.5: October 2009, 2012
-1.4: June 2009
-1.4: July 2009

Note that four of these months with an extremely negative AO occurred in one year–2009. This unusual event was “unprecedented in the 60-year record”, according to L’Heureux et al. (2010.) Despite the unusually large negative AO in 2009, the authors found that the AO index between 1950 – 2009 had actually trended to be more positive, in both the winter and annual mean. This is in agreement with what many climate models predict: the AO index should get increasingly positive, due to increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, since this tends to make the stratosphere cool and increase the strength of high altitude winds over the Arctic. However, a number of papers have been published since 2009 theorizing that the record loss of Arctic sea ice in recent years may be significantly altering Northern Hemisphere jet stream patterns (I list eleven of these papers below.) Many of these studies show a link between Arctic sea ice loss and an increasingly negative AO and NAO index in winter. Dr. Jennifer Francis of Rutgers has authored several of these papers, and wrote a very readable explanation of the theory linking Arctic sea ice loss to extreme weather in the mid-latitudes for our Earth Day 2013 microsite. Her post was called, “The Changing Face of Mother Nature.” The most recent technical paper connecting Arctic sea ice loss to extreme weather was a March 2013 paper by Tang et al., “Cold winter extremes in northern continents linked to Arctic sea ice loss”. The paper argued that unusual jet stream contortions in winter have become increasingly common in recent years. The scientists found a mathematical relationship between wintertime Arctic sea ice loss and the increase in unusual jet stream patterns capable of bringing cold, snowy weather to the Eastern U.S., Western Europe, and East Asia, typical of what one sees during a strongly negative Arctic Oscillation. They theorized that sea ice loss in the Arctic promotes more evaporation, resulting in earlier snowfall in Siberia and other Arctic lands. The earlier snow insulates the soil, allowing the land to cool more rapidly. This results in a southwards shift of the jet stream and builds higher atmospheric pressures farther to the south, which increases the odds of cold spells and blocking high pressure systems that can cause extended periods of unusually cold and snowy weather in the mid-latitudes. The research linking climate change impacts in the Arctic to more extreme jet stream patterns is still very new, and we need several more years of data and additional research before we can be confident that this is occurring. But if the new research is correct, the crazy winter weather we’ve been seeing since 2009 may be the new normal in a world with rapid warming occurring in the Arctic.

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L’Heureux, M., A. Butler, B. Jha, A. Kumar, and W. Wang (2010), Unusual extremes in the negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation during 2009, Geophys. Res. Lett., 37, L10704, doi:10.1029/2010GL043338.

Papers published since 2009 that link Arctic sea ice loss to an increase in negative AO or NAO conditions
Deser, C., R. Tomas, M. Alexander, and D. Lawrence (2010), “The seasonal atmospheric response to projected Arctic sea ice loss in the late 21st century,” J. Clim., 23, 333351, doi:10.1175/2009JCLI3053.1.

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Seierstad, I. A., and J. Bader (2009), “Impact of a projected future Arctic Sea Ice reduction on extratropical storminess and the NAO,” Clim. Dyn., 33, 937-943, doi:10.1007/s00382-008-0463-x.

Tang et al., “Cold winter extremes in northern continents linked to Arctic sea ice loss,” Environ. Res. Lett. 8 014036 doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/1/014036

Jeff Masters


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BREAKING-Study shows 97.1% of Climate Scientists AGREE Global Warming is REAL and human caused

New study published today shows what us weather nerds have known for about 2 decades-the science is plain and clear on this issue and people are only confused about it because there is a concerted (and VERY well funded by the fossil fuel industry!) effort to obfuscate the truth and confuse people-in other words to LIE to us as usual.

Any time huge corporations profit handsomely from the status quo, you can be sure efforts to discredit science that calls for changing the status quo are very likely coming from the corporate/cabal/1% folks.

One reason discernment is so important, is that disinfo is so widespread both in the mainstream AND the alternative news sources.

Imho it is high time to release the many suppressed technologies that can remove all need for fossil fuels AND help us decentralize and prevent anyone from gaining power over others by controlling energy. Also, to properly fund research and development of things like the solar breakthrough I reblogged a report on the other day. We no longer NEED fossil fuels-only the cabal need them to keep control of us!

Study: 97% Agreement on Manmade Global Warming

By Angela Fritz

Published: 7:36 PM GMT on May 16, 2013

The scientific agreement that climate change is happening, and that it’s caused by human activity, is significant and growing, according to a new study published Thursday. The research, which is the most comprehensive analysis of climate research to date, found that 97.1% of the studies published between 1991 to 2011 that expressed a position on manmade climate change agreed that it was happening, and that it was due to human activity.

