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PressTV: ‘Obama surprise admissions in terror talk’ . . . more thoughts about Obama’s surprising speech the other day. . . ~J

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This is the most heartening post about a President, or Presidential speech I have seen since Jimmy Carter was in office! With much thanks to Jean for finding and posting this. To everyone who like me had great faith in Obama and not too long ago started to feel very confused and unsure, this is a real shot of Hope that the Change we worked so hard to bring about by electing and re-electing this President is still Possible and maybe even currently in process behind the scenes. That he could even SAY the things Duff discusses here is a very strong sign that the people who assassinated a President a generation ago to gain incredible power over our country have lost at least some of that blood bought control. I want to add also much thanks to Creator for hearing our prayers and answering even if the process is slower and more confusing than we might have wished for-it does appear to BE a process, not a static state of fascism any more. When the Supreme Court made a bloodless coup of my government by appointing a President who had not won the election, even this slow process of change did not seem probable to me, so this is a great blessing for which I am very grateful.

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