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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – June 29

The Elder’s Meditation of the Day is a beautiful resource from the Native Wellbriety movement. You can sign up to receive it daily from their website http://www.whitebison.org .

It is beautiful to be reminded of the wisdom of our elders and ancestors, and to remind ourselves each day of what is truly important (as opposed to what colonized society pushes on us as important like the “rat race” and paying to live on the planet we were BORN on!)

No matter what troubles we may be facing, reminding ourselves that we are but a small part of a very large, endlessly connected and beautiful circle of Life can be very comforting and help us regain perspective. Creator and all that is, is Love-and we can all access that love and the peace it brings every moment we choose to slow down and be in it.

If this is difficult for you-as it can certainly be when we are under stress!-just take a moment to ask Creator, Goddess, the Angels, or whatever deity or being you feel close to, to help you to feel it.

Help is always available if we are willing to reach for it, so don’t let the craziness of the current world bring you down. Step outside and feel the love the sun, the moon, the trees, the birds, butterflies, lizards, squirrels, other living things and the land itself are sending you every moment!

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – June 29 oakfall.gif
“We forget so we consider ourselves superior. But we are, after all, a mere part of the creation and we must consider to understand where we are and we stand somewhere between the mountain and the Ant. Somewhere and only there is a part and parcel of the creation.”

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The Oracle Report Friday, June 28, 2013 – Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase- Moon in Pisces/Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

We are under heavy influences from the Sun opposing Pluto (exact conjunction Monday) with Uranus also involved. This is making things more and more intense and potentially overwhelming at times. This is all about POWER. It is raw power coursing through the air, available for anyone to tap into at anytime. So it will amplify or empower whatever is present. This means we must be MINDFUL OF OUR MINDSET because whatever we are focusing on will become more powerful.

We don’t want to be used by Archontic intrusion into our psyches. The purpose of them doing this is to continue to fracture the human collective and its connection with Sophia – the divine being embodied as the planet. When we start to tip toward negativity, feeling overwhelmed, depression, sinking down into an abyss, doubtfulness, or hopelessness, we will suspend the thought, eject it from our minds, and blow it up mentally.

You may have real and legitimate things happening in your life to cause worry. Most do at this time in history. But most likely, nothing will be solved from it over the next three days. Unless someone is bleeding, the crisis can take a hiatus for a couple of days. The point I am trying to make is that worry is not only useless right now, it fuels the agenda of those beings that seek our annihilation.

Note that the agenda, not the beings, are empowered. They are not “alive” like we are, so there is nothing to empower. We are the living beings with the power of mind. Mind is what can be empowered.

Let’s do this a different way so we aren’t victim to the power play. As always, the mission is to find beauty in nature, fall back in love with life, and keep your head.


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The Oracle Report Friday, June 28, 2013

I love the way The Oracle Report always reminds us to stay grounded in nature, to appreciate the beautiful and joyful in life. The world of late, the energies and many of our personal experiences have seemed rather intense and often stressful but this picture reminded me that whatever is going on, we can always choose where to focus our own awareness and energy.

If you don’t have a cat (or dog if you are a dog person!;-) Shelters all over are overflowing with beautiful, amazing, loving beings waiting for someone to take them home and appreciate the magic they inevitably bring to each moment, and to our lives.

It seems so wrong to me that so many humans struggle each day with stress, depression, loneliness, and disconnection from life-while shelters overflow with so many cats and dogs.

Yes, it is a responsibility and we have to bring ourselves up to do it-but isn’t that the point? By letting go of our self-focus, our limited view and taking responsibility in each moment to be that better person we know in our hearts we can be, we also let go of so much of the baggage and suffering that are holding us back.

Whatever energies are currently in play when the Oracle Report is posted, Love is the key to keeping ourselves in balance with them.

This cute kitty reminded me that we have so many angels helping us find our way back to that Love that is our essential truth and nature. I am so grateful to all the furred and feathered, scaled and leafed angels who help me in this each day. I hope that everyone reading this is experiencing that gratitude as well-and if not that you will soon find that with your awareness on it, new angels will soon come into your life as well;-)

Disseminating Moon Phase- Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Today’s report will be delayed until this evening. Please check back later for the extended weekend report.