The study looked at peer reviewed research that mentioned climate change or global warming. Peer review is the way that scientific journals approve research papers that are submitted. In peer review, group of scientists that weren’t involved in the study, but who are experts in the field, look at the research being submitted and have approved that it meets scientific process standards, and the standards of that journal.

In 2011, 521 of those peer reviewed papers agreed that climate change is real, and that human activity is the cause. Nine papers in 2011 disagreed.

John Cook, founder of skepticalscience.com and the lead author on the study, said the motivation for the analysis was the importance of scientific consensus in shaping public opinion, and therefore policy. “When people understand that climate scientists agree on human-caused global warming, they’re more likely to support climate policy,” Cook said. “But when the public are asked how many climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming, the average answer is around 50%.”

This “consensus gap” is what Cook and the research team is trying to close. “Raising awareness of the scientific consensus is a key step towards meaningful climate action,” Cook said.

This study is not the first to examine the overwhelming agreement among climate scientists. Surveys of actively publishing climate scientists as well as analyses of climate change papers have shown similar results.

In 2004 Naomi Oreskes, Professor of History and Science Studies at the University of California San Diego, published what many scientists consider the seminal study on climate change consensus. She also co-authored the book Merchants of Doubt, which identifies and examines the similarities between today’s climate change conversation and previous controversies over tobacco smoking, acid rain, and the hole in the ozone layer.

Oreskes believes that the public isn’t aware of the consensus because of deliberate efforts to cause confusion. “There has been a systematic attempt to create the impression that scientists did not have a consensus, as part of a broader strategy to prevent federal government action,” Oreskes said. “The public have been confused because people have been trying to confuse us.”

The study published Thursday is the first to take so many papers and authors into account. Doing a search on the popular science article website Web of Science for “climate change” or “global warming” produces over 12,000 results. Of these, 4,014 papers were identified to state a position on climate change. Among those, 3,896, or 97.1% endorsed the consensus that climate change was happening and that it was caused by human activity.

In an interesting result, Cook and his team found that over time, scientists tend to express a position on climate change less and less in their research papers. This is likely a result of consensus — that if a scientific conclusion has been reached, there’s no need to continue to state that conclusion in new research. “Scientists tend to take the consensus for granted,” says Cook, “perhaps not realizing that the public still think it’s a 50:50 debate.”


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Living Compassion Weekly Tips Series – Week 42

“When people think we have single-mindedness of purpose, it makes change difficult.”

– Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication:
A Language of Life

Living Compassion Tip — Week 42

Strings Attached

If you look up the word “demand” you will read various definitions, such as:

  • “Forceful request”
  • “An insistent request”
  • “To claim as a right”

If a demand is a type of request according to various dictionaries, why is it important in NVC to make a distinction between the words “request” and “demand”?

One goal of NVC is to provide a platform for the free flow of feelings and needs with the intent of allowing for a more compassionate way for everyone to be heard and taken care of.

“Demand” in NVC is a request with strings attached. We all have either made such a request or have had one made of us. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg states, “Requests are received as demands when others believe they will be blamed or punished if they do not comply. People see only two options: submission or rebellion.”

“Demand” has a more specific definition: a demand is a forceful request in which the speaker criticizes, judges or lays guilt upon the listener.

“Request” in NVC is a clear desire for a need to be met, often followed by showing empathy toward the listener’s needs.


Mindful Practice for the Week

This week, practice cutting the “strings” attached to your requests. See if you can place more trust in the free flow of feelings and needs to reach a mutual outcome, rather than using guilt or promises of reward. Enjoy your week!


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Are You at Your Transition ‘Whatever!’ Point?

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s May 12, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: Due to technical difficulties, there is a long pause near the beginning of this channel.  Many energies will be pummeling your beings in the next few days. Don’t be surprised if you short-circuit electrical/computer systems or ‘space out’ for a few seconds. You’re collecting energies for a major shift at the end of May.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “This Week’s Energy Theme – You are Healed and Healing”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” BlogTalkRadio.com show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.

Dear Ones,

You have cleared most, if not all, of your deeply held secrets – whether spiritual, emotional or physical. You have suffered through your ‘dark night of the soul’ on many levels – in dream time…

View original post 941 more words

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Let’s Pretend – Fear Free Life Inelia Benz


By pretending, we initiate a possible outcome in real life. Children do this naturally, and animals do to when they play. They pretend doing what they will need to do, or want to learn how to do, when they grow up.

By pretending, we put our hands into the field of infinite possibility that is the space between thoughts, and the area between particles in every atom. We bring forth something that did not exist in our minds before. By pretending, we give ourselves permission to bypass “what is real”, “what is possible”, and “what is doable”, and simply allow it to exist in our imagination, in our writing, in our drawings, in our games and in our conversations.

