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BREAKING: Dangerous San Onofre reactors PERMANENTLY shut down

More good news on the moving away from dangerous fuels and toward a sustainable planet front!

The news just broke this morning: after years of fighting toe-to-toe with the billion dollar nuclear industry, WE WON!

Southern California Edison, the utility that operates the damaged San Onofre nuclear plant, has given up, saying it’s not economically feasible to continue trying to repair the crippled reactors.

The reactors were shut down over 18 months ago after the failure of newly installed steam generators caused a radiation leak.

This is tremendous news for the people of Southern California — and also for the country as a whole. It’s another example of the failed promise of dirty and dangerous nuclear power, and it clears the way for a transition to a clean and safe energy economy based on the sun and wind.

Thanks for standing with us,
Damon, Shaun and Kendra,
Climate and energy program,
Friends of the Earth

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Wear Wool | 2012 The Awakening

I apologize for so much reposting rather than reblogging, but this 2400 baud thing would otherwise prevent me from sharing these great articles I get from the blogs I subscribe to;-/

I am glad to see more awareness of the horrors of factory farming in all its guises, and the idea that cruelty is NOT necessary for human societies to function. Respect for ALL living beings is the root of a just and functional society, imho.

I would add tho that with work it is possible to find cruelty free wool garments from organic small family farms where they raise and love sheep and alpacas, hand card the wool and either make things themselves or sell the wool to other small craft producers. Obviously this cruelty free and fair trade stuff is going to be more expensive, but if you live where it is cold enough to make things like wool clothing important, careful care can make such items last a lifetime so it is worth it.

Alpacas raised here in Florida do not suffer from cold after being shorn at least!;-) (All of the lamas and alpacas I have personally encountered here are kept as pets and the wool is a secondary “bonus” to the love and companionship (and comedy!;-)

Top 10 Reasons Not to Wear Wool

by AscendingStarseed

You probably wouldnt have thought that the woolly jumper youre wearing or those Ugg boots you love so much could be the cause of so much cruelty and suffering.

The truth is, there is a much darker side to the wool industry than you may have ever imagined, and no amount of fluff can hide the abhorrently cruel and bloody practices that millions of sheep have to endure every day.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should boycott wool and opt for a cruelty free alternative instead:

1. Sheep dont need to be shorn. Through no fault of our own, we are mistakenly led to believe that sheep need to be shorn. The reality is much more complicated. Sheep naturally produce only the amount of wool they need to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. It is due to genetic engineering and the manipulation of the sheeps wool production that we have left these defenseless animals dependent on human interference.

2. Mulesing. Half of the worlds Merino wool comes from Australia, where sheep are specifically bred to have wrinkled skin in order to increase wool production. This wrinkled skin is prone to flystrike due to the accumulation of excess moisture and urine. Flystrike is a painful condition in which flies lay eggs in the folds of the skin and the hatched maggots eat the sheep alive. The wool industrys solution? Cutting off huge pieces of skin from the area around the tail and back of the legs, producing smoother, scarred skin that doesnt harbor fly eggs. This barbaric practice is usually performed without anesthesia and causes a great deal of distress to the animal, and in many cases the bloody, untreated wounds often get flystrike before they have healed.

3. The wool industry is riddled with death and disease. To give you a better idea, ten million lambs die every year before they are more than a few days old in Australia alone. Why? Flocks usually consist of thousands, making it impossible to give proper care and attention to individual sheep. Rather than reduce the number of sheep in an effort to better maintain them, sheep are bred to bear more lambs to offset the deaths.

4. An estimated 1 million sheep die from exposure. Sheep have to be sheared in the spring before they naturally shed their winter coats. Shearing too late means a loss of wool, so subsequently they are sheared while it is still too cold, leaving them vulnerable and at risk of death from exposure due to premature shearing.

5. Sheep shearers are paid by the volume. The majority of sheep shearers are paid by the volume, as opposed to by the hour, encouraging fast work without regard for the welfare of the sheep. This results in rough handling and injury during the process.