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The manuscript of survival – part 330 by Aisha North


You have by now started to source into more and more information, dear ones. Not only from your own physical body, but also further afield. For some, these revelations have been very interesting indeed, but for others, they have not yet registered on their radar so to speak.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, as you have all managed to lessen your load so much from all of the old dross that literally used to clog up your channels, now the time for input has finally arrived. In other words, things will start to seep into your consciousness now, even information regarding subjects you had no idea you had any knowledge about at all. Things will start to pop up on the horizon, and once again, it will be a little bit like finding an unexpected piece to a puzzle in a very unexpected place. Of course at first, much of this will seem to be random bits of information without any clear definition to it, but it will come. For remember, it is perhaps not meant to be that you are the one that will get the complete picture.

For this is indeed also a lesson in connecting, and this time it will be all about connecting the dots regarding information. For you will discover something that might fill in the gap in someone else’s “story” as it were, and vice versa. In other words, the treasure hunt has just started, and now, we venture to guess you will all start to find some very interesting bits and pieces of information surfacing up into your daily lives. They may come in the form of an image, a tune, some words or other forms of description. So again, keep your eyes, ears and yes – mind open, and see what you will “stumble across”. And do not forget to share it with others, as your little seemingly innocuous piece might be the one crucial missing part in someone else’s hugely important structure.


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The Oracle Report Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase- Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Today’s energy carries an ephereal quality that makes us:

  • highly intuitive and creative
  • spiritually open to messages and information
  • easier to manipulate and deceive through propoganda
  • more emotional than normal
  • glorify or focus on the past when we should to be in the present to judge situations based on current needs
  • want to escape or break down walls and barriers.

Additionally, Mercury will station retrograde today. We can expect disruptions in communications (miscommunications), computers and other technology, and travel delays. Pay close attention while driving or when on the water. The potential for accidents increases under these astrological influences. I mention this because it is all too easy to be “out of our bodies” and not paying attention. Stay firmly rooted to the planet with your mind on task when operating vehicles.

The lovely thing about today’s energy is that it brings us closer into the dreaming mind of Sophia. All of the things that caused Sophia to become enthralled with us and leave her home in the Galactic Center (particularly our ability to create beauty and our great capacity to love) are present in full force today, so it is a day where we can shine and bring her happiness.


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The manuscript of survival – part 329 by Aisha North


We would like to delve a little further into the recent energetic upgrades you have all been through. And, as we mentioned earlier, these missives of information are not only affecting you, but they will continue to affect everyone around you in one way or the other. As you are all well versed in these phenomena by now, you are all very familiar with the effects this will have on your physical setup, in the way of nausea, aches and pains. For some, this will seem to have intensified lately, while for others, these waves seem to subside as fast as they arrive. However, there might be a way to lessen your symptoms somewhat. But in order for us to explain this, we need to go back to the actual effect of all of these missives, and the reason for them being beamed into you in the first place.

For as you know, they are not set up in order to make you feel weak and unable to function, but to many, this will seem to be the only effect they have, and so all of this will be looked upon as nothing more than a nuisance and a bother. However, underneath all of this creaking and groaning from your body, there is something far more interesting going on. But again, the symptoms from it will mask this very well unless you are able to tune into the inner layer as it were, and disregard all of these signals of distress. For even if your body will sound and feel like it is very perturbed and even irritated, it is in fact going full steam ahead with these waves of informational energy, and it is doing its best to keep going ahead evey time it gets some new orders from this information. For this is not only about retuning, this is in fact all about rebuilding yourself, and much of this work is going on in your neural pathways. For the whole command structure to call it that, or rather, your communication structure, is what is getting a huge tune up these days, and as such, the usual pathways of information that you already have within are apt to be more than a little confused, hence, the syptoms of irritation and distress.

Let us explain. As you know, the physical body you inhabit is a very complex structure indeed, and not even your scientists have figured out a way to completely explain every process that is going on within you in detail. For this whole structure is infinitely more complex than any structure you yourselves have constructed, and even the most advanced kind of your computers is no match for the intelligence you have in just one single cell of your body. For just within that single cell, there is so much information stored and so many complex processes going on at all times, it is enough to keep many a scientists busy trying to figure it all out. And in between them, the billions of cells in your body have so many stories to tell, not only about each and every individual, but most of all about the way they all talk to each other. For remember, there is a huge conversation going on within you each and every day, as not one single cell in your body is working alone. They are all a part of this immense fine-tuned orchestra, and they need to connect so that they can stay fine-tuned at all times, no matter what external circumstances that might arise. For remember, you live a very complex life in a very complex world, and as such, the signals that enter your body in so many ways will all add their voice to this internal choir. So yes, you are walking around within something that is truly a marvel, and now, this marvel will only increase as your body is going through such a metamorphosis it will be hard to comprehend.

You have perhaps all heard about how a human brain uses only a small percentage of its capacity. Well, not only is your brain starting to unfold its full abilities now, but also the rest of your body. And what this will entail, is this; you are not only becoming more intelligent in your mental capacity, as in being able to access fields of knowledge and feats of abilities hidden up until now, now your phsyical body will start to do the same. In other words, this inner dialogue will incrase in not only speed, but also in complexity to a level that far surpasses the old one. And what will this mean? This will simply mean that your body will be far, far better to respond and adjust to anything that might arise, and it will in effect become super adept at fixing itself and at keeping itself in ship shape as they say, in a manner that far surpasses the mode it has been in up until now.

In addition, the more immaterial part of you, that is the YOU that inhabits this outer physical layer, will become capable of literally having a conversation with this physical layer in way that simply was not possible before. Remember, the two of you are literally a match made in heaven as we have talked about earlier, and now, you will be able to start to understand what we mean by that. For as the higher aspects of you have now started to literally move in to this physical body, the two of you need to get to know each other, and so, you have to start to have a conversation. And what do we mean by that? We literally mean that YOU have to start to talk to your body, and your body will also have to learn to listen to you. Remember, we have talked much about the importance of heeding the signals your body is giving you, but now, your body also needs to start to listen to your wisdom.

We hasten to add that this does not in any way mean that you must completely disregard any signals of distress your body is giving you. No, what we mean by this is that you need to talk to your body about it. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. For remember, your body is also very new to this, as it has been used to function in the same way forever. But now, when so many new pathways and possibilites start to open, they can be easy to overlook, also for your body. So that is why we describe this as a teamwork to be carried out both by YOU and by your body, and in order for this to start to take place, the two of you need to start to communicate even more.

And this brings us back to where we started, namely the physical manifestations from all of these energetic downloads in the form of symptoms that will arise. Remember, the body has in many ways been programmed to react in a certain way to stimuli, and it will continue to do so even when the opportunity arises to react in a brand new way. For that is how this physical vehicle has been set up. In order to optimize the output, it has learned to make use of patterns, as in setting up a sequence of actions that will be followed automatically every time something is instigated, either by will or as a rule. In other words, your body will conserve energy by setting up loops that will come into effect every time a similar situation arises. That is how you learn the things you do in your life, like walking, talking, writing anything that is habitual. It is a set pattern, and the same setup of cells are set into motion automatically. But now, you have all been given access to a whole new set of possibilities, so you and your body must in effect retrain yourselves to respond in a new way. We do not mean that you need to start from scratch as it were in everything, but you must realize that this means that there are many set patterns within your body that needs to be reassessed. And to start with the easiest one, we suggest you start with the notion that every time the energies increases, your body will need to react in a certain way, whether that be with headaches, back aches, nausea or what have you.

It might sound complicated, but we suggest you do it the easy way by literally TALKING to your body. You might choose to do this silently, or you might choose to say it out loud, but what we suggest you do, is simply to start having a conversation with your body. And no, it is not in the form of criticism or rebuke, that is not a good idea. Remember, your body only wants what is good for you, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Your body is doing all it can to protect the YOU within, and as such, every action it takes is taken with a good intention. The effects it will have may not always be positive, as you all know. However, now the time has come for you to sit down with your body and give it some pep talk. It might sound strange, ridiculous even, but trust us, it will have some rather interesting effects.

Remember, the body is your ally, not your enemy, so even if the signals it is sending out may be more than a little irritating, even debilitating for some, it is no good to attack it for it. Rather, you must show it you understand the reason for it, perhaps even thank it for all it has done for you. After all, it is the only reason you can even be here in the first place, for without this physical body, you would not be able to be here and do the work that you do. So try to do this, even if it might seem silly, and see what happens. For now, you can tell your body that it can let down the guard a little bit. It does not need to go all crazy on you every time it senses a change in the energies, and you can tell it just that.

Again, this is not about disregarding all signals of distress that may arise, for not all of them are related to this energetic distress, so always remember to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. But the lesson for today is this: the next time your body starts to ring the energetic alarmbells, just talk to it and tell it that it does not need to do this any more. It can relax a little bit, and even if things feel strange and unusual to the body because all of these new pathways opening up, it does not need to be afraid. It is safe, and YOU are safe, and together, the two of you will become infinitely stronger than ever before. For not only will YOU become the one you truly are, your body is also evolving into something even more intelligent and capable than before. So again we say, you are truly a match made in heaven, and now, the time has come to start to play the new game of BEing one also with your physical body.


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The Oracle Report Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disseminating Moon Phase- Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Jupiter has now entered the watery tides of Cancer, shadowing the Queen of Shadows herself, the Black Moon. As I discussed in the last audio, while the Black Moon is in Cancer issues related to support: how well we feel others support us, how well we support ourselves, neediness, dependency, and how much one can withstand. Cancer is a water sign – the energy of emotions. The core of the energy relates to the fear that we can’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others, and other can’t take care of us. Jupiter carries the frequencies of expansion, so as it is making the conjunction with the Black Moon, these themes take on new heights. In other words the tide is rising. It makes us feel vulnerable.

Keep in mind also that the Sun and Pluto are moving into direct opposition over the next few days (with Uranus in square) Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow. All off this is happening off of the supermoon. These are all very strong astrological aspects, which makes layers and layers of intensity. It’s a compound effect; it’s deep, and it’s surprising.

Our job is to counter the dominant energy – to turn it upside down and inside out. To do this today and stay above the tide, invoke the medicine (energetic frequency) of the egret today. The egret can stay grounded or fly, walk through the mud, look deep down for treasures, pinpoint and find precisely what it wants. It adapts well because it can walk, swim, or fly. It’s a master of realms.

Emotions are running very, very high and things are coming from out of the blue. There’s a lot of anger just under the surface. Recognize that these themes are present. Give yourself and others some space. Stay above the tide.


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The Oracle Report Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full Moon Phase- Moon in Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

We line up and row our way through the stream of this day with steady assuredness. In all things, look forward and stay in line.

Follow this as best you can today and you will cut a path through the chaos that is present. Astrological effects are strong as the Sun and Pluto are pulled together until direct opposite alignment on Monday, July 1, 2013. Mercury is preparing to retrograde (Thursday, June 27 – July 19, 2013), and as many readers know, the time when Mercury is retrograde, or appears to move backward in the sky, is a time when communications, electronics, and travel have issues. It’s not a time to buy expensive electronics because they usually fail during some subsequent Mercury retrograde. You may already be noticing difficulties with communications (Mercury) and aggressive behavior/power struggles (Sun-Pluto). Add the fact that Uranus is making a square to the Sun and Pluto and you get all of this in the form of suprises, shocks, and things coming from out of the blue. It’s quite a mix.

So be aware that there are a lot of reactions and power struggles going on, but go through it as if you are rowing a canoe down this river with lots of other canoes in line with you and don’t get distracted, bogged down, or thrown off. Stay the line and stay the course.

Today’s report is admittedly overly-metaphorical, but the complexity of the energy calls for simplicity. Each of us will have to make things clear for ourselves today and apply the information in the best way we can.

One thing for sure: we’re traveling right along a stream of consciousness of Sophia (represented here as a river). Let’s focus on a joy ride.


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The manuscript of survival – part 328 by Aisha North


As you have all passed through an intense weekend filled with much energetic chatter, we advise you all to try to stay focused in order to better be able to assimilate it all. In other words, do not push yourselves unnecessarily in any direction, as what you need most of all now, is to avoid exerting yourselves in any way. And when you do feel the urge to get up and go as it were, and you are filled with an intense longing to see past the horizon, know that this will not serve you in any way at the moment. So again, patience is the word for today, and you will all benefit greatly if you take that advice to heart.

For this has not been an ordinary weekend, and what you have been through will make its mark on you in so many ways, so for now, it is better to keep a low profile as it were and to try to give yourself as much care as you need. Again it is your physical body who has taken the brunt of all of this, so heed the advice it gives you now. This will not be news to anyone, but we do know from experience that it bears repeating as you have a tendency to try to get a little bit ahead of yourselves unless we remind you to just slow down and BE.

So put your feet up, to use an image you are all familiar with, and try to tune into your core and feel the exitement building there. For you have all taken a giant step closer to what you will all see as the great unveiling of your innermost secrets, and this time, the secrets we refer to are not of the kind many of you have been struggling with lately. No, what we refer to are the secrets of your powers, not of your former weaknesses or perceived setbacks.

So keep calm and carry on, as the old adage says, and know that you are all moving forward at warp speed, even if you will feel a little bit like washed up in a backwater from time to time. Remember, you are moving down into your physical body, and as such, your higher aspects need time to adjust to this new situation of being a part of a human being inside a human body, so confusion may ensue from time to time. Do not fret dear ones, you will soon learn to adapt better to these circumstances, and then, you will all be asked to start to explore your own inherent powers more and more as this summer progresses. But for now, rest and recreation will be the best way to go.