Imagine, pretend, write or draw, about a life without fear. YOUR live. What would it look like? What would you do?

I was looking at this myself, and the first thing that came to mind was, I would “look more”. I love looking, I love observing. Having to be a public voice to raising consciousness, empowerment and awareness on the planet is a busy schedule, and simply looking has moved to the back of the list. But, as I indulged in my pretend game of NO FEAR in the world, my job of raising consciousness and raising the vibration of the planet was done. I was simply left with Observing. Looking. Exploring. And that was a fascinating thing in and of itself.

When in January 2010 I was asked to go public, I had no idea why. Or even why me. It occurred to me that the people that had come in to do that job had been somehow taken out of the game and I was their tenth backup plan. The reason I thought this is because I am an extremely private person, and prefer to see and observe, rather than be seen or observed. Particularly as Inelia Benz is irrelevant and really does not exist. Nothing to see here.

And this week, as I was playing pretend with NO FEAR in my life, I saw that that was the whole point for having me become public. It was because not only did I have no attention on being seen because it didn’t cause any drive in me, or fulfill any desire or need, and yes it had a dissonant energy in that up to now being public was about the “I, me and myself” paradigm, and I didn’t have any of those, but also because I loved to be the observer.

As we move away from the Savior/Aggressor/Victim/Martyr paradigm, the need for saviors and guides, or deities as focus of our attention, is no longer necessary. All the information we could ever need, is already available. And if it’s not available right away, many people are working to make it available. If someone really wants to find something out, they can. The time of a guru or yogi “giving” enlightenment experience to others is no longer useful. What we are left with, is remembrance and multiple viewpoints. The more viewpoints, different viewpoints, looking at the same subject, the more we can access about that subject.

What the new role of those who in the past may have started groups, religions and followings, is to simply inspire an audience to look at what the speaker is seeing, looking at, exploring, and not themselves – the speaker. The person in the audience can come and go at will, listen to and explore new seeings with different speakers at will, and when all is seen, and he or she can access new seeing, start speaking and expressing those seeings so others can experience that new point of view too. In this new structure the speaker becomes irrelevant.

And from pretending a world without fear what resulted was a realization that WE CAN START NOW. By two or more people looking in the same direction, pretending the same thing, or intending the same intention, we bring a level of “agreement” into the reality construct we call the physical universe.

One of the “laws” of physical reality, is that it exist through agreement. Agreement comes in packages, programs, cultural beliefs, social media, religions and all sorts of other things.

At the moment, our reality is filled with fear. Fear is everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. However, it is just a “point of view”. An energetic expression of attachments, survival, and avoidance. Some individuals believe that “fear is necessary for survival”. Others think it’s ok to feel it but do stuff anyway, and yes, this is a way to start dissolving fear, because we realize that the sky did not fall down when we did what we were afraid to, but this method can be long and arduous, and can backfire. Others try to suppress it, or push it away, or hide from it in a bubble of light. But by pushing it away, we make it stronger. So we process it. And that works really, really well at an individual level. The more fear that is resolved through processing it, the higher our own vibration becomes and the more expansive our awareness becomes.

And now by pretending our life without fear, and then a world without fear, we can bring a new paradigm possibility into the human collective consciousness.

So that’s how my life looked like, and this is what I have decided to do different: I have decided to start looking now and not wait until we are finished with our job on the planet. I want to look, and I invite you to look where I am looking simply because it is fascinating and the more of us that look the more we get to uncover, discover and remember.

For this month, let’s spend some time, even if a few seconds, looking at the “reality” of having fear free personal life and planet.

Get a pen and paper and express what YOUR life looks like FEAR FREE.

What say you?

love joy and light

Inelia Benz


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The Oracle Report Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

Today, like a string being pulled, something emerges from deep within us. You may be surprised or think you didn’t have it in you. This energy finds things that are latent, dormant, or undeveloped. It can be anything – a feeling, a talent, a belief, an injustice, the spirit to stand up – there are no limits with this. But it comes from the seats of our souls and it tells much about who we really are. The activation of this element from deep within us is part of the energetic upgrade that occurred over last lunar month. Something needs to come into the light today, and it is part of the teaching that Tara brings us this month.

If involved in something important to your future today, do not go in unprepared or overconfident. Double check yourself and come from your heart. While this may sound like generalized, parlor astrology talk, it is more important to do this today than it would be on most days.

The electric Universe is still reverberating with X-class flare solar energy, and spaceweather.com predicts a 60% chance of another X flare today. Remember this is “agitating” our personal electric fields, causing some to react hyper-emotionally and erratically.

If you have been following these reports for a while, you may remember that we implemented a shamanic technique of carrying around an energetic “quiver of arrows” that we shoot at “negative” forces when encountered. We mentally shoot a light arrow at something that is attacking. Most often this is a negative thoughtform – an Archontic intrustion. There is heightened need to keep our quivers filled today. We can blow away anything that attempts to drag us down.

