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The Oracle Report Monday, May 20, 2013

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First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo/Libra

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

This day comes in a bit challenging. The Sun moves into Gemini later today, joining Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Black Moon. The presence of Jupiter in Gemini expands all of the themes associated with Gemini: relationships, travel, communication, mental processes, speed, just to name a few. The Black Moon in Gemini brings up fears of rejection and disapproval, and being alone.

We will be transitioning into new energy during a window of time between 1:00 pm EDT/ 5:00 pm UTC and 5:00 pm EDT/ 10:00 pm UTC.

It is important to be flexible and open to changes today. Most likely things will not go precisely according to plan, especially before the window of time begins. A change of mind(set) is happening today, so clinging to the old or familiar will make this harder for us. If you are restricting growth and change, it will show up (and perhaps manifest in the body). New opportunities are emerging, and we need to move on to them. If you are experiencing a problem with this, be kind to yourself – not critical. Accept that you need to make a change and things will flow from there.

If things aren’t going the way you want or if you are working on something and getting frustrated, drop it and come back to it in a little while. Taking a walk to stepping outside will help tremendously.

Today is unusual in that the energy shift is dramatic and requires a conscious adjustment. This is due to Jupiter and the Black Moon in Gemini with the Sun’s energy now added. The Black Moon will move into Cancer on June 9, the day after the New Moon in Gemini, so we will not have this compounded effect for long. Jupiter compounds things anyway, but with the Sun moving into Gemini also, well, it’s a lot.

Expect to shift emotional and physical states as the day progresses. Think of it as being in bloom, like the roses in the photograph above of my mother’s garden.


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