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The manuscript of survival – part 311 by Aisha North

As you have mayhaps noticed, these energetic intermissions seems to be popping up again, as in giving you all a little time to breathe and survey the surroundings before the call to go within and focus once again arrives in the form of some friendly fire, if we may use such a word. For these blasts of energetic balancing tools will feel almost like a fire within for many of you, as they will churn and burn away at anything that needs your attention. Yes, this is not easy going for anyone, but it is indeed a very, very effective way of ensuring your total liberation from anything that could be standing in your way. For you are indeed approaching the moment when you will feel lighter than the light, when the last capstone falls into place, and you stand there complete, ready to take on the task of helping the rest of humanity follow in your wake.

We hear a sigh of exhaustion from many of you at the prospect of being inundated with so much work once your own process has been completed, but trust us when we say that the work we refer to here, is of a very different caliber than the one you are in the middle of completing yourselves. For remember this time, it will not be about personal toil and travail, it will be the in the role of wayshowers and companions to those setting out on the same path as you. And also, those following in your wake will have a much easier time of it, for they will be able to follow the trails you have all blazed trough the densest of jungles and over the highest passes. And so, where you were forced to go slow and literally fight your way ahead, they will be able to pick up speed and race after that much sought out goal in a much shorter time.

It may sound unfair that others will get the express lane towards enlightenment, but again, you have taken upon yourselves the task of clearing the way, and you have done so in a formidable way. For remember, you are indeed the bravest of the brave, the tenacious ones, the ones that were chosen because no one could be more fitting than you to fulfill this monumental task. And you have all shown yourselves more than worthy of this assignment. So again we say, give yourselves ample time to celebrate your journey. You may have a few steps left, but these steps are nothing compared to the long and arduous journey you have already completed.

For some, the rewards are already starting to pour in in the form of bountiful confirmations in every field. For others, they are that close to breaking through the last and final barrier holding them back from hearing the cheers as they cross the finishing line, so there is indeed much to celebrate these days. But in this kind of labour, it is difficult to define your achivements as finished, for as soon as you cross that line of completion, the next phase takes over. But this phase is all about blossoming and growing outwards, embracing your powers and discovering even more of them. In other words, the final stage of going upwards and outwards for as long as you want. For then it is up to each and every one of you to decide just how far you want to take your limits. You are limitless, but you will not access more than you choose to yourself, so in that, it is indeed once again your decision, and your decision only that rules the day. Let us leave it at that, and give you all a chance to digest these words, and to see your own journey in perspective.


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The Oracle Report Saturday, May 18 – Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

In case you are not following on Twitter, an M-3 class solar flare was released yesterday and directed at Earth. I wrote that the energy contained in any flare that might be released would be game or life changing.

The fact that this was an M-class flare and not an X-class flare (which sunspot AR1748 had only released so far) enables us to benefit from the energy without it disrupting us technologically (in the form of taking out satellites, etc.). This is by design. The divine being embodied as the Earth has no intention to let our civilization return to “zero point” or, in other words, take us back to some version of a pre-industrial or even a semi-industrial society. This does not mean that she will not take down certain individual technological elements that would strategically serve the betterment of the species by them being gone. She will do this over time and is, in fact, already doing it. We will continue to see more “proof” of how our co-creation with Gaia-Sophia is evolving.

Saturday’s energy favors collaborative endeavors and sharing. Anything we do will be easier and smoother if we have some help or share the responsibility to complete it. Also, if someone feels that they have been doing or giving more than their fair share or that they are being taken advantage of, it is likely to surface today.

Sunday’s energy brings the tendency to focus far too much on appearances. This is not just the aesthetic appearance of things as in how much or little beauty they hold, but also on the appearance of success in a myriad of forms. The integrity or core or truth of things determines its future success – not the outer facade. Focus should switch from superficial values to spiritual values (which I would call whatever comes from love). It doesn’t matter what something looks like or what it tries to project. What matters is what is behind it – what it stands on. Don’t be deceived and don’t trick yourself into thinking that appearances matter that much.