As always, remember to find beauty and a reason to fall back in love with the planet. There are lots of reasons, but one will do.


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A Fragment of Solara’s May 2013 Report: Now Is The Time


Great pressure turns coal into diamonds.

So far, this has been an intense, yet absolutely brilliant year. The duality-based world situation is full of turmoil, injustice, corruption, greed and violence. Yet we no longer live in that world. This doesn’t mean that our lives are easy and stress free. Many of us are under construction right now, being realigned and recalibrated on every level possible so that we an live in a totally New Landscape.

This greatly expanded New Landscape is a state of being. It exists wherever we are. It’s a completely New Paradigm that is far removed from the dying world of duality.

While we are experiencing such extremes, we might have a brilliant day of clear, decisive action, then the next day we may feel completely flattened, without energy to do anything. There are times when without warning, waves of deep sadness or hopelessness roll in. Usually these are collective emotions that aren’t connected with anything happening in our personal lives. A few hours later, we are back to our clear, energetic selves. We’re not all suddenly becoming bipolar; this is just a symptom of the extremes that are currently in play.

Then there is the state of Quantum Deep. This occurs when we are suddenly pulled out of our current physical reality and propelled into the very core of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. When Quantum Deep happens, all we can do is lie down and be very still for a few hours. Sometimes the energies are so strong that we fall into a deep sleep. Other times, we simply lie down in a profound state of quiet. As soon as we do this, our being clicks into position with the Diamond of the Unseen, just like putting a plug into a socket. This powerful connection aligns and recalibrates us to the New Paradigm on a cellular level.

Each time that we are immersed into Quantum Deep, we are connecting with the core essence of the New Paradigm. This is such a vastly different energy from what we have previously known. That is why it is not easy to return from Quantum Deep to the physical world which contains mixed old and new energies. It often takes an hour or more to get out of Quantum Deep. We may open our eyes and see the details of where we are. We may hear the noises around us. Yet, it takes tremendous effort to move our bodies and come back to this physical reality from such a far away distance.

Each time that we return to the HERE and NOW from Quantum Deep, another layer of expired and untrue elements are loosened within us and rise to the surface in a highly magnified form so they can be released from our energetic fields. Sometimes the extreme magnification creates a distortion. This is when something small and unthreatening like an ant, can suddenly appear to be a dinosaur-sized monster. Or a tiny worry from our daily life can look like a formidable obstacle.

For more than twenty-five years, there has been a planetary wobble within the axis of the Earth. It has been there for the purpose of loosening the axis of the planet which holds the poles into position. Now, we are also experiencing a personal wobble within us. This wobble is loosening our internal axis which kept us anchored into the old world of duality. When our internal wobble activates, it makes us feel unstable, unsettled and nauseous.

To live in the HERE and NOW is to treat each day as if it was both the first and the last.

One of the big messages of the moment is to live in the NOW. Not in the past nor a probable future, but NOW! When we live in the NOW, it allows great things to happen in alignment with our particular frequency signature. The deeper that we dip into the HERE and NOW, the more everything around us appears new and fresh. Life feels more full and we feel more vibrantly alive.

When elements from the past or worries about the future intrude into the HERE and NOW, we can feel how their energies taint the fresh newness of the present moment. We also can’t judge the people who are currently in our life from our previous experiences with totally different people in the past. If we carry the memories of the past or our anxieties of the future into the NOW, we rob the present moment of its freshness, Trueness and sparkling possibilities.

If we treat each day as if it were the first day of our lives, we greet each situation we encounter with openness and love. We are free of old emotional behaviors, beliefs, judgements and personal preferences. Everything is fresh and new. And if we treat each day as if it were our last day on Earth, then we are filled with deep tenderness and gratitude at the preciousness of life. Every single moment is sacred. This is one of the major Keys to Life and it’s that simple.

Living in the Expanded HERE and NOW means that we enjoy all the moments, even the most challenging ones, including the times when we are flattened, filled with doubts and fears or when things don’t happen as we hoped they would. The Expanded HERE and NOW is vast beyond measure and so are we. When we embody our vastness and align ourselves with the present moment, we absolutely KNOW that ALL IS WELL.

May brings us a noticeable deepening of Love. More and more people are feeling like our kindred people. This includes people whom we barely know. This is very comforting. Kindred people are becoming a huge form of support since we are all going through similar experiences. They understand and they need our support as well. There’s a stronger sense of Oneness between those who are authentic and real, with the knowingness that we are all in this together and together as One, we will see it through.

• • • • • •

This is a very small fragment of Solara’s complete MAY 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish