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Steve Beckow: Up in Smoke

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The central tenet of Druidry is the spiral. We experience learning, life, even existence overall as a spiral. This goes along with the concept my beloved Nish friend put to me as “everything is a circle” which is why so many tribal people build round houses and other buildings-to always remind ourselves that everything is a circle. In nature there are no corners;-)

The thing not always mentioned that is in the center of the circle and the spiral is that same thing Steve discusses near the end of this article, that “hole direct to God”.

Imho we are always traveling around the spiral and the circle, but we are both inside-IN that hole direct to God and outside-IN our obvious physical lives.

I have always known that hierarchy is false-all of it. I was born with this knowledge and awareness and no amount of browbeating, “proof” or citations of spiritual or scientific sources have ever swayed me even the tiniest bit. Hierarchy is impossible in a circle. (Hence Arthur’s Round Table;-)

To me the stone people, the trees, the wind spirits COULD NOT possibly be considered LESSER or lower beings. Anyone I think, who lives with a cat or a dog, or a bird; anyone who has ever personally encountered a dolphin, a panther, bear, bison, pelican, Osprey-indeed ANY living being-truly encountered and grokked-could never be said to be in any way lesser or lower than ourselves.Why would so many of us feel such essential awe in their presence?

As much as I admire and appreciate many writers, channels, and even books of truths such as the Sutras, Bible, Vedas etc I would like to share my own perception of truth-that it is always always there in our hearts. All of our hearts have the wisdom and they share it with it every second. The trick is not to ignore it or second guess it as our colonized enculturation so trains us to do.

When you were a child did you KNOW that animals were people too? Did you talk to trees and oceans and get replies? What made you stop knowing those things?

I am glad that AA Michael and Steve are sharing this idea of staying centered in the heart while allowing the deconstruction of the built up ideas, structures and culture that we have around us like so much intellectual armor.
Feminism, Native Studies and other forms of questioning the Colonized/Patriarchal/Civilized “way that It IS” all have this idea of deconstruction in order to reach truth and reality. If we don’t shed the armor, we will sink when we try to swim;-)

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

Michael 56

In a recent Hour with an Angel pre-record with Archangel Michael on the angelic kingdom, AAM gave me a taste of the deconstruction of our belief systems that we may face in the upcoming months.

He disabused me of the notion that spiritual evolution is, as Rumi for instance says, (1) a straight line from mineral to plant, animal, human, angel and then back again to God.

And he disabused me of the notion that the angelic kingdom sees a being “rise” from angel to archangel through the intermediate realms to cherubim and seraphim. Instead he represented the latter as a circle.

We’re going to need to discuss the whole matter further in a future show before I feel comfortable thinking I can explain the new insights he’s making available.

But I realized that the position I was in is one we’re all going to be…

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