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NorthPoint Astrology Journal June 3 to 9, 2013 By Pam Younghans

Today’s photo: Auroras on June 1 over Crater Lake in Oregon (photo by Brad Goldpaint, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

Highlighted Aspects

Monday: Neptune trine Mercury, Saturn trine Mercury, Chiron square Sun; Friday: Neptune stations retrograde 1:24am PDT, Neptune trine Venus, Saturn trine Venus, Pluto opposite Mercury, Mars conjunct Pallas Athene, Neptune square Mars, Neptune square Pallas Athene, Saturn quincunx Mars, Saturn quincunx Pallas Athene; Saturday: New Moon 8:56am PDT, Uranus square Mercury

WE HAVE ANOTHER important week ahead of us — but with different themes than in recent weeks. Whereas before we were primarily working with the “shock and awe” effects of the Pluto-Uranus square, this week there is a softening and a shift in vibration.

Neptune is the main planetary influence this week. The ethereal planet is moving very slowly now, and will come to a standstill (from Earth’s perspective) on Friday. That day marks the beginning of Neptune’s retrograde (backward motion) phase, which lasts until November 13.

AS ANY PLANET slows momentum, its effects on our energy field is increased. This enhanced effect is especially strong a week or two on either side of the exact date of its station.

With Neptune’s influence strengthened now, we can expect that one or more of the following will be stronger as well: our connection to our spiritual or creative energy source; avoidance of reality and responsibility; surrender to our soul’s guidance; compassion and understanding; martyrdom and self-sacrifice; intuition and inspiration.

THE POSITIVE MANIFESTATIONS of Neptune’s influence are being assisted this week by Saturn, Mercury and Venus. On surface, the intentions of Saturn are so different from those of Neptune, we might think the two could never get along. Neptune wants to help us transcend the dramas of human experience through creative and spiritual practices; Saturn wants us to be more fully present to physical reality, and teaches practicality and responsibility.

However, when the two planets work well together, as they are now, we have the marvelous possibility of manifesting in the “real” world (Saturn) the ideals of our spiritual and creative selves (Neptune). We also are assisted in letting go (Neptune) of the outdated goals, restrictions and rules (Saturn) that are not in alignment with who we are becoming.

WE ALSO BENEFIT from the effects of a Grand Water Trine between Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Cancer on Monday. When a grand trine occurs, all three planets are working in harmony, and we are more able to put their energies to positive use.

The same configuration is in effect again on Friday, when Venus steps in to take Mercury’s place. And, both these grand trines are overtures to the main event: a Grand Water Trine that will take place between Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter/Mars in July.

While one of these Grand Water Trines is in effect, we can more easily bridge the gap between realism and idealism, between what we know as truth and what we hope is possible. We are also supported in carrying greater love and light as we walk through our day.

THIS MEANS that our New Moon on Saturday would be an especially good time to create a vision board, or in some other way bring our ideals, intentions and goals into form. Even the Sabian symbol for the lunation encourages us to look beyond what appears to be probable and aim instead for what may be possible:

“A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom: Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality.”

This symbolic image reminds us that what we accept as wisdom today originally came from a greater Consciousness. It also tells us that we each have within us the ability to contact that Consciousness for ourselves and thereby access even more expansive information.

WITH URANUS squaring Mercury at the time of the New Moon, we may be surprised at what we learn this week. Or, the information may come through suddenly, as an “aha” moment. It may also require that we change our usual ways of thinking so that we can accommodate the new insights.

We may want to start watching for disruptions in our mental/energy fields on Friday, when Pluto opposes Mercury. This aspect sets up the opportunity for the new beginning represented by the New Moon and Uranus-Mercury square, but it does indicate that we will probably need to let go of old thinking patterns first.

ALSO ON FRIDAY, Neptune squares Mars and Pallas Athene. These aspects tell us that even though we may be in “fight or flight” mode in response to recent events, the solution is not found in either option.

With Mars and Pallas in Gemini, the urge is to find the right words, the right logic, that will convince others that our perspective is truth. But, Neptune teaches us the value of riding the waves rather than trying to change them.

In other words, as I’ve heard from many sources in recent weeks, we will best survive and thrive now if we let go of our attachment to what has occurred. The longer we define ourselves by circumstances that are not to our liking, the more we delay the breakthroughs and new potentials that are awaiting.

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