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The Oracle Report Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

For the next few days, including the day of the upcoming New Moon on June 9th, Mars and Pallas Athena will be traveling in tight conjunction. You remember Pallas Athena. She has been activated at all the New Moons lately. Today, Mars and Pallas Athena bring the energy of change. People who are not motivated to change will become argumentative, full of drama, and will overreact to situations(reacting from the base level). Everyone is being swayed in new directions right now. The key is to move about wisely. After all, Pallas Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and she is lavishing her gifts.

The other goddess who is lavishing her gifts is the Mahavidya who has almost completed her work with us this month. Tara eases out of her role as the Balsamic moon wanes; in the process, she bestows grace. Today’s energy is exceptionally graceful if we are open to doing things a different way and doing so with the utmost respect and honor of the value of every human spirit.

But there’s more. Neptune will station retrograde today. Longtime readers will recall that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is usually choked full of activity. It can get intense! Neptune will be retrograde until the middle of November and during this time, the power to overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation will be in place. But by the end of the transit, we will have gained a spiritual “reward” – a boon. (Note: the conjunction of Mars and Pallas Athena is also in aspect to Neptune, so these energies are melding today to bring a specific flavor to the entire Neptune retrograde cycle.)

We are in a particularly powerful Balsamic Moon phase. The ancient world understood that this is a time of great magic. We infuse the field of possibilities with what we want to see, accomplish, experience, etc. Paint a picture in your mind of this. Embellish it. The next Mahavidya to come on duty is Bagalamukti (aka Bagala and Bagalamukhi). Bagala vanquishes things, so you may want to give some thought and visualization to what you want to overcome or get rid of. One of her favorite things to do is to vanquish enemies. Humanity does have a formidable enemy, so Bagala will be working with us in this regard. Her energy is quite a shift from Tara, so be ready for that. Bagala will come on duty on June 10. Her color is yellow and she often shows herself with yellow butterflies and yellow flowers.

For today, we move fluidly with changes, directing the path of our highest and best intentions.


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