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Underwater Extraterrestrial Bases Discovered in Florida [FULL VIDEO] – YouTube

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I cannot see videos so have no way to gauge how accurate this one may be-but ever since the Deepwater Horizon disaster I have been praying that there are or soon will be Gilmorian bases in the Gulf because they have the very best tech for cleaning and protecting oceans and the habitat they contain. They really really dislike the beings that make messes like that too, tho I suppose there would be some sort of treaty or something to prevent them from actively protecting the oceans from the monsters destroying them-too bad higher level beings are so honorable;-/ If we put a stop to it ourselves at least we would then have a chance at earning normal diplomatic relations with them at some point in the future tho. (All clever, creative engineers please report immediately to Dr Keshe’s web site and get to work!!;-)

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