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The Illusions and Tricks of the Mind – Multidimensional Ocean 7 June 2013

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This post is worth saving, printing out and sharing widely. I am reposting rather than reblogging both because my connection is so slow and unreliable, and because I really want everyone who sees my blog to see it-even those like me who often don’t click thru to things due to slow connection, lack of time or whatever.

I have never been a “follower” personality type so the idea of think for yourself/figure it out yourself is very standard to me, but I also understand why people are inclined to ask Laura so many questions.

When a person does spend a great deal of time and focus on their own growth and spirituality, often they will reach a state where they radiate love, calm, wisdom, understanding. Their presence, even reading their words feels calming and uplifting to others. We can sense that person has wisdom and can be trusted so it is very natural to then ask questions of them.

It takes a truly spiritually focused being to reject the role of guru and remind others to reach for that state within themselves, to remind us all that it IS achievable for us ALL not just those who have already arrived at that level where it is apparent to others.

I have been inspired, uplifted and grateful to have encountered Laura. I hope that everyone who reads this will realize that you too have this wisdom and inspiration within you and honor your own journey and value both within yourself and to the rest of us as we evolve ourselves and our societies toward the better world we know is possible.

The Illusions and Tricks of the Mind Multidimensional Ocean 7 June 2013

by Laura

Imaya LadyAt the moment I am receiving plenty of questions on email and on facebook asking me things directly or asking me to ask the Galactic Federation questions.

I am afraid that the only message I have received concerning any of these questions is not to fall into the trap of the illusion.

I would like to address first of all, regarding me asking the Galactic Federations for answers:

1- I wish to remind people that channels are far from being 100% accurate. I may misinterpret something, they may also perceive the question not the way the person who asks means it, or the way I mean it.

2- The channel is the intermediary, so the channels mind is filtering all the information that comes through, so it is possible that I am blocking subconsciously something, or misinterpret something in order to fit with my own view and understanding of something.

3- You can all have access to the answers you seek yourself, directly. All you need is to ask the question deeply and repeatedly when you are calm or meditate. Perhaps ask the question to your guides several times over a period of one week and weigh this with your other knowledge and with your own being.

4- Last, but not least, I am only concerned with spiritual matters. I have no interest in asking about anything other than that, and neither have my guides any desire of interfering with our outer life.

5- SaLuSa is one of my guides. I have been in contact with several Galactic beings, not all are human in fact. Those contacts have been through dream states, and telepathy, but also in a more direct manner, such as holographs and orbs, or flashes of light. The messages I receive from SaLuSa are as him being one of my guides, not so much as a representative of the Galactic Federation, and his messages usually mainly deal with spirituality and love on my request and of common agreement.

Concerning asking me for my own opinion or understanding:

1- your guess is as good as mine! I have never claimed to have any superior knowledge of politics or economy than any other person. So I invite you to use discernment and to broaden your sources of information, to open your mind, and heart, including the opinions which you do not wish to hear, and that you disagree with.

2- Everything is part of the picture, and needs to be included. Denial, rejection of inconvenient facts is not my way. Knowing the lies that are being put up there is also part of it. I wish to know as much as I can, but also to question everything and everybody daily, including myself, my guides and my friends.

3- Of course, with so much going on, it is understandable that one wishes to take a step back from the illusion throw upon us by those in power and go within. It is normal to feel insecure and uncertain, and seeing it is what is needed. No need to feel ashamed of what you see in yourself.

4- I would encourage all those who are seeking a way to work in groups and meet people; work alone on spirituality is very limited for many reasons, unless you have chosen a life of isolation for this life. If you live in isolated areas, the internet can open doors for you, and if you are sincere, I believe that in time, you will be guided to what you need at this time, and that new possibilities and door will open for you from above when it is right for you to do so. I myself have been part of spiritual group since June 1997. Although I have memories of past lives and of between lives since I am 3 years old. So I have been a seeker since I am 3: I needed to know who I am and why I was there since age 3.

5- We all have the ability to draw information from our own higher self, and from our own guides. The aim of this life (for me at least) is to use our own light and discernment, to form our own opinions and way.

In conclusion:

Please do not ask me to form an opinion for you, as in my view, it is your own responsibility and duty to open up to your own light, in order to see the bigger picture and to be able to help Mother Earth in her Ascension.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, as these are also part of the way to enlightenment and learning I believe. Use the mistakes to improve your knowledge and understanding.

In my opinion what matter is the journey to finding our own answers, the discoveries have any value only if made by ourselves, as part of a loving group and society. However, there are steps that must be taken individually, and that must crystallise within your being in order to grow as an individual in this material world.

This journey of self-discovery matters much more than the answers in themselves. This is a slow process that we all need to know, and I am afraid getting the answers from a friend or a channel is not the way to go about it.

This is not a state exam, it is your life work, the only thing that we take with us in the afterlife is the accumulation of these vibrations of love and consciousness.

The only substance that can never be taken away from us, the search is much more important the than the findings as I understand things for now, as it is the search itself that develops and generates these vibrations.

I wish everybody a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and love, Laura Multidimensional Ocean


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included: http://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com andhttp://auroradreamflights2.wordpress.com/

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