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Peace is Vital at This Moment – SaLuSa 1 June 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

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SaLuSa was the first “channel” that led me to take such things at all seriously. At one time I thought this was because Mike who channeled his messages must have some speech or writing pattern that was familiar to me. to make the messages feel “real” to my nervous system;-) After reading SaLuSa channeled by Laura, I realized it was not Mike, or Laura, but SaLuSa who has a way of communicating which feels familiar and real to me. I don’t know why this is, but since it opened my formerly closed mind to a whole new area of information and understanding, I guess it is a good thing!;-) I appreciate this message because he is, in effect, repeating common sense stuff that we KNOW, but that is not being implemented by those with the power to do so-yet. He reminds us that the real power lies with US not them. I believe in Peace on Earth. I believe that the collective voice and heart of humanity is calling very clearly for peace and an end to all violence. No Mother or Father wants to see her/his child harmed-and who on Earth is NOT the child of a Mother/Father?

Multidimensional Ocean

Global PeaceDear ones, we salute your brave courage during this period of intense awakening across your planet.

The cabal is doing all it can to tighten its grip around you and break your spirit. However, the people have the courage of taking to the streets, of supporting each other and of taking their power back from corrupt politicians and corporate cruel interest.

We wish to salute the global movement of union and cooperation, setting into motion a world that would be based on mutual support, understanding and love. People are waking up to the fact that their trust was misplaced when it comes to politics, and realize the need to set in place a better, more humane system, which would not allow for corporations to stir public affairs and interests, and place their gains before human welfare and happiness.

Although your voices seem steadily unheard by the governments, behind closed doors they…

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