6. Lambs have to endure castration, tail docking and dehorning without anesthesia. Using a knife to cut out their testicles or a rubber ring to cut off the blood supply, a knife to cut off the tail, and a scraper blade or dehorning shears to remove the horn bud without any painkillers doesnt sound very humane, does it? All of these procedures are common practice in the wool industry, and cause fear, pain and distress.

7. Sheep are highly intelligent animals. They have incredible memories and can remember up to 50 individual faces (sheep and humans) for years! This is because they use a similar part of the brain and neural process as humans use to remember.

8. Sheep are gentle, loving and feeling individuals who are capable of a range of emotions. Extensive studies have been carried out proving that sheep have much richer emotional lives than we give them credit for.

9. Five million kangaroos are killed every year as a result of the wool industry. Excessive numbers of sheep have eaten the native flora upon which the kangaroo feeds, causing the yellow footed rock wallaby to become an endangered species. These native animals are now viewed as damaging pests and the Australian government permits the slaughter of an estimated 5 million kangaroos each year.

10. Every sheep shorn will eventually be sent to slaughter. When a sheeps wool production declines, they are sold for slaughter. This terrifying and frightening ordeal requires the sheep to travel long distances in extremely cramped and crowded conditions. Many sheep die during the journey from exhaustion, dehydration, stress and injury, and lambs born during the trip are often trampled to death.

Sheep are not the only animals exploited for their wool. Goats, rabbits and alpacas are also commonly used to manufacture angora, cashmere and alpaca wool. You dont have to contribute to this abusive industry. Check labels before you buy and use alternatives such as cotton, cotton flannel, soft acrylic, polyester fleece and synthetic shearling.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/top-10-reasons-not-to-wear-wool.html#ixzz2VTzdKNkg

AscendingStarseed | June 6, 2013 at 1:47 pm | Tags: australia, boycott wool, News and politics, Sheep, Sheep shearer, Sheep shearing, Wool | Categories: Activism, News and Politics, Wildlife | URL: http://wp.me/p17PKt-67u

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The Illusions and Tricks of the Mind – Multidimensional Ocean 7 June 2013

This post is worth saving, printing out and sharing widely. I am reposting rather than reblogging both because my connection is so slow and unreliable, and because I really want everyone who sees my blog to see it-even those like me who often don’t click thru to things due to slow connection, lack of time or whatever.

I have never been a “follower” personality type so the idea of think for yourself/figure it out yourself is very standard to me, but I also understand why people are inclined to ask Laura so many questions.

When a person does spend a great deal of time and focus on their own growth and spirituality, often they will reach a state where they radiate love, calm, wisdom, understanding. Their presence, even reading their words feels calming and uplifting to others. We can sense that person has wisdom and can be trusted so it is very natural to then ask questions of them.

It takes a truly spiritually focused being to reject the role of guru and remind others to reach for that state within themselves, to remind us all that it IS achievable for us ALL not just those who have already arrived at that level where it is apparent to others.

I have been inspired, uplifted and grateful to have encountered Laura. I hope that everyone who reads this will realize that you too have this wisdom and inspiration within you and honor your own journey and value both within yourself and to the rest of us as we evolve ourselves and our societies toward the better world we know is possible.

The Illusions and Tricks of the Mind Multidimensional Ocean 7 June 2013

by Laura

Imaya LadyAt the moment I am receiving plenty of questions on email and on facebook asking me things directly or asking me to ask the Galactic Federation questions.

I am afraid that the only message I have received concerning any of these questions is not to fall into the trap of the illusion.

I would like to address first of all, regarding me asking the Galactic Federations for answers:

1- I wish to remind people that channels are far from being 100% accurate. I may misinterpret something, they may also perceive the question not the way the person who asks means it, or the way I mean it.

2- The channel is the intermediary, so the channels mind is filtering all the information that comes through, so it is possible that I am blocking subconsciously something, or misinterpret something in order to fit with my own view and understanding of something.

3- You can all have access to the answers you seek yourself, directly. All you need is to ask the question deeply and repeatedly when you are calm or meditate. Perhaps ask the question to your guides several times over a period of one week and weigh this with your other knowledge and with your own being.

4- Last, but not least, I am only concerned with spiritual matters. I have no interest in asking about anything other than that, and neither have my guides any desire of interfering with our outer life.

5- SaLuSa is one of my guides. I have been in contact with several Galactic beings, not all are human in fact. Those contacts have been through dream states, and telepathy, but also in a more direct manner, such as holographs and orbs, or flashes of light. The messages I receive from SaLuSa are as him being one of my guides, not so much as a representative of the Galactic Federation, and his messages usually mainly deal with spirituality and love on my request and of common agreement.

Concerning asking me for my own opinion or understanding:

1- your guess is as good as mine! I have never claimed to have any superior knowledge of politics or economy than any other person. So I invite you to use discernment and to broaden your sources of information, to open your mind, and heart, including the opinions which you do not wish to hear, and that you disagree with.

2- Everything is part of the picture, and needs to be included. Denial, rejection of inconvenient facts is not my way. Knowing the lies that are being put up there is also part of it. I wish to know as much as I can, but also to question everything and everybody daily, including myself, my guides and my friends.

3- Of course, with so much going on, it is understandable that one wishes to take a step back from the illusion throw upon us by those in power and go within. It is normal to feel insecure and uncertain, and seeing it is what is needed. No need to feel ashamed of what you see in yourself.

4- I would encourage all those who are seeking a way to work in groups and meet people; work alone on spirituality is very limited for many reasons, unless you have chosen a life of isolation for this life. If you live in isolated areas, the internet can open doors for you, and if you are sincere, I believe that in time, you will be guided to what you need at this time, and that new possibilities and door will open for you from above when it is right for you to do so. I myself have been part of spiritual group since June 1997. Although I have memories of past lives and of between lives since I am 3 years old. So I have been a seeker since I am 3: I needed to know who I am and why I was there since age 3.

5- We all have the ability to draw information from our own higher self, and from our own guides. The aim of this life (for me at least) is to use our own light and discernment, to form our own opinions and way.

In conclusion:

Please do not ask me to form an opinion for you, as in my view, it is your own responsibility and duty to open up to your own light, in order to see the bigger picture and to be able to help Mother Earth in her Ascension.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, as these are also part of the way to enlightenment and learning I believe. Use the mistakes to improve your knowledge and understanding.

In my opinion what matter is the journey to finding our own answers, the discoveries have any value only if made by ourselves, as part of a loving group and society. However, there are steps that must be taken individually, and that must crystallise within your being in order to grow as an individual in this material world.

This journey of self-discovery matters much more than the answers in themselves. This is a slow process that we all need to know, and I am afraid getting the answers from a friend or a channel is not the way to go about it.

This is not a state exam, it is your life work, the only thing that we take with us in the afterlife is the accumulation of these vibrations of love and consciousness.

The only substance that can never be taken away from us, the search is much more important the than the findings as I understand things for now, as it is the search itself that develops and generates these vibrations.

I wish everybody a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and love, Laura Multidimensional Ocean


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included: http://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com andhttp://auroradreamflights2.wordpress.com/

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The Oracle Report Friday, June 7, 2013

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

Today’s energy is a ballet of masks. The grand loops of the performance are elegant, fluid, and mesmerizing, giving the appearance of changing scenery. Tara is at her finest.

The beautiful way to handle today’s energy is to recognize that each of us will play each part in today’s ballet of masks. We will play the roles of audience member, director, stagehand, understudy, supporting dancer, and lead dancer. If we rigidly try to hold onto one role or avoid taking on any of the roles, the loop of movement is disrupted and the performance crashes. (This in and of itself is not a bad thing, it just makes for a different type of performance – a more dramatic, intense ballet with quick ups and downs as opposed to more refined ballet with grand loops. Both are interesting to watch. Each is a different experience. It’s our choice.)

Said in other words, today’s energy involves the idea of appearances. What is being masked? What masks are people wearing? What’s being covered up? What’s involved with keeping up appearances? What is being revealed? Who is playing the fool? What needs to be taken seriously? What needs to be taken lightly? What is repeating? What needs to come to an end? What is being rejected? What should be accepted?

Don’t get stuck on any one thing today. Let the energy progress and follow along as part of it. It’s a masterful dance through the field of possibilities


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Changing the Pattern-Lightworkers, Bilderbergers and Chaos

Fractal Mosaic Background Of Rainbow Colors Stock Images - Image: 14444974
I saw a comment earlier about lightworkers dropping all the big ego escapades and getting down to the business of actually working together to manifest the new world we want-rather than waiting for NESARA, alien contact or whatever anyone may be waiting for. I agree that waiting is futile-that play Waiting for Godot pretty much covered that 50 some years ago;-)

But that comment inspired me to write about some things I have been thinking, feeling and mulling in a disconnected way lately. After replying to the friend who made the comment I realized these thoughts and feelings might be significant, helpful or uplifting to others who have also spent a lot of time and thought on trying to change the world and stop the cabal/bilderberg/bad guys and take our planet back.

So here’s my thoughts-please comment and share what you think of them, if you see the same thing or something different, or just anything that inspires you-the more we focus on the inspiring, the positive, beautiful, loving and joyful the more effective whatever we do will be!

I’ve been feeling lately like we actually *are* working together, just not the way we have been taught in colonized society things are supposed to be done. We are not all together following the same plan or the same leader. We aren’t set up in a hierarchy of any kind, with any of the kind of order and organization we have grown up seeing within the colonized/slave planet society we have been living in-but I think/feel that this may be a really good thing and a huge advantage that the cabal/bilderberg lot are totally not expecting or addressing.

(because they can’t;-)

Imho, the idea of horizontalism is not just a way to get people involved and feel heard psychologically-it literally is a manifestation of the new world, the 5d way of thinking and acting as sovereign, free and equal beings.

It only LOOKs like complete useless chaos from the vantage point we have as individuals in a media controlled society.

As each of us follows our own internal compass, our own passions and talents to doing what we are most drawn to, best at, have local access to do etc we are each acting like a fragment of a wonderful holographic fractal pattern that is Gaia, and the Universe overall.

Even tho what we do seems not connected, seems in disarray and not effective-those things are only seemings.

‘They cannot conquer the empty forest’-that is a very old saying that illustrates the way tribal people fight colonizer armies effectively when they are few in number and with lower tech weapons-and they amazingly often have won, at least for a time.

This time the entire Universe is shifting to be more workable for the way we do things, so we have an advantage we did not used to have.

The bilderberg lot cannot fight several billion sovereign, evolving, ascending, becoming more conscious, connected and synergistically effective beings. They have no tools, and more significantly they do not have the minds for it. 3d minds are too limited to think in that level of complexity/chaos.

So even tho they seem unconnected, the survivalist family living off the land in Colorado with a mass amount of guns and stored food and the acupuncture and herb clinic owner in downtown St Pete FL, and the immigrant activist collective in southern California are all actively changing the pattern.

Each fragment of the hologram creates the whole so as each of those and the millions and billions like them all over the planet each ERASE a bit more of their piece of the Bilderberg/Cabal/Slave Planet PATTERN and recreate it as the new, diverse, complex chaotic *uncontrollable* 5d pattern the more the control the Bilderberg/cabal nutters had over us all dissipates, evaporates and mysteriously (to THEM) disappears.

We don’t have to AGREE or even meet one another to do our part to help cocreate the new world, the freedom and the magic we all want for all of us.

I think that was the trick I fell hardest for and suffered most for falling for-feeling like I had to herd cats and get all the humans to agree and work together to create the changes. It seemed impossible because it is!

Humans are just not all going to agree and think alike or even necessarily work consciously together for exactly the same ends-and by convincing us we had to play by THEIR rules in THEIR game they always won.

We make the rules. There are no rules. Just like when they told us you have to pick ONE choice (what is your favourite colour? what is your favourite animal? etc)

(I always refused such choices by answering with things like Rainbow and “all of them”-why accept stupid *pointless* limits people impose on you for their own ends?)

You can’t defeat what you can’t define. 😉

Viva Chaos! Hail Eris, fnord;-)