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Spiritual march against Monsanto, Oslo, Norway (Rythem and dance Music Video) May 25th 2013 PLEASE SHARE!!!

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I love synchronicity! I got this in email from a group I read, and I am overjoyed to see the connection between spirit and activism is alive and well in Norway! The people come together for what is right, have enormous amounts of fun, connect with one another across the world and force the “powers that were” to realize their schemes of control are no longer going to work. Beautiful!


Marching against Monsanto Oslo Norway May 25th 2013 nyThis was an event that took on new dimension.

We started with great appeals with a perfect finish with “Monsanto” (GMO Mafioso) with Knut Erik Tørnæs.

Then we had to practice on match-word “No to Poison in the garden , No to Poison in the Stomach”

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